Tim Tebow gets notice for his guns

Tim Tebow’s arm strength has been called into question at times. It appears that he’s working on it.

Tebow’s business partner Angel Gonzalez posted a photo of Tebow teeing off at a charity golf tournament, and the photo has been popping up all over the place because people can’t believe how ripped Tebow’s arms look.

Gonzalez says the photo is “100% real, no photoshop.”

So there you have it. Tebow isn’t just a published author who can hold his own with Jon Stewart and become the model for a statue. He also may have a second career ahead of him as a bodybuilder.

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  1. As a Bronco fan and a bodybuilder it’s a great start. You obviously don’t win superbowls but…taking care of your body says alot about his work ethic and desire.. Go Broncos!

  2. I gotta be honest. I really want Tebow to do well, especially since he has so many haters….

  3. When I saw the title I thought, “Religous guy, who played in the south, has guns. Hmm, no surprise here.”

  4. How many elite QBs are ripped to shreds like that? As a QB you need to be more flexible and not so tightly wound – I’m not sure trying to look like Brady Quinn is really the best off season approach. Hopefully for Tebow’s sake he worked on tightening up his mechanics just as much as he worked on tightening up his biceps this offseason…

  5. The picture isn’t photo shopped but it is also deceiving. Go online and look at other photos and you will see he doesn’t look as big as he appears in this photo. Sometimes the light and shadows can make you look bigger than appear. I have one of me playing H.S. basketball and the pic was clicked in the right light where I look twice as big as I really was.

    Tebow has always been pretty yoked up but this pic is deceiving. Again I am not saying its photo shop but don’t believe still pictures. There where thousands of pics of Tebow taking on this very same weekend and this is the only one he looks this big.

  6. Great, he’s a real celebrity……………………..

    Meanwhile Aaron Rodgers continues to workout in anonymity to get ready to defend The Packers title.

  7. Tebow was counting 11 when the pic was taken, and getting angrier by the stroke, as you can tell from the divots.

  8. i what way do ‘big guns’ make tebow a good QB or even lead someone to believe his arm strength will increase? btw…as long as i have been watching him tebow has always had been pretty ripped up, especially in the arms.

  9. Obvious photo shop, are you kidding me? There are other pics from that tourney posted and yet in this one you cant see Tebows face and he seems to have managed to shave all the hair on his arms and get a tan. ROFL sad how much attention Teblow needs.

  10. “You might have big guns and can throw the ball 70 yards in the air but that doesnt mean you can read defenses”


    Jamarcus Russell

  11. vickistrash says:
    Jun 9, 2011 6:42 PM
    Obvious photo shop, are you kidding me? There are other pics from that tourney posted and yet in this one you cant see Tebows face and he seems to have managed to shave all the hair on his arms and get a tan. ROFL sad how much attention Teblow needs.

    Yeah, I’m sure it was Tebow who photoshopped the picture and told this guy to tweet it so he could get more attention. Good take.

  12. thephantomstranger says:
    Jun 9, 2011 6:21 PM
    Can that be real? His arm is thicker than his leg. And why is the glove on the wrong hand?


    He’s left handed you toolbox.


    vickistrash says:
    Jun 9, 2011 6:42 PM
    Obvious photo shop, are you kidding me? There are other pics from that tourney posted and yet in this one you cant see Tebows face and he seems to have managed to shave all the hair on his arms and get a tan. ROFL sad how much attention Teblow needs


    He was at a charity golf event. How is that asking for attention? Give me a break. You can be a hater but you can’t hate on someone for going to a CHARITY event.

    Well… you can. It just makes you a gigantic dbag.

  13. Wow, bad stance. Like my golf buddies always say, stop trying to crush it and just make good contact.

    Hsteacher…..exactly what I thought! Religion and guns go together like peanut butter and ladies. Here in the south you can’t join the republican party without your NRA card………and a note from your minister and/or klan leader.

