Tax troubles for DeAngelo Hall


Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall is so far behind on his property taxes that Northampton County, Virginia, has begun the process of seizing the property and selling it at auction.

Northampton County Treasurer Cindy Bradford told the Daily Times that Hall owes $24,202.06 in delinquent taxes, including penalties and interest for 2008, 2009, and 2010.

The back taxes are on Hall’s property in Cape Charles, Virginia, which is assessed at $1.3 million. Hall still has several months to come up with the $24,202.06 before the county sells the home at auction.

In seven NFL seasons, Hall has made tens of millions of dollars. He recently noted in an interview that he made more than $1 million a game during his eight-game stint with the Raiders.

27 responses to “Tax troubles for DeAngelo Hall

  1. This is what the union is fighting for… more $ for deadbeats like DeAngelo. Alarming.

  2. Life in the fishbowl.

    Now we follow if a player is late on property tax.

    Hope an agreement & free agency start before too long. Although records do indicate that several players and two owners are behind in their tithes to two separate churches.

  3. The original article is sad and lazy, no fault to PFT for it but there isn’t even the question ask “is there any dispute, filed in court or unfilled, to the claim of property taxes owed?” Lazy journalism from what doesn’t look like an extremely small paper, sad. It could be Hall is an irresponsible deadbeat or he could have a serious and legitimate disagreement with the assessment value of the property but the original article doesn’t seem to address the question of “does Hall even have a side to this story?”

  4. GEE don’t we all wish we could brag about making millions and then stiffing the county you live in. Love to be in these players brains to see why they feel they should be able live scott free and feel it is OK to not pay for items they want. They want us fansto feel sorry for players during walk out yet they care less about the people they are holding up daily. Let them not play and not be paid see how their interviews go then.

  5. My guess is that he is used to being comped everywhere he goes, so why not now?

  6. Once again the elite is special, I know that every home that I bought I was required to have an escrow account so my taxes and insurance was paid on time.

  7. malthor….I’d say that question isn’t relevant, as bling bling is probably more the reason.

  8. Too many of these guys wind up broke after making millions of dollars. The union needs to institute some sort of mandatory financial education and counseling for the players.

  9. The thing that always stuck out to me about DeAngelo Hall…..he’s got a huge ego and an even bigger mouth that never shuts up.

    I guess there’s something else we now about him now….he’s a confirmed moron.

  10. There are numerous university programs sponsored by the league to help the players understand how money works or does not. Penn, Harvard and others have hosted this for the past few years. Maybe if some of the young men who end up pennyless so quickly had attended classes while in college or had worked at a low wage job before, it would be beneficial to them now.

  11. So he is late paying his taxes… big deal. Did you ask him why? If he paid cash for his house with no mortgage, then he has to pay the taxes himself. Sometimes the accountant is responsible for this paying this stuff and all bills go to the accountant, but maybe this one is going to the wrong address. It might be going to the old mortgage address or there might be a slip up with what the accountant is supposed to pay and what he has to pay himself.

    They are charging him penalties and interest, so the county is not getting screwed.

    And this is only the second step in the process (The first step was the original bill). There are about 5 more steps before he loses his house.

    What? You’ve never received a notice that you haven’t paid a bill for a while?

    This is such a non-story. Wake me when he actually loses his house.

  12. everybody ragging on rookie dez too….this is hilarious and just adds to the many negative articles this org gets month to month. mcnabb, fat al, rogers hating on org and the stories go on and on………LMAO as it could not happen to a bigger douche in the leage.

    remember the article recently when hall stated i got a 500k workout bonus for 1 day…..LOSER.

  13. steelerspiratesbruins says:
    Jun 11, 2011 8:54 AM

    Is Hall still relevant?


    Uh, he made the Pro Bowl this past season, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes.

    16 thumbs up for this drivel? Losers.

  14. When reached for comment Hall said “It’s all good. I made a million a game playing for the Raider’s and picked off Cutler 4 times in one game. IRS don’t know who they are messing with”

  15. Penn, Harvard – two football powerhouses that churn out NFL players by the boatload. Need those courses at schools like ND, Miami, Michigan, USC, Penn State, you know, where they turn out future pro players not lawyers and agents.

  16. Most of the United States is either broke or in credit card debt. If Hall wants to blow all his money, all the power to him, if you honestly care you should ask yourself why you care. It’s irrelevent.

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