Vick surprises two grads with $5,000 scholarships


As expected, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick gave the commencement address at the Camelot schools graduation ceremony on Friday.

As not expected, he presented two students with scholarships.

Per the Associated Press, Vick said that he would be giving $5,000 each to Monique Joseph and Rickey Savage.  Joseph will attend Penn State.  Savage plans to go to Virginia Union University.

“I heard a little bit about it yesterday, but I had no idea how generous he was going to be to our students,” Camelot CEO Todd Bock said.  “I think our kids, our schools and our story really resonated with him.”

Camelot has six locations in Philadelphia.   The schools serve roughly 1,800 students who have emotional, disciplinary, and/or academic problems.

56 responses to “Vick surprises two grads with $5,000 scholarships

  1. hopefully these kids can make good use of this b/c it’s doubtful Vick would be giving these if he wasn’t in the PR dumper. good luck to the kids!

  2. If I lost as much money as he did because of my own mistakes, I would be hoarding every penny I earned. This guy is still giving back and donating. Really impressive.

  3. generosity should never be second guessed. Regardless of his motives or past these kids are getting a chance to experience college because of it. Maybe if the NFL/NFLPA were quibbling about how to help their communities rather than their pocket books, then we might care. WE WANT FOOTBALL!

  4. WOW…two $5,000 scholarships. Thats only a little more than most regular people give out in scholarships. This is about as much as he gave Virginia Tech ($10,000) after the shooting tragedy at his school.

    This guy is a millionaire!!!! people. 10,000 dollars is literally about 1 percent of what he makes in ayear. This is like someone with a 70,000 dollar salary giving 700 dollars a year to charity.

  5. I am sure the people those kids assaulted really thought they deserved $5k for simply not being criminals any more. Other kids bust their butts their whole life in school, do the right thing, and then either get rejected by the school or receive no financial aid at all.

  6. Can someone please explain why with all the down time he’s had over the last two years, why he didn’t complete his degree in basket weaving? He was only in college for two years.

  7. My bad not everyone but philly made a great move , got a great qb and hes been overly impressive everywhere . The eahles made a franchise change when no one else . And thats why my igggles will be in supeR bowl this year .wi
    K lets pray for football and God bless all philly fans !

  8. I’ve delayed writing about Vick because I felt it would be inherently biased as a die hard giant fan and eagle hater. Honestly, I don’t think Vick is a bad person. I think he definitely has some bad ways, but who doesn’t? Unfortunately for Vick, his bad side happened to be one of the most despised acts in our society. He’s paid for it substantially and even if he is not truly remorseful for the animals he killed, he is certainly remorseful. He learned he is not above anyone or anything and that he can use his talents to earn tremendous wealth and help people along they way. Or he can use it to indulge in his darkest and most selfish desires and self destruct. He has opted now to be positive. To me thats all that matters. I am appalled at his crimes, even more than the destruction he imposed on my fantasy season and real season simultaneously in one fateful fourth quarter, but I recognize he has done more good as a person in the past two years than the rest of his life combined. Ironically, his past means he should be on a short leash and he certainly is. But if the man stays doing good for the community and performing on the field, I think he deserves to enjoy success and rejuvenation both personally and professionally.

  9. It doesn’t matter if Michael Vick jumps in front of a bus saving four small children and an elderly lady, people will still question his motives. It’s a shame people can be so small.

  10. Vick seems to really be trying to be a better person. A lot of people on this site could stand to do the same. I’ve said it before: I can never truly forgive Vick for supporting a dog fighting ring. I just love dogs too much. But I have nothing but respect for his quest to be a better person.

    THAT, my friends, is what Jesus preached. It is what Mohamed preached. It is what Buddha taught.

    Life is a journey, not a destination, and Vick’s journey was ugly and filled with pain. I have nothing but praise for his quest to seek goodness now. I wish him nothing but the best.

  11. jacksaysfu, nobody envies your Eagles. They haven’t won anything meaningful since the 60s. I am thankful I am not an Eagles fan.

  12. enough with the vick bashing the poor devil made a mistake – he asked to be forgiven and he has made good will gestures to repent for his wrongs.

    it’s funny how some folks cry and whine about the killing of animals but they remain silent on the murdering of innocent babies via abortion.

    for a young person who is attempting to attend college $5000 is a great gift which will assist them in furthering their education.

    if the good people of ny can forgive the weiner’s recent issues which also MAY include alleged tweeting to a teen girl then surely America can give mike vick a 2nd chance.

    God Bless George W. Bush.

  13. Wow really you pathetic no-lives!!! Vick didn’t have to give them anything. But he did. I dont care how much he gets. The point is he did it out of no where. And its funny how the man gives out 10,000 and you still bash him within the story. Is there anything bashable within this story? NO. So why do it?

    If you still don’t like the guy I think your just being rediculous but whatever its your right. But dont publicly bash until he does something…

    You people are in the wrong, every person who makes a smart-ass remark. Your wrong!!!