  14. So… no criticism about him playing golf when he could be watching film to become a better career backup QB or RB?

  15. Stupid. Tebow always was in good shape and a strong guy but his mechanics delivering a football as a southpaw has been the knock. He didnt need to lift, he needs to make about 200 throws a day to streamline his delivery. oh….and watch 4 hours of film a day.

    Think Steve Young not Todd Marinvich…..

  16. @droksid

    “He’s left handed you toolbox.”

    Lefthanded golfers have the glove on their RIGHT hand. This picture shows the glove on his LEFT hand. Before you call people out and call them names, maybe you should learn a thing or two about sports.

    Now who is the toolbox?

  17. It’s not real.

    In the tee off photo, you can see white, which I believe is his actual right hand. The right gun was photoshopped in, but the original hand is showing through.

    He is also wearing one glove in the tee off, but had two on in other photos from the event.

    And finally, his biceps are not that big in another photo from the event. While they’re not flexed, you can see there is still ample room for them to get their flex on without stretching the sleeve.

  18. I don’t really care about Tebow. I know I’m in the minority but I couldn’t care less about college ball, and I’m a Jets fan, so I almost never encounter the Broncos, but I think every guy wants to be this jacked. Tebow looks good.

  19. Awww… Dr. Jesus (Tebow), doesn’t care about his golf swing. There’s not so much as even one reference in the Bible to Jesus having ever played golf!

  20. Great, he’s huge. Between he and Brady Quinn, they are ripped. Awesome. Let’s either of them throw the ball 30 yards downfield with any accuracy.

    Montana, Young, Brady, Brees, etc. None of those guys were “cut”, by definition, but all could throw it downfield with ease, and most importantly, on-the-money.

    Josh McDaniels sure knows how to use first round picks. Not to mention, trade assets like Peyton Hillis, for never-was QBs like Quinn.

  21. Better lift even more weights, Timmy… You’re
    about to get eaten up by the Silver & Black again this year… Even Arnold would get killed by the Raiders ‘D’!!

  22. Why in god’s name does a QB have to have arms that big? With already piss poor mechanics, this should really help him to throw the ball..nice one on you Timmy

  23. Ok, I am a HUGE Tebow fan… I mean big time. I love the guy. Here’s a couple things to note.
    For those of you saying that he got these guns fast… you obviouisly don’t know about Tebow… he’s had them for a while.
    Secondly he does not use steroids or whatever.
    Third he can throw and he will show everyone that this next season (God willing we have one)
    But finally… as big of a Tebow fan that I am, I think this is photoshopped. I saw other pics of him from that day and these arms are all tanned and oiled up. Look into it.
    As far as for all the haters out there… Just wait until Tebow has a real chance to prove you all wrong. GB2

  24. I’d be a Tebow fan if he ever stopped his proselytizing and dropping Jesus’ name all the time. Jesus doesn’t get involved in world wars, much less football players careers or the fate of their teams.

    It just gets really old.

  25. Purdueman, what do you mean Jesus doesn’t get involved in World Wars?
    The reason wars exist is because of evil desires in the hearts of men… like Hitler…
    It’s not God’s “fault” that happened.
    If you don’t like Tebow just because he supposedly drops Jesus’ name just because he says “God Bless” to people that he is talking to, then that is pretty sad.
    No, instead we’ll just keep liking all the other guys that are in jail for rape, DUI’s, and harrasment….
    Man I never thought I’d see the day when a good man like Tebow is hated so much just because he is someone who has a strong belief in something and lives his life to try and please others.
    So sorry that made your day worse.
    I have never once heard Tebow force his beliefs upon people. Everyone has their right to believe what they want, including Christians.
    Oh and he happens to be a pretty good football player too.
    Maybe… just maybe Personal life > football.
    Living your life for a cause might be more important than throwing a pigskin around.
    I love football, but I love God, my family, and my friends more.

  26. Try telling anyone who’s lost a love one in war that God is involved with wars. Way too many good men (and now women too of course), have given their lives to defend freedom, many before they’ve ever even gotten the chance to grow up.

