Tom Martinez, mentor to Tom Brady, given one month to live

Tom Martinez, a Bay Area coaching legend well known for being Tom Brady’s quarterback mentor, announced on Facebook that he does not have long to live.

The following message, as pointed out by the San Jose Mercury News, was posted on Facebook by Linda Martinez Haley:

“This was dictated to me today by my dad, Tom Martinez. He asked me to post this important message for you all on Facebook.

“We have received some bad news that I wanted to share with all of you. I have been given a week to a month to live, depending on my body’s response to medication. I want to thank you for the relationship that we shared and the friendships that allowed me to have a very successful career. As much as I would like to talk to you each in person, that is not feasible so please respect my family’s need for some privacy now.

“If the number of lives that I’ve been involved with are in the thousands, then it isn’t possible to talk to each and every one of you. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to teach and coach you all and I ask that you take one or two of my life lessons and pass them on to your family and friends and that will keep me alive forever. With much love and appreciation, I wish all of you a very successful and fulfilled life. TM”

Tom Martinez, who won more than 1,100 games at the College of San Mateo, has battled complications from diabetes in recent years.  Our thoughts go out to him and his family during this time.

15 responses to “Tom Martinez, mentor to Tom Brady, given one month to live

  1. Just takes breath right from me.

    Not because of who he is, but because of what he is facing. I don’t think any of us want to know what he does.

    May God take his soul.

  2. Agreed 8man. He looks fairly young, much too young to go this early, but God has his own plans. Humanity is losing one of the Good guys!
    And for the “person” (sic) who gave a thumbs down on a nice sentiment for a dying man? May God have mercy on your soul as well.

  3. The man has mentored a lot more than Tom Brady. He’s done a lot for a lot of young men. (Sadly, ones like JaMarcus Russell have yet to appreciate it enough)

    This is terrible news. I wish his family nothing but the best during this time.

  4. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Martinez and his family at this very difficult time. And, indeed, anyone who would give “thumbs down” to those expressing sympathy on this thread has got to be a heartless soul and/or very immature.

  5. A sad story about a guy who is going to be gone far too soon, and there are only 7 comments (at the time I am writing this). But the 100th story about a player getting arrested will generate a hundred comments….amazing. What is wrong with this country? Condolences Martinez family.

  6. @semperfi24

    I don’t think it’s that people are more interested in players getting arrested, I think it’s that people find something like this hard to talk about. It’s sad to think about and even scarier to imagine getting that kind of medical prognosis yourself, or having it fall to someone close to you.

  7. My prayers to the Martinez Family. A Coach can have a major impact on a young man’s life. A great coach will have a great impact. From what I’ve read, Tom was one of the great ones.

    He’ll live on in the lives of those he coached, come what may.

  8. Man, this is terrible news, I feel for his family and anyone who he has touched.

    And to all the people thumbing down this article and the comments, man you are tiny little sad creatures who have yet to learn a great deal about life.

  9. Heres to hopigt that this is a guy we thought had a month to live and ten years later is seen hanging out at the Super Bowl. If not, then may he be with God and may God be with his family.

  10. y thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, Mr. Martinez. Tom it sounds like you are losing more than a good, best or any other kind of friend. Right now and for the foreseeable future you are committed to him and his family as well as your own.
    You can never give back what you have received from this incredible man but you can give him your strength, understanding and time. Be there for him and then dedicate your season and all the time you can to his family. No matter how you are feeling they will be carrying the burden of his death. More importantly, as you know you are they too will be missing him. His courage, love, joy happiness all that made him who he was to you and most importantly his wife and children.
    I don’t envy you your task. It is an awesome responsibility and one no one would ever want but you have, Tom and you know each time you hit the field you will be taking him with you.
    I have always had the greatest respect for you. You accomplished what others could only hope to. Now comes the toughest battle so far. You can do it. You can also win games and make sure each time you do, win or lose thank him for all the incredible work he did to help make you what he always knew you were, a winner.

  11. If one of my kidneys will help Mr. Martinez will someone please on this site reply to help me find out what I can do and if I would qualify. This is very personal and private so please honor my request.

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