Mark Tauscher unsure if he’ll continue playing football


Mark Tauscher, who has played all eleven of his NFL seasons in Green Bay, says he’s not sure if he will continue to play football in 2011.

He’s under contract for $4.1 million next year, but it seems next to impossible that the Packers will pay that number.  Perhaps the Packers would give Tauscher a chance to make the team with a reduced contract, but the longtime right tackle doesn’t sound like he was sure he would even try to play.

“You know, I haven’t really figured out what I’m going to do yet,” Tauscher told Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Friday at a charity golf event run by Greg Jennings.

Tauscher will just focus on getting healthy for now.

“Honestly I’m just rehabbing my shoulder and trying to play some golf,” Tauscher said. “When the lockout ends I’m sure I’ll get things figured out, one way or another, and see where we’re at.”

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  1. Taush is a smart man,he could run for Governor in Wisco and win in a landslide.This guy is all Wisco all the way.You think he’s gonna sign with another team so he can prove Ted Thompson made a mistake not having him back?Mark is no fool

  2. I would be happy for Tauscher no matter what he chooses. I think most of Wisconny would be happy for him winning a superbowl, and even more happy that it happened while he was wearing the green and gold.

  3. Well, he’s got one ring and his replacement is already on the roster. It’s not that I don’t care, because I really like Tausch and everything he represents.

    Just hope if he decides to retire he does. He’s just a better guy than to pull a Favre fiasco. Although it wouldn’t cause as much of a disturbance the Pack doesn’t need it.

    But it sure would be nice to have the depth a guy like Tausch could offer.

  4. I’ve always like Tauscher. Never a whiner. He just did his job, and did it very well for many years. I’m so glad he finally got to win a Superbowl with the Packers. I hope he decides to go another season, but if not, I wish him well in his post-NFL life!!

  5. Tauscher actually applied himself to academics while in college and is much better prepared for life after football than most of his peers are. He’ll do very well and will always be thought of as a hometown hero by Badger and Packer faithful. Thanks Mark!

  6. he basically played coach last year and i am certain teddy will find a permanent spot for him on the coaching staff this year. tausch is a class act. love the guy.

  7. Tauscher being a Wisconsin guy should remember how Al McGuire is viewed and he knows how #4 is viewed, pretty easy choice, seashells and balloons

  8. Apart from Baseball, Golf is probably the worst thing you can do if re-habbing a shoulder

  9. This guy lived the boyhood dream of myself and most of the guys from my neighborhood growing up in So. Wis.. Born and raised in Wis.,Play and for the Badger’sand IFIRC win a Rose Bowl,Play for the Pack and win a Super Bowl. Life can’t get much better than that. Thanks for the great Football Memories Tausch.

  10. $4 million for a veteran backup for one year is not out of the question. He’s a coach on the field, as this point, too.

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