    That’s not to say that in any way I hold God accountable for such deaths; it’s just to say that God isn’t involved in determining their fate any more than He’s involved in giving a man who’s lucky enough to be born with the physical skills to excel at a sport to become a great athlete.

    I have no problem whatsoever with Timmy saying “God bless” to people, because that’s a part of who he is and it’s obviously sincere.

    What I do have a problem with is when he attributes his past athletic successes as being “due to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”. no matter how you may try and spin it, that’s proselytizing my friend.

  27. slick… why is it that people who through no fault of their own have been royally screwed over in life go public and thank God for them still being alive, despite suffering from terminal cancer, losing their careers due to the death of their industry, or having to eek out an existence while living under a bridge somewhere?

    Just sayin…

  28. “I’m Tim Tebow and I’m rich, handsome and athletically gifted and I owe it all to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior”.

    “I’m Ryan Southfield. I got laid off when my company went bankrupt, lost my home and then was diagnosed with this painful case of terminal brain cancer and I owe it all to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior”.

    Timmy needs to learn that playing the “Jesus” card cuts both ways.

    I saw a man last Friday in a Lowe’s parking lot holding a sign. He was in his mid-60’s, very dis-shoveled and was trembling uncontrollably.

    His sign read: “I have terminal cancer, am homeless and hungry. Please help”. This country is quick to pour millions into a rich country like Japan when the tsunami hit, but all too often doesn’t give a damn about their own citizens.

    If Timmy is as proud of his faith as he clearly is, he should be spending less time proselytizing and more time helping those truly in need. After all, that’s what Jesus would do.

  29. Purdueman… First of all before I get to the other questions you had for me I want to touch on your last paragraph.
    “If Timmy is as proud of his faith as he clearly is, he should be spending less time proselytizing and more time helping those truly in need. After all, that’s what Jesus would do.”

    Tim Tebow has his own foundation where he collects money to give to the needy, for those that need help in their darkest hour. And he has noted several times that football is merely a platform for him to be able to help people and he wants to be remembered in life for how he helped people and not for how he played football. So I think that statement was not well deserved.

    As to why people in this world that are good people have bad things happen to them, that is just something nobody will know. I have one of my best friends who’s little 14 year old sister lost her battle to cancer and died this last year. I myself even questioned God as to why he would let that happen. But I quickly caught myself and realized that I can’t question the creator of all things.

    That may sound weird to most who don’t believe, because well… you don’t believe. But as for me, I have faith in a God that created all of this. I do not believe that by some great accident all of the universe, and our planet was just a “perfect accident”

    So with that thought I know I have to have faith in knowing that everything happens in God’s timing and not mine. Am I sad that bad things happen to people? Of course I am… but that does not mean that everything I believe is false.

  30. And you are correct about the masses of people that have fought and died for our freedom, and I am VERY grateful for that.
    War is an ugly thing, but some great things have come out of it.
    If War was so bad then why did it end slavery, torture/concentration camps, and now hopefully halting terrorism?
    The idea of having a perfect Utopian world is nice, but unfortunately will never happen.
    Because in God’s word it says that we have our own freewill to think whatever we want.
    Sin entered this world and we have the choice to live for one or the other…. and it’s up to each and every one of us.
    God loves everyone, and the bible even talks about him being a jealous God when it comes to us loving him. He wants you to love him back, but if you don’t there is nothing he can do about it.
    When the day comes where everyone will meet him face to face, the only thing that will get you into heaven is if you believe in him, and his son dying for your sins and the sins of the world.

  31. And don’t get me wrong… I am by no means a perfect christian person.
    As a matter of fact I struggle with temptations everyday of my life.
    Any christian who tells you that they are perfect is lying straight to your face.
    So I guess in all reality… these are things I have to remind myself about all the time.

    I’m glad you asked Purdueman, and I hope you know that I am just giving you an honest answer and not trying to shove God down your throat.

