Not-so-secret talks expected to resume next week


There were a lot of good signs to take from the latest round of not-so-secret talks between the NFL and the NFLPA* this week, which were capped off by a Manhattan dinner between Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith.

(Let’s hope Goodell didn’t chose to eat at La Familigia.)

An even better sign is that the two sides plan to continue talking.  Gary Myers of the New York Daily News writes that there will be “more talks to come next week.”

“This is the first time since the meetings started last year that both sides are motivated at the same time to get a deal done,” Myers writes.

Myers thinks a deal could get done by early-to-mid July.

“Right people, right format, right time,” one source told Myers. “It’s the optimum moment for reasonable people to find reasonable solutions to problems that are not insolvable.”

At times during the lockout the two sides have seemed anything but reasonable. That finally seems to be changing.

13 responses to “Not-so-secret talks expected to resume next week

  1. Actually they met with Weiner at the Manhatten eatery, as they were interested how they could make a bigger **ick of themselves…..

  2. That is the nice thing about the calendar.
    Though there is no hard deadline, the fact that the normal season will come and go if they don’t get this done is a fact that can’t be ignored.

  3. The whole thing could be solved quickly if they weren’t meeting in such posh surroundings. Fly them out to a hog farm in the middle of Nebraska. Lock them inside a tin shed lit by a bare light-bulb, sit them in metal folding chairs at a cheap card table. One bathroom break every eight hours and two food breaks a day. Camp cots to sleep on.

    Deal done in three days or less.

  4. Why wait till next week….
    What’s wrong with meeting today….
    What’s wrong with meeting every day and all day till a deal is done….

  5. I’m glad they are meeting and things are positive but this supposed July timeframe is still ridiculous. What is taking so long? What else do they have going on that would take precedence?

  6. Ok it is now time for the fans (All of US) to boycott all NFL merchandise! Father’s day is this weekend I have already told my family do not buy me anything from the NFL. I told them buy me a pre paid credit card for the amount and I will then use it when the season starts!!! I suggest that anyone receiving NFL merchandise this weekend to return it for a full refund? If we all would do this the deal would get done a lot faster!!! Money is always a motivator when it is coming out of your pocket! It’s time for the fans to push this thing over the goal line? Who is with me??

  7. What I really like about it is that they are making a concerted effort (from the sounds of it anyway) BEFORE either side has leverage. I’ve said before that I had hoped that the 8th circuit’s decision, whatever it is, will not lead one side to try to “stick it to” the other because they have leverage. It shouldn’t be about that. It should be about creating lasting labor peace with a fair deal that is good for the sport also or they will have the same situation in a few years with one side feeling jobbed and we will see more “War of the Roses” moments.

  8. They don’t seem to realize that the fans don’t want to hear “next month”, or “sometime in July”, etc. The fans expect their teams to be game-ready by week 1 of the regular season and that requires a full training camp. This deal needs to get done NOW. The lawyers need to sit down and shut up and let the owners and players get this done. They apparently have no clue as to how upset the fans are about this nonsense. If they tinker on much longer, methinks they’re about to find out.

  9. I told them buy me a pre paid credit card for the amount

    Is that not making an NFL purchase NOW ?

  10. brooklynbully says: Jun 10, 2011 11:10 AM

    Give me one reason why they are not meeting as I write this post .Boy they make me sick !!!!!!!

    Because they are not negotiating, they are just “talking”. Based on what I have read and heard, the NFL wants to negotiate, but D. Smith (and apparently Drew Brees) wants to litigate.

    You will know that there is finally something serious when you read or hear that D. Smith has made a counter offer or made some concessions. Until then, all this is all empty talk going nowhere.

    Anyone who has ever been in negotiations will tell you that it takes both sides to make a deal and that, if one side doesn’t want to negotiate, no deal will be reached.

    In this mess, D. Smith does not want to negotiate, but no one will call him out. Instead, because most people are afraid of offending D. Smith, everyone says that both sides want a deal. But where is there any evidence whatsoever that D. Smith wants to negotiate?

    Remember, D. Smith walked out of CBA talks, decertified the union, had certain players file suit, and then did not attend at least one court ordered mediation session.

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