Peyton Manning still not throwing as he recovers from surgery


Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is still recovering from surgery three weeks ago, and although there’s not a lot of news about how his recovery is going, one relevant detail is that Manning still isn’t throwing.

Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star reports that Manning hasn’t thrown since the May 23 surgery, which repaired a problem with a disk in his neck. Manning was also among the Colts who attended a celebrity softball game in Indiana, but Manning didn’t play.

At the moment, when Colts players get together to work out, backup quarterback Curtis Painter is doing the throwing. Still, even if he’s not throwing, Manning is the unquestioned team leader, and Colts running back and kick returner Devin Moore said that even if he doesn’t throw, Manning runs the show.

“Any time Peyton says it’s time to throw, you’re there with Peyton and Curtis,” Moore said. “He’s more of a coach type of guy.”

The Colts just hope Manning will be ready to throw when the lockout ends, and the time comes for the players to play and the coaches to coach.

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  1. Some would say that is the problem with the Colts…. that Manning is the QB and OC. Too much responsibility for one man. One wonders if the Colts would have won more championships if they had a real OC.

  2. This would be disturbing news if I heard this aboutmy favoriteteam’s quarterback. The surgeries take time to heal and then there is a time period of getting used to using that repaired part again.

  3. It’s always interesting when you find out one of the named plaintiffs of the lawsuit not only will benefit if the Cap is increased (Peyton is in the process of signing a new deal), But is also benefiting by having surgery and not having to worry about the OTA’s and training camp.

    I hate conspiracy theory, but it’s not a stretch to say I think a lot of the Vet’s looked at Vicks 2 years out of the game and probably said “you know if I only had more time to heal and recover I could kick my game up a notch a bit as well”.

    Let’s take a look could there be hidden motivation?

    Tom Brady surgery on his foot Jan 21 2011

    Peyton Manning surgery on his neck May 23rd 2011

    Osi Umenyiora surgery on hip Jan 18 2011

    Drew Brees did not have a reported surgery but had a low grade MCl tear or sprain this year and is still recovering.

    Vincent Jackson has obvious reasons to be part of the lawsuit he is in an ongoing war with AJ Smith and the Chargers over his contract and use of the franchise tag.

    Logan Mankins as well is in an ongoing fight with Bob Kraft who reportedly lied to Mankins about a new contract and about using the franchise tag on him.

    Ben Leber most likely will be out of football

    Mike Vrabel 15 year vet probably going to retire or be done with football

    When you sit back and look at this list, a lot of these guys stand to benefit from having an easy offseason to recover from surgery, a lot will benefit financially this year or next Manning, Brees, Jackson, Mankins will all sign new contracts in the next year, plus a bunch of them have personal problems with the management of the teams they are with. All I’m saying is don’t exactly buy into the hype these guys are very principled and are fighting the good fight for labor. They either have nothing to lose or everything to gain!

  4. Peyton is my favorite NFL player of all time.

    If his neck is in bad shape and not healing properly he should consider retirement.

    We’d muss him, but I would hate to see him stretchered off the field and permanently hurt.

    If he can recover fully great, but don’t mess around with neck injuries.

  5. This neck thing is nothing to sneeze at. It’s the second time around on this thing which means the first time didn’t take well. Spinal columns, disks, neck injuries etc…. are kinda/sorta umm…. critical.

    If this latest surgery doesn’t fix the issue 100% it could force the end of his career in very short order.

  6. If I was Peyton I would leave. Caldwell is in the bottom 5 of coaches considering his only real job is time management and he’s the worst coach in the league at time management. they must have terrible trainers considering the team can’t stay healthy. and their defense is never going to be anything special. if i were him i would pull a lebron and leave for a team that actually has a chance of making it back to the super bowl before he retires.

  7. Manning playing for 5 more years? Nope. He’ll sign a long term deal and retire in 3 tops, and that’s assuming he will not have a career ending injury.

    Good luck with that, Colt’s fans!

  8. why do some of these guys wait so long into the off season before having surgery? If he’d have had this done say in March he’d be throwing now.

  9. Anyone thumb downing the safety of Peton Manning is no fan of the NFL.
    Wanting him to take a few more snaps and risk his life’s health is deplorable.

    He can do so much off the field to help people, the game of football and charity’s.

    (that is if Peyton doesn’t fully heal)

  10. Like Peyton Manning needs practice. He could get 10 wins in his sleep. Arguably the best player of all time, and I’m not a Colts fan, well not since Dungy left. Jon Gruden dreams of him every night.

  11. Nothing but respect for Manning’s greatness -believe me, after watching him torture my Jags in close division games for the last 10 years while winning 10-14 games every year, he has ruined the division for Jaguar fans.

    But if he can’t play, the colts don’t win 5 games, and look for a surprising, dominant team in the AFC South. I’m sure everyone forgets Jacksonville was 8-5 and would have clinched the division in week 15 last year, until losing Garrard and MJD. They have quietly been rebuilding the right way down here, and with a short offseason, have very little change and turnover from last years squad, and will bring a healthier, improved version of last years young ascending team.

    You heard it here first.

  12. Peyton isn’t even the best player playing today let alone the best player of all time. Brady has done more with less talent around him than Peyton has. Peyton is in the top 10 of all time maybe the top 5 but not number 1. he needs another super bowl win, maybe 2, to move up on the list of best players of all time and he’s not gonna get it with the colts.

    even if Peyton plays every game next year i wouldn’t be surprised if the colts miss the playoffs. Texans or Jags can win the division next year because they just keep getting better while the colts stay the same. and the two wild card slots are going to either the steelers, ravens, pats, or jets. and it’s gonna be like that for the rest of peyton’s career. the colts aren’t a good enough team to get Peyton to another super bowl.

  13. drmonkeyarmy says:
    Jun 12, 2011 1:45 PM
    Some would say that is the problem with the Colts…. that Manning is the QB and OC. Too much responsibility for one man. One wonders if the Colts would have won more championships if they had a real OC.
    Tom Moore was a very highly respected OC. And yes, he was a real actual OC. The false hagiographizing of PM is one thing but discrediting a very fine coach to do that is wrong IMO.

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