    I have witnessed miracles in my life, when 10 years ago doctors told my family my grandfather was about to die and to start planning the funeral, more people prayed for him, and he is still alive and well to this day. It starts with your personal belief and the rest will follow.

    Go Broncos!

  32. Don’t buy into any highly paid pro athlete’s association and/or founding of any charitable foundation, because every single one of them who has an agent and/or CPA worth their title advises them to do so in order to knock down their tax bracket and generate positive image publicity.

    As the old adage goes, “actions speak louder than words”, and proselytising is merely words.

    I’ve met with and had several conversations with Steve Garvey over the years, and the Garv is a deeply religious man who would give anyone the shirt off of his back if he thought that they truly needed it.

    The Garv worked tirelessly throughout his career and ever since with charitable causes, yet I’ve NEVER heard even so much as once attribute his on the field or financial success to “My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.

    There simply is no call to do so, unless of course you are proselytizing.

  33. As I’ve said before, I don’t believe Tim Tebow is trying to convert anyone to christianity just because he says God Bless, or attributes his success in football to “My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
    And that is the definitition of proselytizing – The attempt to convert from one religion or belief to the other.
    He does not stand there and preach, he simply gives thanks to a God that he serves.
    He was almost aborted as a baby in order to save his monthers life, instead he’s become who he is today, I would thank God for that.

    Also Tim Tebow does do missions work in the Phillipines.
    And you compare him to Steve Garvey who had sexual affairs while being married?

    I don’t understand you’re hate for Tebow, I mean it’s obvious by your screen name that you are just defending Kyle Orton, which if you want to do that it’s fine…. but honestly Tebow is the future of the Broncos, just wait and see.

    I guess I just don’t get how you accuse Tim of doing these things… but that’s just me.

    I think he’s proven that he is a genuine person, it’s not an act. If you can find ANYTHING to prove me wrong with that then go ahead.

    He’s a great person, and I think he’s going to be a great QB in the NFL.

  34. But Timmy is proselytizing because he’s a role model to children and teenagers and therefore is in a position of both power and influence.

    The subliminal message, even though it may not be Timmy’s intent, is that if you find Jesus, you’ll grow into become a rich and famous athlete.

    Jesus shouldn’t be put up for sale.

  35. That’s not what he’s saying at all!
    Is that really how you feel about it? That because he’s in a position where kids look up to him that he is proselytizing his faith?

    If that’s the case then if kids look up to Big Ben are they going to rape women and play football?
    Or Donte Stallworth, are they going to committ manslaughter driving drunk?

    I’m 22 years old, and I even look up to Tim Tebow even though he’s a year older than me, but I don’t think that if I love Jesus I’m going to become a rich football player. I know younger football players that look up to him and don’t think they will become professional football players, I mean they may. But they know it’s hard work.

    So because he’s a role model to children and teenagers means he can’t profess what he believes in? I don’t know many people that would tell there kids that Tim Tebow is a bad influence on their lives.

    Man what happened to free speech, freedom of religion, and the American founding fundamentals of God?

    It’s long gone now I know, but man… really??

  36. Man at the end of the day everyone has their own mind, their own thoughts, and they have to use that to decide what they want to believe, and live for.

    Obviously Tim Tebow has made the choice in his life to be a christian.
    He also made the choice to work his butt off to become a professional football player.
    He isn’t going to change who he is, or what he believes just because he is a QB in the NFL.

    Take it or leave it.

  37. The media is who’s responsible for making professional athletes bigger than life which in turn for better or worse turns them into role models for kids and teens.

    Who can forget the “I want to be like Mike” (Jordan), advertising campaign back in the day? Jordan as we now all know was no angel, but he did realize the impact that he had on kids and guarded his image very carefully and wisely.

    Who would you rather have your son emulate? Big Ben or Timmy Jesus? Obviously Timmy, but that’s not going to happen for kids growing up in Pittsburgh right now.

