Terrelle Pryor is not headed to the CFL


Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor is not excited about an offer to play in the Canadian Football League.

Pryor’s ever-present attorney Larry James says Pryor isn’t interested in playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

“He just said he’s not interested in the Canadian Football League. Obviously the offer was not sufficient to whet his taste buds,” James said.

Pryor is in the process of hiring a trainer and an agent.  After that, it sounds like he wants to enter the NFL supplemental draft.

“He’s definitely looking at the supplemental draft,” James said.

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  1. “He just said he’s not interested in the Canadian Football League. Obviously the offer was not sufficient to whet his taste buds,” James said.


    CFL.. Buy a tattoo gun.. “Whet” it with ink.. and show Terrelle that!

  2. You know he is getting bad advice. He should go to Canada. Avoid the American media for several months. Hopefully play well there, and get drafted next April by the NFL. Treat it like college, except getting paid for it. Paid for it legally, that is.

  3. Most teams sacrifice a round when acquiring a current draft pick for a future. The Belichik Rule. Terrelle would be drafted higher than expected in a supplemental. Maybe some teams expected to draft QBs early who didn’t, anticipated this.

  4. Uh oh… Here comes the bad “tattoo” & “$40,000” jokes. Thumbs down if you agree

  5. Team has a whole year to work with Pryor before it even costs them a draft pick. No brainer. QB coach could work on problems from July to next September. Plus he have all the time he needed to learn play book.

  6. Insert “taking a pay cut” joke here….

    But seriously, he REALLY was making more money than what he’d make in the UFL.

  7. NFL Draft Scout has Pryor rated as a first to second rounder for 2012. Normally teams give up one round when trading for a future draft pick. Which makes Pryor worth a first round pick in the supplemental. I bet he doesn’t get through the second round if he enters.

  8. I’m going to start by saying I’m a michigan fan, but he would be stupid to go to the cfl… There is definitely nfl talent in him. Even tho I think that he should become a receiver, tHat’s just me. I mean if a guy like plaxico burress can come straight out of jail and get peoples interest, he should have no problems. At this point I’m confident saying that pryor is faster, bigger, and stronger than plex. His fastest and best route to the nfl would be at wr. And its not like he shot himself in the leg with a non registered gun, or was involved in dog fighting, he was getting benefits from a university. Lets not ruin this kids life over this.

  9. @dawkinseffect I don’t this there has ever been a”bust” that has came out of the supplemental draft. No risk, possible good reward (not at qb tho)

  10. Lol there were question marks with Cam Newton who won a national title and heismen trophy. This kid is not even going to be a blip on NFL teams radars.

    What position is he going to play……QB? bahahahhahahah

    Although he could be cheap to sign, just pay him in free tats, loaner cars and weed.

  11. He hasn’t EARNED the right to expect anything from the NFL…his lawyer is a joke and is looking for billable hours ~ thus the bad advice. Take the CFL job, be the big dog over there, show your metal…and NFL teams will notice. Then you would have “EARNED” the right to EXPECT. Tell your lawyer that advice was free!

  12. What a shame that this kid not only destroyed his career at OSU but also took down a head football coach as well as an entire current team plus members of future teams for several years to come after the NCAA hits them with penalties, scholarship reductions, omission from bowl games. However, he will skate free and move on to his next club without concern or regard. This disease of me generation is destroying our society on many fronts, but they all think they are entitled to a free lunch.

  13. Pryor is the same size as Newton, faster, smarter, has similar arm strength, similar passing stats last season, and was guilty of far less serious transgressions in college. He didn’t get kicked out for what he did, and didn’t cause direct harm to anyone else by stealing their property. I’d take him ahead of Chemical Cam the Holy Hypocrite every day of the week.

  14. Pryor would have exactly a 0% chance of starting for the Riders, who already employ the best QB in the CFL in Darian Durant! Pryor would only battle for backup at about 75K per year, in Canadian money though, which is worth more than the greenback!

  15. Actually, after thinking things over the UFL wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    Pryor having two years off and going into the NFL in 2013 wouldn’t be bad either.

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