Brett Favre reminds John Randle of the Real Housewives

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During his playing days, Vikings defensive tackle John Randle had a longstanding rivalry with Brett Favre. And for the last two years, Favre has been the quarterback of Randle’s former team. But if you think that makes Randle interested in what Favre has been up to, think again.

Randle, who sacked Favre 13.5 times, says he’s long since grown tired of following Favre’s career.

“I’m done following him,” Randle told the Huntsville Times. “That went on like a soap opera. It’s almost like another episode of ‘The Real Housewives of New York.’ There are too many other things in this world to be focused in on.”

In other words, Randle feels pretty much the same way as the typical football fan.

During his playing days, Randle made a commercial parodying his obsession with sacking Favre. Now Randle says he’s too busy being a dad to care much about football.

“I don’t want to just be a famous dad, I want to be a good dad,” Randle said. “I want to be sitting there watching SpongeBob and answering questions about Mr. Krabs. That’s what my focus in on.”

And Randle would rather watch SpongeBob than the Real Housewives of the NFC North.

48 responses to “Brett Favre reminds John Randle of the Real Housewives

  1. My wife is into that show. Bunch of yappy rich ladies who verbally abuse each other and the hired help.

  2. As a packer fan I absolutely hated seeing Randle sacking my quarterback. However, he still is one of my favorite players of all time. An amazing player that was pure fun to watch. The NFL misses players like him a lot more than selfish players like Favre.

  3. Are we supposed to care that he doesn’t care about Favre? This is newsworthy? What a story!

  4. And people grow tired of people trying to get 10 minutes of fame. Brett Favre has been pretty much out of the media but its iditos like these who keep bringing his name up. He will be one of the greatest QB’s in history, so shut up accept it and let us the fans enjoy Favre-free media. thanks

  5. One of the coolest Vikings of all time. Nightrider!

    That being said, for God’s sake – find something newsworthy.

  6. ‘I dont care that John Randle doesnt care about Brett Favre…..LOCK OUT END NOW!!!’

    And I don’t care that you don’t care that Randle doesn’t care about Favre.


  7. Loved John Randle as a player, but he’s been off the field a while now. B*i*g stretch to get Favre into a headline. Mr. Krabs? Really? 😐

  8. I will guarantee if Johnny was walking past a park and there was a pickup game going on and Brett was throwing the ball, Randle would run through the fence to get after Brett.

    BTW rayvens, Sid Hartman said the lockout will be over in 2 weeks, bank it.

    Also Sid Hartman is a close personal friend of Bobby Knight. (sorry old Minny joke)

  9. It came as a big surprise to Randle’s neighbours that he was “a famous dad”. They just knew him as “Don, or John, or something like that, seems like a nice fellow”. But finding out he knew Brett Favre changes everything.

  10. If I’m interviewing John Randle I find a better question to ask him. “Hey John, how did you do squirrel hunting last year?”

  11. “and answering questions about Mr. Krabs. That’s what my focus in on.”

    You mean that’s what his focus IS on? Doesn’t make sense otherwise and doubt he said what you wrote.

  12. I’m glad Randle’s big butt is on the couch watching SpongeBob rather than chasing after Packer quarterbacks. The dude was a hand full. Nightriders … Mount Up!

    Regarding Favre, I see there’s a big ol’ empty billboard on the interstate just outside the twin cities …

    What a difference a year makes, eh?

  13. @ Deb who said:
    Jun 11, 2011 1:10 PM
    Loved John Randle as a player, but he’s been off the field a while now. B*i*g stretch to get Favre into a headline. Mr. Krabs? Really?

    Deb, you’ve never been on any field – yet you’re always forcing your presence into the headlines here at this site. Every PFT post – you’re there, probably like 8-12 tireless entries a pop.

    You of all people shouldn’t have a problem with an NFL HOF’er responding to a question from a reporter.

    Randle responded to a question and is a legend. Yet no one ever asks you to respond to voice your opinion about anything – and here you are time and time again.

    And now you have a problem with Johnny Randle.

    [Hint: this is your cue to limp off with head hanging in shame.]

  14. Good for John! And yes, a good dad does watch cartoons with his kids. All the man was saying is that his family is his focus now. I commend him for that. Too many former NFL players miss the spotlight so much that they embarrass themselves at every chance. Being a good dad is more important than anything that happens on a football field.