    Point being, ideally I’m sure that we’d all like to see a “happy medium” somewhere between sexual abusers like Kobe and Ben and Bible Thumping athletes, as neither represent what the average kid is going to grow up into.

    What happens when a kid goes gung ho for Jesus because he’s so influenced by Timmy Jesus only to eventually fail athletically? Blame Jesus? That’s the really scary part and that’s reason enough for Timmy to keep anything stronger than “God Bless” to himself and keep it out of the media.

    Jesus isn’t responsible for him being young, rich , handsome and athletically gifted any more than he is the poor pimple faced fat kid in class who all the other kids bully and pick on.

    Think about it.

  38. The fact is that athletes are going to be marketed by companies because they help bring in money for their company. The media is going to follow them and talk about them because well… that’s their job.

    All I’m saying is that it’s not bad for Tebow to say what he wants or say what he believes in because sooner or later in life it’s going to come down to a personal decision in your life. It’s not like he’s brainwashing kids.

    And maybe it does give that pimple faced fat kid in class something to look to. Nobody says that he can’t become something special. And even if he does shoot for something and come up short, it would become his choice whether or not he wants to blame it on God because he once heard Timmy Tebow say something about God, and it can’t be true that God only works for him and not me.

    So what I’m saying is we all can’t be professional quartebacks, but we all can do something with our life to impact others.

    And I’m sure the kids in Pittsburgh have heard about Tim. lol

    This is good conversation man, I’m liking it.

  39. purdueman, there’s nothing admirable about slander, and God condemns bearing false witness right along with all the other sins you feign such concern about.

    According to the evidence and the authorities, Roethlisberger has not abused any women. Nevada police said they have no reason to believe any sexual assault took place and have no intention of following up on that lawsuit. Georgia authorities said they hope the women learned their lesson after the medical exam showed it was a false claim. Should he have been acting like an idiot getting slopping drunk in a bar? No, but he’s paid a hefty price for bad behavior. His heart should be left to God’s judgment.

    I’d have an easier time believing you were really concerned about role models if you could say something positive about Tebow without having to slander Roethlisberger to do it.

  40. Deb: Big Ben is a dyed in the wool frat-rat self-espoused Christian phony and bought his way out of felony charges just as Kobe Bryant and OJ Simpson did too. That’s not slander, that’s just reality!

    As a woman I don’t understand why you would defend this creatures (Ben), actions. First you make sure a co-ed is good and drunk, then you follow her to the rest room, then you station your buddies to make sure that no one has access to the restrooms.

    Deb, we’re you born yesterday? Or is it that you just have trouble connecting the dots?

  41. No, purdueman, I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m a journalist who spent months researching these cases, a rape survivor who takes the subject much more seriously than some guy mouthing off on a football blog. I’m able to connect the dots that every time a woman makes a false allegation–and it happens more than you know–it undermines the credibility of real rape victims and hurts their chances for receiving justice. Every time fools like you get caught up in fantasies about players they don’t like or an innocent man gets added to the National Sex Offender Registry, it makes it more difficult to track real sexual predcators.

    You’re basing your comments on your own silly judgments of Ben Roethlisberger and celebrity cases. I don’t care whether Roethlisberger is the biggest jerk in the NFL or whether he’s sincere in his Christian proclamations. The only relevant issue is the objective evidence. The woman in Nevada sent text messages saying the sex was consensual. Period. Witnesses at three different clubs said the Georgia woman followed Ben all night buying her own drinks and propositioning him. She was alone with him less than 10 minutes. Her medical exam showed she did not have intercourse with him so the vaginal rape she alleged did not occur. The accuser repeatedly denied to the cops that she’d even had sex with him but her friend kept goading her into making an accusation. Her friend was pissed at Roethlisberger for throwing her out of the party and invented the story about the rape and the bodyguard at the door. The bodyguard story was was refuted by the other witnesses. The prosecutor said he hoped the sorority sisters had learned their lesson.

