Kenny Britt arrested AGAIN


Just as the days without an arrest meter was inching toward 20, a familiar name has sent it back to double zero.

Titans receiver Kenny Britt, only a day after pleading guilty to reduced charges arising from an April car chase-and-park-and-walk-away-nonchalantly, was arrested in New Jersey on two counts of resisting arrest.

Per the Newark Star-Ledger, the criminal complaint states that Britt “did purposely prevent or attempt to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of force or violence, specifically by refusing to open your hand when ordered to do so then pulling your hand away.”  He also allegedly used his body “to push away from the officers” and allegedly pulled away his arm “while not allowing the officers to handcuff” him.

It’s unclear why the police — narcotics officers in Hoboken — were trying to arrest Britt.

Wildly talented but also wildly erratic, Britt likely would have been better off heading to Tennessee to work out with teammates.  Indeed, Britt’s dad previously said that he wanted to see Kenny leave New Jersey and go back to Nashville.

“[M]y concern is not with Kenny, per se, it’s more with Kenny’s friends, and he knows that,” Britt’s father said.  “He has too many friends with too much free time.  He needs to be around more positive people.”

At his current pace, Britt eventually will be around a lot of exclusively negative people.  All of whom will be completely positive about their own innocence.

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  1. Reminds me of someone else that was resetting the arrest meter… Pacman Jones.

  2. he is the perfect example of a idiot. britt is who you show to incoming rookies and tell them that this is what you don’t want to be. he must have gotten all the talent with none of the common sense from his parents.

  3. Another incident involving one of the leagues “partners”. Expected and many more will follow.

  4. Why would his friends have free time? Dont they have to go to work?

    If they dont go to work, how do they pay their rent or buy food? I dont get it, what type of world do these people live in?

  5. damn this dude got problems. u got tons of money, u got one of the greatest gig in the world, but u just cant seem to appreciate it

  6. The classic ‘ he’s a good kid surrounded by bad people’ excuse. Ever consider he’s a good fit with those people dad?

  7. LOL, my wife, who has no conception of due process etc says…why are these people allowed to play…they should be kicked out…hmmm…no conception….hmmm…

  8. The Titans latest verdion of Pacman at it again. Release him and move on with the Locker/Munch era.


  9. When your name is Kenny you get away with nothing in this life. Absolutely nothing.

  10. Not going to be long before Kenny is out of money and those friends are long gone. What are you going to do for money then Kenny?

  11. Boy, I can see the symposium really had an effect on him. That’s why the symposium is really worthless. Some guys will follow rules and others won’t. Britt is talented, but he’s not good enough to be pulling this crap. At least Ocho and T.O. could afford this because they’ve done something. Britt might not be spending too much time in Nashville this season if he keeps this crap up. I do wonder if Goodell has the ability to suspend players that got arrested during the lockout? I guess we’ll see.

  12. To all the hard working football players out there who just barely lost out on a roster spot, it’s because teams have to make room for people like this.

    Kenny Brit: All talent, no brains or heart.

  13. Someone clearly ignored the rookie symposiums giving advice to avoid hangers on and posses. It’s sad that these degenerate low lifes cannot allow their friends to try to escape their self-inflicted terrible position in life. The law means nothing to them nor any semblance of being a good citizen. Guys like Britt are brought down with them because they don’t want to be seen as too good for the “hood”.

  14. the owners are to blame. had they not opted out of the cba that made them all richer, this turd would’ve been in minicamp right now…

  15. Yes Dad, Kenny isn’t the problem. His friends and the Police in NJ are the problem.

    Your son is most likely the biggest and strongest and most popular man in his group of buddies. Yet THEY are the ones pulling his strings.

    And the NJ Police are totally out of control. Imagine…they actually enforce the laws! Your poor son would be much safer in a rural area where the Police may be less aggressive.

    This bad apple came from a very confused apple tree.

  16. Kenny’s dad is kind. I’ve had a fair amount of free time in my life and have thus far managed to keep from getting arrested even once, let alone twice in three months.

  17. Just like the last arrest he got out of. All he’s gotta do is sign some autographs and wave around some cash and the charges will mysteriously disappear.
    Incase you haven’t been paying attention in our society the rich and famous get away with everything, the poor go to jail.

  18. wow…what a waste of talent! this is why character needs to be factored in so heavily before drafting and paying a fool like this so much $$$

  19. packerswambulance says:Jun 9, 2011 2:04 PM

    Not going to be long before Kenny is out of money and those friends are long gone. What are you going to do for money then Kenny?


    Not too long before Kenny Britt is one of “those friends” to some of his NFL player friends.

  20. I get exactly what his father means but at some point Kenny needs to MAN UP and take responsiblity for his own actions.

    I’m from the inner city and all the cats I ran with were not saints either but one day I looked in the mirror and said: You need to get it together bro!