  15. Funny how he uses Brett favre’s name to get his name mentioned. Hmm. Kinda like the Ultimate Warrior grilling hogan to stay relevant..

  16. This just confirms what every non-Viking football fan already knew. Brett Farve was a selfish cancer with the biggest ego in the league.

  17. Sitting on the couch with his kids is easier than trying to explain SpongeFavre Nopants.

  18. mksnpcola says:
    Jun 11, 2011 3:08 PM
    Good for John! And yes, a good dad does watch cartoons with his kids.

    Thank you mksnpcola. Little kids love that show and they get all excited if there Dad’s or any other adult will watch it with them.

  19. yeah, football news is scarce, so all the nfl sites are draggin out the old stuff to get their numbers of eyeballs per day. the lockout meetings must be, like, “i don’t want just half a billion dollars a year, i want MORE!”

    favre and randle had a really good time playing against each other and they were fun to watch. they’d be smilin and laughin during their games, you could see they enjoyed their rivalry. randle is a class act and has a great nfl story, a poor, supposedly untalented kid who made it to the HOF. he made the most of the nfl, unlike a lot of players who let others exploit their talents

  20. Why is John Randle never referred to as a Hall of Famer in the article? He’s new to it. Remind the people.

    Who in the world disses a father on his kids’ choice of tv shows? I haven’t seen that damn High School Musical 100 times because I love it. OBVIOUSLY someone who has no kids.

    And yeah, I’m a little ashamed that my first post is on a story that means so little. Sad face like a mofo.

  21. He watches Sponge Bob, that makes him cool in itself! Love the show, even though my kids are past the age now, I watch it occasionally 🙂
    Some team needs to pick up Patrick as a free agent 🙂

  22. @paulieorkid …

    I’m sure I’ve spent as much time playing pro ball as you have, sugar. Like the rest of you, I comment on the articles posted and will continue to do so as I damn well please. If you don’t like it, perhaps you can just skip PFT. Maybe John Randle has a blog you can follow to get his scintillating Hall of Fame insights on the Real Housewives and Mr. Krabs.

  23. So apparently nowadays being a good dad means watching an idiotic cartoon with your kids.

    Yep. That’s part of it. It’s not idiotic to the kids, and having your dad there makes it just right.

  24. Yes Deb, but unlike you — “sugar” wasn’t deriding an NFL Hall of Famer for his merely answering a reporter’s question.

    And don’t misunderstand – I do appreciate the PFT commentary … even yours. I simply expressed an amusing observation — that you had the stones to bust on Johnny Randle, given your notoriety of for long, windy unsolicited novellas unfailingly punctuated with some lame emoticon that is either winking, smiling or expressing exasperation. Lost the emoticons.

    Perhaps you’re the one who “don’t like it.”


  25. @paulieorkid …

    Actually, several posters have asked me to comment on various threads. How many have asked you? I took the “Leave Reply” as a request for commentary, but apparently you believe that for me to comment I should see a “Leave Reply Deb.”

    I’ve always loved John Randle and wasn’t deriding him–as I made clear in my first sentence. I was deriding the B*I*G stretch taken to get Favre into a headline. And I made that clear as well. You just thought twisting my comment to imply I was disrespecting Randle on a Vikes thread might make me the subject of mass ridicule. Interesting that you didn’t launch your unprovoked personal attack on a Steelers thread, given that you’re a supposed Steelers fan. Were you were afraid to try and run off the woman without the help of riled-up Vikes fans who obviously are smarter than you thought? My, I never realized my female presence on a football site could cause such oceanic shrinkage.

  26. @ Deb:

    Deb, you clearly evince an inflated sense of self-importance. This is part of what makes you entertaining.

    You remind me of Sally Field at the Oscars one year who gushed embarassingly with tears streaking down both cheeks: “You like me! You really REALLY like me!!!”

    Gimme a break, lady. You have quintuple as many people here who are not charter members of your self-described fan club.

    You also have a streak of paranoia – often found with people with delusions of grandeur. Now, you assert that I purposely launched a salvo in a Minnesota Vikings thread as a very cunning and premeditated attempt to draw heat your way.

    Sorry lady – your hive got buzzed ‘cuz of your inane take.

    Oh, this gets better – then you actually claim I’m “afraid” of something.

    Uhhhhh, what planet are you from? Please, pretty pleeeeease, describe what you believe is the scarey part of any of this is.

