Plaxico Burress says he’s a better pass catcher after prison


The way Plaxico Burress figures it, he’s a better receiver now than he was before he went to prison. After all, the degree of difficulty catching passes behind bars was higher.

“There weren’t a lot of guys throwing perfect spirals in there. I had to work to catch those balls,” Burress said with a laugh to Aditi Kinkhabwala of the Wall St. Journal in his first post-prison interview.

Burress doesn’t break a lot of new ground in the conversation, saying that he’s listening to Michael Vick’s advice to focus on his family first now that he’s a free man.  Vick and Burress spoke during the week, but it sounds like Burress has spent most of his time trying to corral his 18-month old daughter Giovanna, who was born while Burress was in prison.

Asked about his future, Burress said “you never know” whether he could return to New York.  He just wants to get a playbook from some team and get back to work soon.

“I know what I’m capable of,” the soon-to-be 34-year-old said. “All I need to say to teams is ‘don’t judge my future by my past.’ Just let me come out and play football.”

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  1. I was concerned that he would add weight in prison and come out as a Tight End. Now that I hear he has been catching passes in prison, I am sure he is a capable Wide Receiver.

  2. All seriousness…he should be angling to return to NYG. He’s not young and it takes time to build up rapport with a new QB. You never forget how to ride a bike so he should want to play with Eli.

  3. Alright, you guys set this up, now this is coming from someone who is a Plex fan, and fully believes the Giants need him more than he needs them, and that Plex not going to the Giants coupled with him going to the Eagles would be disatrous to the Giants, and will cost the G-Men AT LEAST 2 games a year

  4. hrmlss says: Jun 10, 2011 11:46 AM

    ok, I’ll bite. Who was making passes at him…..


    Bernie Madoff is making the passes. Think of the reality TV stuff they could call it…. “A WEEKEND AT BERNIES”

  5. In my analysis of the Mike Vick situation, I see that he gained significantly in the self-discipline area during his prison stint. That ;made him a much better player on the field. Perhaps, that is the same thing that Plaxico learned; that he is not as “important” as he thought he was.
    In both cases, I suspect that the diminished ego from being in prison will make, and has made, a significant improvement in their play. Humility tends to make better players.

  6. So his one hour a day “out in the yard” made his pass catching abilities better?
    Maybe he will be better able to catch the passes thrown behind him this season.

  7. Thumbs up (agree) vs. Thumbs down (disagree):

    Rosenhaus arranges for the media to watch Plax catch balls from a current NFL QB within the next few weeks.

  8. Some headlines just write themselves, don’t they?

    This one almost approaches Paris Hilton’s post-DUI explanation: “I just had to have some In-N-Out.”

  9. @ravensfan4life52- I made a great one, but it got removed for some reason? No way I haven’t seen worse on these boards, but it was the best one so far on this thread, no doubt. but oh well, I respect YOU, pft censors…

  10. They keep deleting them. Apparently, PFT has standards when others write things they don’t agree with, but they can write/insinuate whatever they like. Perks of running your own website. But honestly, what kind of responses did they think they would get with a headline like that?

  11. They even deleted a comment about a guy asking if anyone else had laughed out loud as hard as he had when he read the headline. I mean really? What is 1984 or something?

  12. Oh come on, that has a meaning apart from what your dirty minds invoked.

    Catching passes in prison would be a pain in the backside. The facilities aren’t adequate and the QBs aren’t NFL caliber. This is, simply, a true statement.

  13. “Catching passes in prison would be a pain in the backside.”

    you sir are the winner of the not (yet) deleted jokes

  14. Honestly, I think making a comeback at the WR position might be harder than doing it at the QB position, especially for someone who got shot in the leg and was off for 2 years, not to mention he’s almost 34. If Plex pulls this off I’ll have mad respect even though I am a Skins fan.

  15. Alright everyone, no need to get testy. Obviously not everyone agrees, but some people look like their stack is about to blow. Jobs are hard to come by in this league, so I am sure that there ar
    e rookies on every team hoping they do go a different direction. Plaxico has to stay on the straight and narrow, which may mean staying at home for a while sitting on his butt. Buddies of mine seem to think he can, but I’m still convinced he’s doing this dog and pony show to feed his own ego and save himself a bit of glory.

    Whole teams have made it clear they aren’t interested, despite his potential for catching fire and getting hot. Carl Smith (of the Seahawks) stated so himself; “we aren’t looking past character, especially when it comes to outside football issues or players who are considered ‘dirty.’” Sanchez (Mark) is a perfect example of a player who has an attitude, but isn’t looking to cause a ruckus or garner any power. Bottom feeding teams may feel different, but most teams are gun shy, prompting their FO’s to be a little bit too anal.

    Sex and drugs have always been a part of the game, but this new criminal element is a black eye to a league already struggling with a poor public image (Goodell himself has become a real dick). In a box lunch world, the NFL is the tossed salad.

  16. Jamalsagod says “catching passes in prison would be a pain in the backside”.

    Okay, that is even funnier then the headline.

  17. Dusty Grey – I’m sure 2 thumbsup and 2 thumbsdown is not exactly what you were lookin’ for with that masterpiece of rhetoric, lol.

  18. I wish I could tell you that ole’ Plaxico Burress fought the good fight and that the sisters left him alone, but prison is no fairy tale.
    “yo’ foo’, what really is catching?
    (other philsophicol stuff is said)…Maybe,
    it’s in yo’ mind!”
    – wheel chair guy.
    (oz theme)

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