Rosenhaus adds receiver Greg Little

Rookie receivers A.J. Green and Julio Jones, the fourth and sixth overall picks in the 2011 draft, will always be compared.  But Jones also will be compared to second-rounder Greg Little, given that the Browns acquired him with one of the many picks surrendered by the Falcons for the privilege of moving into position to pick Jones.

Though it remains to be seen whether Little becomes a dominant — or even a capable — receiver at the NFL level, he has signed with an agent who handles plenty of high-end wideouts.

We’re told that Little has hired Drew Rosenhaus, whose client list includes Plaxico Burress, DeSean Jackson, Chad Ochocinco, Santana Moss, Sidney Rice, Bernard Berrian, and Terrell Owens.

With the exception of Jackson, all of the other wideouts mentioned above could be hitting the market once the lockout ends.

It’s unknown whether Rosenhaus celebrated the news by leaping into Little’s arms.

11 responses to “Rosenhaus adds receiver Greg Little

  1. Steal of the draft. Will be a better pro than Julio, I guarantee it. I think he and Green will be considered the two best of this draft.

  2. When are these guys gonna learn? Rosenhaus is getting HIM money not his clients are getting short-term money. It seems like few of his clients have long-term contracts with a team. But, he a lot of clients with big contracts. Who’s WINNING?

  3. Wow! Is there any chance that one agent can represent eight WRs in contract negotiations at the same time and get them all the best deal? Smart move by the rookie to put himself on that priority list! Let’s hope this is the only dumb thing he does in his career.

  4. Alright, now we need a CBA!!!!

    This “Wild Wild West” agent deregulation has caused Rosenhaus to get new clients quicker than it should be!!!

  5. @TRBowman:

    AMEN! Little will be a beast….. & the steal of this draft + a deep WR class. Steal #2…… Packers, Randall Cobb, UK. Steal #3…….. Redskins, Aldrick Robinson, SMU. Steal #4……… Ravens, Tandon Doss, IN

  6. Wasn’t Little with CAA before? Maybe he appreciates the fact that Drew stuck by Burress when everyone else seemed to have abandoned him.

  7. I like it. Rosenhaus knows how to get things done. He got T.O out of a terrible contract/situation in Philly and Greg Little is almost physically identical to T.O. And plus Little isn’t a first round receiver so he’s not expecting to get treated like a little princess so this is good. Browns need a big time receiver, I just hope that Colt has the arm to get the ball to him

  8. @lawyermalloy… “I love this man. Next question! Next question! Next question!”.

  9. Rosenhaus has more divas than Motown did in the 60’s and 70’s. Hopefully for Colt McCoy and the Browns, Little won’t go down this path.

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