    Awwwwwwww, but you’re epic – if only “oceanic shrinkage” could have been punctuated with an emoticon showing a representative facial expression for a guy suffering such a collossal degree of shrinkage.

  27. pauliekid

    Nothing inane about my take. They’re smart people and headlines on Favre are click magnets. I just gave a little wag of the finger because they used a toss-away quote from a long-retired player to devise one. But I’m sorry my innocuous comment–which mirrored others on the thread–prompted your ever-worsening breakdown.

    Since we have no history, it was pretty, pretty evident when you wigged out … insisting that I need to be asked before voicing my opinion … or that I’m trying to force myself into “headlines” (huh?) simply by commenting on articles … that seeing a woman on a football blog threatens you in some way. I refer to that as shrinkage. You may prefer another term; it’s the thought–and the accuracy of it–that counts.

    It’s not paranoid to recoil when someone attacks for no reason. But it was wrong to think those bizarre accusations about me disrespecting Randle were calculated to win you strength in numbers. Clearly mental calculation of any kind isn’t your strong suit.

  28. @ the Debster:

    Moreover, the deluded hyper-emotional basketcase has added a new one to her ever-growing curriculum vitae.

    Yup, you’ve also established yourself to be a self-serving hypocrite.

    Point of fact: you’ve long condemned people who falsely play the rape card – as it demeans the plight of actual rape victims. Good so far – no argument there.

    But here you are – playing (rather assertively of course]) the gender card – and further insisting to the world just how spot-on accurate this take of yours is.

    Wow – you’re a perfect 100% … at establishing that your perceptions have virtually nothing to do whatsoever with reality.

    Quite the prodigy you are – now you’ve sunk to demeaning those unfortunate women who *actually* have been victimized by gender discrimination.

    Please also get back to firing up the emoticons — they’re just so “you.”


  29. @pauliekid …

    I was just trying to understand your bizarre rantings that I need a personal invite in order to comment on a football blog. Since you didn’t make the same requirement of the male posters who made comments similar to mine, I went with the obvious conclusion that you have a gender problem. But I’m not a psychiatrist, so you’re right: I shouldn’t speculate about what causes a man to so thoroughly unravel over something so insignificant. I should just apply my Southern manners and say … Bless your heart.

  30. @ the Debbonator:

    Stop backpedaling – you had so much conviction earlier that you were being discriminated against “because you’re (ostensibly) a woman.” It was an unshakeable faith of yours … like many other misquided perceptions that command your obeyance.

    Of course, now – you’re scaling it back – quite the emotional roller coaster you ride, huh.

    For instance, your word choice is a bit on the drama queen side – don’t ya think? To wit, some silly horseplay in a PFT thread had you actually admit to “recoiling” in horror.

    Wow. And by that, I just mean WOW.

    Freakshow alert.

  31. Thank you for the alert, pauliekid, but I sensed from the start that you’d dragged me into your personal freakshow. And no worries. Your drama queen crown is safe–I couldn’t begin to compete. As previously noted, I’m not a psychiatrist, but have heard there are good antipsychotic medications available now. You might call a helpline and see if they can get you started. Since the best I can offer is “Bless your heart,” I’ll just leave you to keep WOWing yourself … which seems to be your objective anyway.

  32. (1) Deb “sensed from the start” ….. —> no ya didn’t. Not very honest, Deb – not very honest at all.

    (2) Deb categorizes my gig as a “freakshow” —> of course only after I already ridiculed her as a freakshow. Not very original, Deb.

    (3) Deb was previously mocked for her perceptions being starkly divergent from reality – so she immediately comes back with some “mental calculation isn’t your thing” angle. Deb, your counter-punching is entertaining in its sloppiness and desperation.

    (4) Deb categorizes me as a “drama queen” —> after I already ridiculed her as a drama queen. Again, not very original, Deb.

    (5) Deb plays the gender card to an extreme, yet no gender discrimination was ever in play on this end. However, Deb tries to repeatedly play some “shrinkage” angle – which appears to be some clumsy attempt to attack a male insecurity.

    (6) Deb *finally* comes to realize that her efforts aren’t working out real well for her (as I tried to make very plain to her in not so many words). Accordingly, this Deb character has now come to believe her best out game to safe face is to feign some semblance of control – as if she’s been calling the shots, and she’ll part on her terms.

    You’re a classic, Deb – sweet dreams.


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