    He didn’t buy his way out of anything. The DA had a medical report in hand that made it impossible for him to file charges with or without the woman’s cooperation. At that point, the only purpose in paying the woman would have been to get her to retract the accusation. She has not.

    O.J. Simpson didn’t buy his way out of felony charges. He was acquitted because of an incompetent prosecution. Kobe publicly settled rather than deal with what would have been a nasty lawsuit. Ben has countersued the Nevada woman rather than pay her anything. And again–for the supremely thick-headed–the medical exam showed no rape occurred in Georgia. 🙄

  42. By the way, I came on here to comment on Tebow’s lovely guns only to find some idiot still blah-blah-blahing about Roethlisberger. Good grief.

  43. Deb,
    First of all it was me comparing Tebow to Ben.
    In the eyes of the public, and to the casual fan it’s easy to see that Tebow is viewed in higher regard than Big Ben.
    I was merely comparing the two of them because of a remark purdueman made about Tebow proselytizing his faith all the time, and if kids or teens were to look up to him they would think that they have to believe in God to become a handsome, rich, QB in the NFL.
    It is plain to see you have done extensive research on the allegations of Ben, but to the general public he is still viewed as a man that has had more than one mishap.
    But yes I love Tim Tebow, and I hope to see him starting at quarterback for my Denver Broncos. He is just awesome… hands down.
    Although by looking at other pictures of him on this day of golf I do have to say that this does look photoshopped…. haha!

  44. @slicknick4ever …

    Well, I’d never argue that Tim has a better rep than Ben. Roethlisberger isn’t a rapist, but he’s been quite a jerk. As a Steelers diehard, I’ve wanted to whack him over the head many times. 🙂

    Being one of the Bama faithful, I couldn’t stand Tebow, but he won me over with his kindnesses to Mark Ingram when they were in New York for the Heisman ceremony. And I admire his toughness and work ethic. I don’t believe run-first spread QBs translate well to the NFL–and he has the added complication of his throwing motion. But I’m rooting for his success. He has all the qualities you’d want in a leader.

    And I think those guns are real. My sis-in-law had seats right behind the Bama bench for the ’09 SEC Championship. She said when he came out to warm up in his cut off t-shirt … Whoa! 😉

  45. Deb: Your a Big Ben apologist, and I find that sad.

    The fact of the matter is, he, and only he, put himself into the position (no pun intended), for these accusations… period!

    And please get off the vaginal examination evidence as being iron clad thing too. I’m sure that Big Ben, like most fraterity scumbags, carry a condom in their wallet so that they are prepared for any opportunity for a sexual conquest that presents itself.

    The fact that the young lady in the bar may or may not have been propositioning Ben and that she was drunk out of her mind doesn’t excuse the FACT that he not only followed her into a bathroom, but also posted “guards” in the hallways. No, no sign of intent there, right?

  46. There you have it… Deb has “a thing” for Ben; no wonder she’s defending his shameless reprehensible behavior!

    Hey Deb, answer me this… if Ben is babe in the woods innocent as you try to portray him, why did the NFL suspend him for six games?
    Deb says:
    Jun 16, 2011 11:11 AM
    By the way, I came on here to comment on Tebow’s lovely guns only to find some idiot still blah-blah-blahing about Roethlisberger.

  47. @Deb
    haha! Yeah I saw him here when he came to Arizona to play the Cardinals (even though he didn’t play when he should have after Orton threw 4 picks) and we got pretty close to him, so I know he’s a huge guy.
    And I have watched hundreds of videos, seen hundereds of pics, and read his new book about how hard he works. (I’m almost too much of a fan) But I just don’t know if this is real. I found an article before that compared this pic against other pics of him that day and his arms didn’t look that tan, or oiled for that matter. haha!