  14. The guy gives $10,000 people say he should give more. I’m sorry how many scholarships did this site hand out? The guy went to prison and paid his debt to society. Who cares why he gave $10,000. I bet the students who received the money appreciate it. Im sure if someone gave you miserable Fu@ks five large you would appreciate it. Damn get over it, the dogs are dead they ain’t coming back. I now realize how beloved pit bulls are in America where they are not chewing off the face of a six year old.

  15. Still hate him. Still think he’s a douche. Still 100% sure he did this for image and doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that the kids still got the money. So I completely respect this.

    And how did someone manage to work abortion into this? Talk about sad. If you define yourself by your position on one issue so completely that you have to talk about it all the time, than you must be a pretty sad person.

  16. macker1283 says:
    Jun 10, 2011 11:06 PM
    WOW…two $5,000 scholarships. Thats only a little more than most regular people give out in scholarships. This is about as much as he gave Virginia Tech ($10,000) after the shooting tragedy at his school.

    This guy is a millionaire!!!! people. 10,000 dollars is literally about 1 percent of what he makes in ayear. This is like someone with a 70,000 dollar salary giving 700 dollars a year to charity.

    Theyd be lucky to get 100$ out of me if I made 70k a year, Im a firm beleiver of if your ass cant make your ass dont deserve it.

  17. How nice of Bad Newz to give Arthur Blank’s money away in a transparent community relations ploy. Add another charge to the indictment! 😛

  18. Comparing a dog torturer and killer to a horny politician? Really thesaint23? I hope that was an attempt at sarcasm.

  19. To all the people who are mad at “only” $5k worth of scholarship money, I’m in college now (senior) and I’d be more than happy to have $5k of extra help. $5k would be maybe half or 3/4 of a year at my school. I’ll likely have $30k of loans (thankfully all federal) when I’m done. ANY free money you can get for college is good. Vick is having most of his cash going to his creditors, I’m sure he dug deep in his pocket to make this gift.

  20. Good for him. Despite his own financial difficulties he still gives back… much better than when he was making tons of money, pissing most of it away, and didn’t give back to anyone.

  21. Maybe some of you jokers don’t realize that $5000 will pay for an entire 2 year associates degree at a community college. Thats not exactly a bad thing for someone who couldn’t afford to goto college at all.

    Also, don’t forget, this man is NOT a millionaire. He still owes a LOT of money to creditors.

  22. awwwwww there are still some lil cacs trying to hate on Vick to no avail. LOL, hopefully they get all beet red and stroke out over their keyboards as they foam at the mouth in agony because their hate is just killing them.

  23. It is simply amazing how all this trash gets on here and bashes Vick and they have never given a dime to any cause, for humans or animal. It is also funny that all the bashing and self-righteous comments come from a group that are the most barbaric in the history of mankind. This is the same group of people that recent history shows torturing, raping, murdering of innocent lives with no apology, no time served and no mansion bought as a memorial to those lives. Yet when you bring it up they get indignit and angry and tell you that is the past. Mr. Vick’s dog fighting days are in his past and his present and future are very bright. So I don’t expect hateful people like this to forgive and move on remember these are the same people that less than a fews years used dogs to tear the flesh on students trying to get an education. We know their hate towards a certain group of people, we also know that the is not about dog fighting it is an excuse for their hate. We also know that only God can clean their black hearts. I applaud you Mr. Vick for being there for those children, they wanted to hear from you, they wanted someone who has been through some of the things they are going through and will go through because of their past to given them hope for their future. You gift is just what it is a gift and I know the families appreciated it. Keep doing what you are doing and let those on the sidelines of life keep making themselves seem worth something by posting hate that is their contribution to life. The writer of this article also is so full of hate, he can’t even report the article in a positive way. There is nothing you can do about these people, let God deal with them. God’s word is the word and it is for everyone I won’t escape it. Mr. Vick won’t escape it and neither will any of you. “He who the Son set free is free indeed”. God set you free Mr. Vick be blessed and be a blessing.

  24. I don’t remember reading anywhere in this article that these two kids were criminals who assaulted anyone. Am I missing something? If not, wow.

  25. jacksaysfu says: Jun 10, 2011 11:24 PM

    Everyones hating on vick , haha I love it…….. GO EAGLES !!! We eat your envy for breakfast .———————————————–

    We’re envious of all those Lombardi trophies you have.

  26. I can’t stand Michael Vick, and I think he is a piece of crap, but good for him.

    Whether this is strictly for PR or not, he is actually help make a difference in some kids lives. So good for him.

    I still hate you though Mike!

  27. It is simply amazing how all this trash gets on here and bashes Vick and they have never given a dime to any cause, for humans or animal. It is also funny that all the bashing and self-righteous comments come from a group that are the most barbaric in the history of mankind. This is the same group of people that recent history shows torturing, raping, murdering of innocent lives with no apology, no time served and no mansion bought as a memorial to those lives.


