Javarris James arrested for marijuana possession

Colts running back Javarris James has been arrested for possession of marijuana.

Miami New Times reports that James was was arrested Thursday night by police in Fort Myers, Florida, and charged with misdemeanor possession.

Like his cousin Edgerrin James, Javarris grew up in nearby Immokalee, Florida before playing for the Miami Hurricanes and then the Colts.

As a rookie in 2010, Javarris James had 112 yards rushing and 63 yards receiving.

24 responses to “Javarris James arrested for marijuana possession

  1. You see what I mean? Just peacefully smoking a near harmless plant, and he gets thrown in a precinct and he will be treated like a criminal for the rest of his young life. How much do we spend per year on the drug war? How many of you could score a bag of weed in under a half hour if you wanted to? Prohibition is a massive failure and everybody but big headed politicians know that. Legalize/Regulate.

  2. I don’t have an opinion about whether it should be legal or not, but this is real simple… if you want to legalize it, get enough people who think like you to vote for and elect representatives who will decriminalize it.

  3. I think i just gave a thumbs up to a jet fan… Ugh this lockout needs to end!

  4. @originalevil

    If only it were that simple my friend. Think of the smear campaigns that would be run against a pro-drug candidate. Think of the backlash from groups like DARE. On top of all that, a lot of the powers that be (read: big business) will shell out the money to a group or representative that runs against it. Pharmaceutical groups, big tobacco, oil companies, alcohol groups, and even groups you wouldn’t normally think of. (For instance, the paper manufacturers, 1 acre of hemp generates the same amount of fiber that 4 acres of trees does) There is much more to prohibition than meets the eye.

  5. @originalevil…

    Couldn’t have said it better my self, if you have such a problem with it change it get involved, sure what he did was innocent enough but the fact is he got caught and will get boned for it.

  6. Like so many young men in his circumstance, Javarris is “possessed” by marijuana.

  7. The young man evidently missed the
    “Blunt Crushin’ with Kenny Britt” workshop…

  8. They mentioned his yardage which wasnt good, but he scored 6 TD’s (i think). Solid back, but probably expendable after drafting Delone Carter

  9. legalize it. Jesus Pete. You sell high energy drinks but adults can’t use a plant that grows wild to kill the pain. a$$holes

  10. legalize it. Jesus Pete. You sell high energy drinks to kids but adults can’t use a plant that grows wild to kill the pain. a$$holes

  11. @nyjellefingday – no truer words have ever been posted on this website – da gubbament and their peeps reaaaaaallllly likes the money they make off of the drugs they sell “legally.”

  12. p.s. the writers on this site must be really itching for a Bengal player to run afoul so they can make the obligatory joke… as of late, the rest of the league is leaving us behind in criminal headlines.

  13. I got to know J-J a little bit in his Miami days, and I know him to be a good kid. The pity about seeing someone arrested for something like this is that people assume that this guy must be some kind of lowlife. From my experience, that is completely not the case with Javarris. He obviously had a lapse in judgement here, but James seems to be a nice and respectful person who’s also a good father to his little girls. Just FYI….

  14. @1buckeye76

    If the lockout has taught us anything, it should be “if there is a dollar to be made, humans will stop at nothing to make it.”


    You did! You and 100 other people, so don’t feel so bad! Just because I am a fan of a highly unpopular team does not mean the facts I post are any less valid 😉

  15. Thumbs Up nyjalleffinday ! I really thought that it would have been legalized twenty years ago.

    During the early 80’s you could walk down the streets in NYC smoking a joint and if you saw a cop , they would just tell you to put it out.

    Good to know you realize you are a fan of a highly unpopular team. JETS, never mind

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