    His mentality is still juvenile, hey Britt? You’re in the NFL you clown! You’re blessed, stop taking it for granted. Listen to your Pops!

  21. And I thought this guy was nearly on par with fellow prospect Hakeem Nicks. What a joke. He has all the talent to be a great NFL WR but he can’t screw his head on straight.

  22. This guys is another dumb athlete, I wonder if he is even qualified to flip burgers outside of the NFL. The players wonder why fans have ABSOLUTLEY NO SYMPATHY FOR YOU THIS GUYS IS THE POSTER CHILD FOR THAT!! MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND LOOK HOW HE SPENDS HIS TIME!!!

  23. Too bad this ridiculously talented athlete is just too much of a “hardcore tough ass”. Drop the act Kenny, take your dads advice, & succeed in life. Not everyone is willing to keep giving chances to someone who keeps F’ing them up!

  24. Seriously? THE VERY NEXT DAY????

    Britt is the epitome of stupidity, the very definitions of the words “moron” and “loser”.

  25. Come on now. It seems like they’re just targeting him now. I really don’t like cops.

  26. giantrealist says: Jun 9, 2011 2:20 PM

    Yes Dad, Kenny isn’t the problem. His friends and the Police in NJ are the problem.

    Where exactly do you see Kenny Britt’s father say anything… at all… about the police?


  27. my early thoughts

    Jeff Fisher is somewhere laughing
    Munchak and Chris Palmer just crapped their pants
    Nate Washington will be the leading receiver next year
    Chris Johnson will have 400 carries while facing 9 man fronts

  28. Wow, and to think I was really pissed off when the Giants drafted Nicks instead of Britt. That is one instance where I’m proud to say I was wrong.

  29. This is the reason that the general consensus with the labor negotiations isn’t with the players and is more or less split.

    He has all that money and yet still does stupid stuff to break the law. Why should we give him more?

  30. Pacman, VY, Kenny Britt.

    The titans are something all Tennesseans can be proud of.

  31. First and foremost: Britt shouldn’t have been arrested. There should be no reason for someone to be detained for smoking a plant peacefully. It makes no sense that alcohol, an incredibly destructive chemical, is legal, yet Cannabis, one of the safest drugs known to man, is not.

    HOWEVER. Britt is a total moron for not keeping his nose clean after his last arrest, or really after his first one. What is it, 5 incidents in 17 months? That’s ridiculous. And if you can’t stop smoking bud for a few years so you can hold a job that pays MILLIONS a year, you’re a dirtbag.

  32. All quiet up in Cincy and we like it that way…We try not to draft guys like that as evidenced by AJ Green and AD even Moch is a big time leader and communicty guy….I hate to see it happen to him and hope he can mature but this mess doesnt happen in our town anymore….lol Like Marco said in “Taken” “GOOD LUCK”

  33. Titans are leader in the clubhouse for worst record in 2011..if played.

    That is pitiful franchise..with alot of jerks top to bottom.

  34. Tennessee needs an “out-rapsheet the players” night at Titans games. Free tickets for people who get arrested more than their players.

    I have $10 that he gets in trouble again before players are allowed to practice at team facilities.

  35. He and Aqib Talib are improving players, but I think Britt is more improved and impacting than Talib.

    However, after listening to Ronde Barber on Rich Eisen’s podcast I think that Tampa is less likely to cut Talib than Tennessee will with Britt.

    If he gets his act together, but cut he’ll be the most talented free agent WR on the market.

    Plaxico would be a good pickup, but he’ll be more rusty and older than Britt. Compared to T.O. and Moss Britt has more good football ahead of him.

  36. @shackdelrio

    Pacman, VY, Kenny Britt.

    The titans are something all Tennesseans can be proud of.


    Don’t forget Albert “I’ll stomp on your head” Haynesworth!

  37. For those who suggest this is exactly what Ray Lewis said would happen, I checked the numbers from the Turd Watch for the past 5 years from post Super Bowl to June 9th:

    2011: 20 arrests
    2010: 20 arrests
    2009: 26 arrests
    2008: 41 arrests
    2007: 47 arrests

    Now if it gets to the point that games will be missed, the trend may very well change, but to this point the lockout has had no tangible impact on players getting arrested because of ‘free time.’

    Just sayin’.

  38. As long as he keeps getting plea deals and never faces any consequences for his lack of responsibility he will continue to be a TURD–Troublemaker Under Repeat Discipline. It is guys like this that give the rest of the players a bad reputation. Until the union/trade association/players actually do something about guys like this, they are in effect condoning the behavior and deserve all the generalized remarks they get.

  39. Dude I live in Hoboken, it’s a great town and the place to be. It isn’t the place to be if you have an alcohol problem though. There are more bars per square mile in Hoboken than any other city in the United States. Really it’s not fair, it’s exactly one square mile and there are close to 100 bars. Someone needs to give this kid a fishing rod and send somewhere remote with good influence.

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