Seneca Wallace “not worried” that McCoy is the starter


No matter how short training camp is, it would be stunning if Colt McCoy wasn’t Cleveland’s starting quarterback when the Browns start their season.

Seneca Wallace, who re-signed with the team this offseason, won’t give the job up without a fight.  Wallace sees the switch to a West Cast offense under new coach Pat Shurmur as an advantage for him.

“It’s great to know that you’re going into a situation where you’ve already got the upper hand on a lot of that stuff,” Wallace told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. “Terminology is very similar to what I’m used to and that’s one of the biggest things.”

Wallace joked that perhaps he’ll keep some secrets to himself.

“Yeah, I can’t disclose everything to [McCoy],” he said. “I’m still trying to go out there and play for my position, you know? But I’m not going to hold everything back from him. If there’s something he wants to know about the offense, I’d definitely be willing to try to share and help him out as best I can.”

The Browns will presumably cut Jake Delhomme after the lockout. We doubt at this point the Browns will add any true competition for Wallace as McCoy’s backup.  Even if Wallace doesn’t quite sound ready to be a backup just yet.

“Colt is a younger kid and he’s from Texas and people know him,” Wallace said. “He should get the opportunity to be the starter and I’m not worried about that. But I’m comfortable with this system and I’m going to prepare every day like I’m the starter. That’s what I’ve got to do.”

12 responses to “Seneca Wallace “not worried” that McCoy is the starter

  1. By “secrets” Wallace must mean how to hold a clipboard, or stand on the sidelines with a headset on.

  2. Wallace has never done squat in his career when he has had the chance but if you ask him he would tell you he’s quite capable of starting for 32 teams

  3. Wallace is a great fill-in QB. McCoy, however, has the ability to be a decent starting QB.

  4. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be worried either, considering how brittle Colt is.

    He won’t see a complete uninjured season in Cleveland. That’s just the way AFC North football rolls.

  5. its gonna be a rough year. new everything short season. ouch. i do hope the best though, i used to love hating cleveland. i hope the rivalry can be restored. colt will take some lumps and might as well see if he can cut it.

  6. Seneca Wallace couldn’t beat out Joy Behar to be the starting QB. Then again, I am not sure Colt McCoy could beat out Elizabeth Hasselbeck either lol. Shurmur’s Dawg and Pony Show on the Lakefront will definitely be a circus. Who is the starting left defensive end going to be? Vernon Gholston? What is Courtney Brown doing these days ? Might want to add a free safety and a right tackle to your shopping list, Mr. Holmgren.

  7. I’m happy as heck he re-signed here. The offense ran silky smooth when he was under center last year, he’s athletic, and while he’s in his 30s he still has low mileage. Wildcat option for sure to save Cribbs some wear and tear.

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