Jets reportedly “won’t fight that hard” to keep Braylon Edwards

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The Jets have said repeatedly they want to keep Braylon Edwards.   Edwards has said he wants to stay, even hinting that he would take less money to stay there.

And it may just be all talk.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network writes that the Jets “won’t fight that hard” to keep Edwards.

“Edwards can be petulant, is inconsistent and has made poor decisions off the field,” La Canfora writes. “He will wow you with one moment of splendor then fall back into a bone-headed funk. I’d expect his worst traits to be exacerbated once he has that big contract.”

While we don’t disagree with anything La Canfora writes there, the idea that the Jets won’t go all out for Edwards is a new one.   Perhaps they will go all out to keep Santonio Holmes instead.  (Which we think is the right move.)

18 responses to “Jets reportedly “won’t fight that hard” to keep Braylon Edwards

  1. wtf? how is he inconsistent? he is a high quality blocker, and had like 2 drops last year? holmes dropped 2 wide open touchdown passes. and holmes doesnt block anywhere near to the power of edwards.

  2. Well hopefully “Tone” will disregard how Rex dissed him in his “book”. ( He’s gone)Braylon Edwards is an average receiver who normally drops more balls than he invisions he is worth forgetting his draft status.

    WR is the biggest question on the Jets offense this year. Lets hope the Greg McElroy era does not begin anytime soon as “Jests West Taco Sanchez remains under center.

    Yes, the Jets beat the Patriots 28-21 inthe playoffs last season which Jets fans like to post as Steelers fans post their Lombardi’s which is a foreign word to Jets fans.

    And again, the Jets won ?????

    Happy 42nd soon to be 43 !

  3. La Canfora is a dolt, so i’ll take what he says with a grain of salt. There is no reason to go after Santonio rather than Braylon, if they couldn’t have both. Sanchez was on fire without Santonio, Braylon is a better deep threat, he’d command less money thay we could use on other guys, he dropped less balls than Santonio, he’s got a better rapport with our young QB and he gets what it means to be a team player.

  4. Jason La Canfora just said he would pay Brad Smith over Braylon Edwards. He is on drugs.. Brad Smith caught 11 passes over the past 2 years. he is not a WR… wtf?

  5. I don’t often agree with LaCanfora but I think he is dead on the money about Edwards. Paying anything close to what he thinks he deserves is bound to get you the WR version of Albert Haynesworth. Randy Moss with less talent and more potential to be suspended. I hope the Dolphins don’t go after him.

  6. big contract? this guy only had 1 1000 yard season, he has been more trouble that he is worth, to raise yourself to “diva” level you have to accomplish something, or win something!

  7. The Jets won’t fight that hard to keep Braylon? Shocker. Why would they? He’s an ordinary WR with a high-end price tag. And he’s kind of a diva. Let somebody else overpay for him.

  8. Bone head Funk is a perfect description. IF they don’t re sign him he will say there were too many ohio state fans in New York who didnt accept him so he couldn’t perform to his potential. Send him to Cinci or Oaktown perfect fits.

  9. I heard the Jets are going to sign DEANVERNONWORMER after the lockout to replace Braylon……so no worries JET fans!! Rex is also going in gastro bypass surgery for the fifth time next week so all you locals in the New York area that frequent the Golden Corral restaurants….the buffets will be back to their normal working capacity as perthis announcement.

  10. Step one: Go to a night club
    Step two: Beat up a guy that is 5’2, 138 lbs
    Step three: Pack up and say bye to New York
    Step four: Sign the next contract that is handed to you before you drop it on the floor
    Step: five: consider a career in basketball, because in that sport its actually ok to let the ball hit the ground its called “dribbling” in the NFL its frowned upon and its called “dropping”

  11. In all seriousness….who really cares about the Jets and Edwards anyway. Millions of people outside of Jersey could absolutely care less and are tired of hearing about this big mouth, “gone as far as they ever will again”, team. Please PFT, talk about something else. The perverble “waud” has been shot. They will be .500 or less in 2011.

  12. Worst draft pick the Browns have made since the franchise was re-activated. Big mouth who caves under pressure. All fizz, no gin. Will drop passes in crucial moments. He needs to go to Oakland where he’ll fit in with the other weirdos. Name should be spelled bray on since that’s what he always does: bray on and on and on. Total jackass.

  13. Oh like Santonio hasn’t had off the field issues? If he’s caught smoking one more time, he misses an entire season..

    They definitely need to sign one of them at least, but honestly, i couldn’t pick which one.

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