Ray Edwards’ next boxing match is canceled

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Like Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski, the boxing career of Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards has been derailed.  Unlike Zbikowski, Edwards’ frolic and detour from football has been disrupted because his next opponent backed out.

According to Tom Pelissero of 1500ESPN.com, Larry Butler decided not to proceed with the June 24 fight.  Both Butler and Edwards launched their professional boxing careers on May 20 at Grand Casino Hinckley, the site of the fight that now won’t happen.

With the lockout possibly pushing toward conclusion, Edwards must decide whether to try to schedule another fight, or whether to focus on his primary occupation, for which he could become highly compensated once free agency begins.

19 responses to “Ray Edwards’ next boxing match is canceled

  1. more like ray should prepare to sit on his living room couch watching football since he has already said he won’t play for less than his backup robison. unless,of course, the rules of free agency change.

  2. Dang, I wish I had known of the “decided not to proceed” option back in school. You always find the clever comebacks when it’s too late.

  3. As a boxing fan, I really hope Edwards doesn’t follow in Zbikowski’s footsteps and beat up bums in every fight. I would much rather see Ray get knocked out by a legitimate boxer than fight clowns like Zibby for easy wins.

  4. I don’t really want him back… he’s good, but his attitude is bad for the team. There’s a reason for the saying “It’s always gotta be Ray”.

  5. If Edwards really wants to make his income from boxing eventually, he has to fight bums to start out. It sounds stupid but to get national recognition for something other than his name, he has to get to 15-0, 16-0. That’s how the boxing world works.

  6. His opponent wanted to fight Edwards, but his cardboard box burnt down and he lost his shoes.

  7. I hope Edwards gets injured in his next fight and never sees a +$100k payCheck again. That will teach him to cry like a school girl about not making enough money. Go educate yourself fool.

  8. The good news is that “Glass Joe” has agreed to step in, however, “Bald Bull” and “King Hippo” are still not committed to any future bouts

  9. firerogergoodell says:
    Jun 11, 2011 2:23 PM
    As a boxing fan, I really hope Edwards doesn’t follow in Zbikowski’s footsteps and beat up bums in every fight. I would much rather see Ray get knocked out by a legitimate boxer than fight clowns like Zibby for easy wins.

    As a boxing fan, you should know that boxers start with low-rated opponents and work themselves up to more seasoned oppononets. Quick.,..who were Mohammed Ali’s first ten opponents…if you said a bunch of bums and club fighters, you would be right.

  10. firerogergoodell, you obviously know nothing about boxing. Your not a fan and proved it by your comment.

  11. Edwards should hang up the gloves. The guy he fought last wasn’t even a fighter. A short fat ex-kick boxer who they probably just met in the gym. Considering his build he wasn’t a serious kick boxer either.

    Boxing isn’t a sport you just walk into and expect to have any career at it. Its a life choice.

  12. I love having my boxing knowledge questioned by someone that can’t even spell Muhammed Ali’s name right. I was simply stating that Zbikowski has never even fought someone with a winning record. If he has the potential to be “the greatest ever” like he says, then he should fight some guys with credibility.

  13. @firerogergoodell

    Oh my, I made a spelling mistake. Sorry I wasn’t thinking. And who said anything about Zbikowski being the greatest ever. I hope you realize when you use quotation mark, that you are actually referring to a quote someone made.

    The truth remains that your boxing knowledge is lacking. Zbikowski and Edwards are novices at boxing and they are fighting other novices at this time as it should be. Someone with boxing knowledge would understand that point.

  14. he did a good job in minnesota, but c’mon your just as bad as all those inner city boys that think that they can do MMA. He’s a joke & he is done in minnesota.

  15. Is anyone else angry that Edwards is making millions of dollars and complaining about it? What ever happened to playing for “the love of the game”. Players are only concerned with money. And when millions isn’t enough, it’s time someone checked this fool into Hotel Reality.

    Edwards was born dumb and ugly and now we can add foolish to his list of attributes.

  16. Do you guys remember in all those old Beckett price guides where people would send in cards with funny funny quotes written on them? I think we can all see the quote for that picture up there….

    “Say goodbye to your future children, Ray!!”

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