    Kook much?

  28. I’d be surprised if it was his money. Probably funnelled to him from the Eagles through whatever PR firm he’s using to rehab his image.

  29. I personally,as a young proud educated black man am sick & tired of having to support individuals like Vick that only bring the rest of us down. It is so hard for people of color to speak out the truth. We have always been taught to keep our dirty laundry secret and stand behind a brother no matter what they have done. Well,enough of of that,maybe for some of us it’s time to stand up for what WE as individuals believe,not what has been drilled into our culture. It’s time for the human race to stop the white/black, culture/religon merry go round. Whether you like dogs or not or agree with our unity due to culture,you have to agree that it’s not normal or fun or even sane to torture any living creature. Torture of living creatures, for an reason, is extremely sick behavior.That type of mental sickness is not “cured” on a football field or in prison. We both know that & have been around brothers that are that kind of sick & know they will never get any better or become anything useful. If Vick couldn’t throw a football, he would be on that list. He had a 130M contract & donated 10K to VA Tech, he is now getting 15M a year & donates 10K–His acts are so transparant that it scares me how my brothers never see that & continue to ignore the obvious about this man.

  30. $5000 toward a college education isn’t much and generally it isn’t really enough to make a difference between being able to afford to go to school and not go….indeed, it may allow a student that couldn’t go to attend for one semester (which won’t really do much good), but it is more than nothing. Vick also “plans” to make these awards every year; he’s never been good at keeping promises or telling the truth, I’ll reserve judgement on this one until he makes good (or not) on this promise. I am no fan of Vick the person, but PR move or not, this is still a positive thing, however small.

  31. Public Relations. Or probably more accurately, ‘reputation reconstructive surgery’.

    Would Mike Vick be making these donations if he hadn’t been caught and wasn’t trying to repair his reputation as a warped, sadistic and cruel psychopath?

  32. @bigbwoyooo

    Just shut up homie. Everything you just said is a bad reflection on the black community. Nobody cares that you’re a young, proud, educated black man. There are plenty of us. If you were so in touch with your community then you would realize that a lot of other people are using the dog fighting as a facade to hate the man. They hated him all along, and we all know what was a part of this hatred. Don’t be so naive.

  33. look it doesn’t matter the reason he gave the scholarships. the fact is that he did. does it absolve him from what he did in the past? Absolutely not. all things aside..just ask the simple question, was giving $5k to 2 kids for college a good decision? most would say yes. so lets just keep it at that without having to put everything in context of his past.

  34. Here’s an analogy. If you’re house was destroyed and someone of means offered you $5,000 would you take it? Or would you say m’effer you make 15 mil a year you can’t give me more. You’re going to take the money and shut up. It’s not going to rebuild your home but it will help. If these kids are going to state schools five large will help them out a lot. Who cares why he gave. It’s two kids that didn’t have $5000 before now have it and are going to try to further their education. Let me also say as a black man what Ronald Mexico did is morally reprehensible(that’s for my educated black men reading this). But that is over and done with. It’s funny in this country if a person makes a mistake whatever it is they want to be given a second chance. But no one wants to give others a second chance.

  35. @rezburna

    While it is definitely true that there are racist people who use the dog fighting as an excuse to hate an athletically successful black man, that doesn’t mean that people who hate him for the dog fighting are unjustified. I had a Michael Vick football, and always played as him in Madden, before this happened. Now, he’s my least favorite player in the league. I completely understand your frustration with transparent people who just want to use anything as an excuse to be racist, but that isn’t the only type of person who hates Vick.

  36. @discosucs2005

    I can completely understand that. I’ve never been a animal lover, let alone a dog lover, but I can understand why people who are passionate about those things would be upset. It wasn’t a big deal to me when I found it what was going on. I really didn’t care at all. I was more upset about him having to go to jail then his actual “crime”. Was it right? No. But I rarely hear complaints about hunters, or exterminators, or anything of that nature. I firmly believe that if you’re about animal rights, then you should stand for all animals, not just the ones you think are most “human” like. But trust me, I understand what you’re saying, get your point, and am glad that you see mine.

  37. I am very happy for those kids, what a beautiful day for them now they can look towards the future. I am very thankful to Mr. Vick he did not have to do what he did and he plans to make this a annual scholarship award. While you losers including Mike Fioro complain and criticize I would like to know what have you done for a student? Have you given a student encouragement of any kind, are you volunteering to help make someones life better? I did not think so. So go crawl back under your rock trolls.
    Like one of the students said if you have a problem with Mike Vick you have a problem with me, he came here to help us you did not.

  38. @bigbwoyooo is not black he is a liar he has posted on other sites and their is a pic he is not black he is white, trying to pick up girls all he talks about is how hot women are and what he wants to do to them. Real educated right, please you are a fake and a phony. Its too bad you have to lie to make a point about your hate.

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