Answering questions on the future of Plaxico, Santana Moss

Some storms in West Virginia made Thursday’s PFT Live a little more challenging than usual, but the show went on with your help.

Florio answered questions regarding the futures of Plaxico Burress and Santana Moss in the segment below, along with the latest on the Vikings possibly moving to Los Angeles.

There is another segment with viewer calls about the lockout from Thursday if you missed it. You can also subscribe to the show via iTunes.

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3 responses to “Answering questions on the future of Plaxico, Santana Moss

  1. Plex – Please come back to the G-Men! We need you, trust me we REALLY need you, you would be a great opposite to Nicks, you guys would light up the league, and with Manningham / Smith in the mix your Offense would be unstoppable, please for all of us Giants fans, please please, call Drew Rosenhaus now, and tell him he need to call Jerry Reese and get the deal done!!!!!!!

    Trust me I know we need you more than you need us, and I am not foolish enough to think you going to Philly would hurt, I KNOW it would cost the G-Men AT LEAST 2 games a year!!!!

  2. The Eagles don’t need Burress to beat the Giants. They just sit back and wait for Eli’s turnovers and if that’s not enough, they turn loose Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson on the G-Men.

  3. OK laeaglefan, it’s pretty obvious that I’m realistic and that you are a blind follower, 1st of all the Giants are the ones who showed the league how to beat Vick last year, in the the 1st game the refs gave the eagles the win with a non existant holding call on a 77 YD TD to Hakeem the Beast, the second game the Defense just fell apart.
    It won’t happen again, unless you have Burress this year the Eagles will win MAYBE 4 games!

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