Rookie symposium shifts to Florida

Last week, the NFLPA* made the very wise decision to conduct a rookie symposium (technically, it’s called the “Business of Football:  Rookie Edition”) after the NFL canceled the annual event, due to the lockout.

This week, the NFLPA* made another wise decision, moving the event from Washington, D.C. to the IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida.

The move makes sense because plenty of rookie players are working out in Florida, and plenty are working out at the IMG facility.  So instead of having to persuade them to come to D.C. for the non-mandatory event, the symposium is coming to them.

The event is scheduled for June 28 and 29.  Ideally, the NFL and the players will strike a new deal by then, allowing the league to be involved in the event.  The chances of that happening likely are slim.

But we can still hope for it.

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  1. Will this be led by Mike Vick, Plaxico, and Mark Brunell? Believe it or not, I’m not being totally sarcastic.

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