    But I mean you’re right, how can you not like a guy like Tim Tebow?
    As far as him translating to the NFL, I think everyone is going to be surprised, he’s been working this offseason taking all snaps from under center, none in shotgun. Considering how he played in the 3 games he started last year after having no reps with the first team throughout the whole year, that is pretty good.
    As far as his throwing motion, I think it’s obviously something he can work on, but he put up 9,000+ yards, 88 TD’s, and only 16 picks in his college career at UF.
    It’s not like he holds it that low the whole time, it’s just his wind up, and as far as I’m concerned…. if he gets the ball to his WR’s I don’t care how he does it.
    He’s just a different player, a special player, and he’s not going to do it the same way as everyone else.
    Go Tebow! 🙂

  48. @slicknick4ever …

    The problem with the windup is that it slows his release, which is a problem when he’s face a super-fast pass rush like Pittsburgh’s or Baltimore’s. Bama nearly killed him in that SEC Championship because Saban runs a pro-style defense and had the personnel to swarm him. Most of the guys on that defense are now NFL starters. If anyone is capable of retooling his throwing motion, I think it’s Tebow because of his single-minded determination and strong work ethic. But it’s hard to change what you’ve done since Pee Wee league. Under pressure, he tends to revert back.

    If he can master that one thing, I think he’ll be tremendous–if Denver puts the right personnel around him. Fox is a defensive guru, but I’m all about defensive football. Takes a lot of pressure off the QB.

    I’m interested to see what he’ll do after football. Have always thought he might go into politics. He certainly has the looks and charm for it 🙂

  49. @purdueman …

    Still having trouble with your dot-connecting, I see. Let me help: When I say Roethlisberger is a jerk and I’d like to whack him over the head, that is not an indication that I have a “thing” for him. Women are capable of thinking with their brains rather than their hormones.

    When I said the medical exam showed there was no intercourse, that included accounting for the possible use of a condom. The accusation was the one man–Barravecchio–was guarding the doorway. The accusation was made only by two sorority sisters and was refuted by all the other witnesses, including the club owner. It also conflicted with the accuser’s written statement. She claimed they were rolling around on the floor outside the bathroom prior to entering the bathroom. It’s a small hallway and would not have accommodates the two of them lying on the ground plus someone standing guard.

    You have convicted Roethlisberger in your head based on your own prejudices with no knowledge of the case facts. I’m relying solely on the facts of the case which I studied thoroughly because I wanted to know what kind of person was on my team. I don’t think he’s a great guy and he’s certainly exhibited a lot of selfish immaturity. But the evidence shows he was falsely accused of these incidents. I can only hope these experiences have made him take a look at this behavior and will help him grow up and be a better man. I’d also like to see him put in the kind of work Tebow does because he hasn’t come close to reaching his potential as a QB, and his lack of effort in the past has been a source of tremendous frustration for me.

  50. @Deb
    you’re right.. if there ever was anyone to change how they threw the ball I think it would be Tebow. But again, if you watch film of him in the 3 games he started in the NFL last season he was getting the ball out just fine. I’m not saying there is no room for work, but he’s getting better.
    In the words of Tebow himself “You always try to aim for perfection, and nobody will ever get there, but you’ll become pretty darn great, and that’s what I’m trying to do.” (paraphrased of course) I just heard that in a video interview I watched of him the other day.

    You’re right about Fox’s defensive mastermind, and I’m excited for him to bring back the Orange Crush to Denver. I’m going make a bold statement that Denver will be in the top 10 this year for defense. Switching to 4-3 putting Robert Ayers back at DE which is what we drafted him as. Von Miller at OLB, Nate Irving MLB, DJ Williams OLB. And let’s not forget DOOM Mr. Dumervil that is at the other DE. Add a couple young new safties, Veteran Champ and Goodman at the corners, lead by a veteran in Dawkins. The thing we need next is DT’s.

    But mark my words Top 10 Defense. 🙂

  51. Yes, Tebow is gathering ’em at the river,
    The beautiful, the beautiful river;
    Gather with all the Bronco’s at the river
    That flows by the throne of God!

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