Another sign that Patriots-Mankins relationship is thawing


Time and money heals all contract-related wounds.

And as time wears on with All Pro guard Logan Mankins still in the Patriots organization, the more likely it appears he could stay with the team a long time.

Mankins sounded more open to staying with the team recently.  And Patriots coach Bill Belichick was on NFL Network Sunday night singing Mankins’ praises as the No. 39 player in the league.

“There are tough players and then there are the super tough guys. I’d say Mankins would go into that [second] category. Both physically and mentally, he’s as tough as they come,” Belichick said via

As we noted earlier Monday, everything Belichick does through the press is well thought out. Belichick could have presented other Patriots on the list, but he wound up with Mankins.

“You could honestly pick out any one of 30 plays of him in any game and find him really dominating guys,” Belichick said.

Belichick knows Mankins’ value.  That’s why the team is willing to pay him more than $10 million this season, and why we suspect a long-term deal will happen eventually despite all the drama that has happened between the two sides.

8 responses to “Another sign that Patriots-Mankins relationship is thawing

  1. Bring him to the Buffalo Bills, Denny’s gift certificates go farther in WNY.

  2. He’ll either sign a long term deal with the Patriots or become Walter Jones part II – he’ll get franchised every year. Either way he’ll be a Patriot for a long time.

  3. I hope for the players sake they limit the Francise tag to only once and not this as many times as a team wants in a row. Maybe they say you can use it once on a player then you have to wait atleast a year to francise that same player again. I still hope he leaves and comes to philly we could use a guy like that to help our running game but i see him in NE for a long time.

  4. Mankins never had a problem with Belichick or the Patriots. His issue was with the Krafts negotiating his contract and asking for an apology.

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