Lance Briggs says the Bears are “world championship like”


The Chicago Bears have spoken this offseason like a team that’s not lacking in confidence, with the latest comments coming from linebacker Lance Briggs, who says that when the lockout ends, the Bears will have a championship-caliber team.

In a video interview with the Chicago Tribune, Briggs said he thinks the Bears have the roster of a champion.

“There’s nothing normal about the lockout and not being with your team — you always want to be with your team and be preparing for the season,” Brigg said, adding that once the lockout ends the Bears will be, “Championship like — world championship like.”

Briggs’ comments come a month after his fellow Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher, said the Bears, not the Packers, are the best team in the NFC. The Bears’ players certainly aren’t lacking in confidence. Even though Packers fans would point out that they are lacking in Super Bowl rings.

58 responses to “Lance Briggs says the Bears are “world championship like”

  1. Given the predictions/statements of Suh, Urlacher and Briggs, maybe the Pack should just forfiet the season.

  2. Hahahaha…the Bears are World Championship “like” … and the Green Bay Packers ARE World Champions.

    Da Bears still suck.

  3. “She looked like Shania Twain, only she was shorter and her face was different.” – Larry The Cable Guy

    You guys DO look like a Championship football team, only way older.

    A Packers Fan

  4. “Championship like — world championship like.”



    I say the Bears are “DELUSIONAL Like”

    and acting “Rex Ryan Like”

    which make them looking “Assinine Like”

  5. Championship caliber team that needed help from the refs to beat the Lions last year(in both games).

  6. You know I hate the Packers, but it is funny to listen to all the other jackwagons in this division run their mouths. Once again I hate the Packers, but at least they are professional. Did I mention I hate the Packers? But props to them for having the class of a champion

  7. With an O line like swiss cheese, a soon to be shell shocked QB and recievers committed to “dropitis”, the only thing the bears are champions of , is the Bush League !

  8. Hey Biggs:

    Until you win the NFC Championship and then the Super Bowl, the only thing you are going to be “like” is the rest of the losers in the league. Capiche?

    That being said, here’s to another Packers/Bears NFC Championship in 2011!

  9. I can only imagine what that world championship like ring looks like.

    Get real Lance, you’re not even nfc championship like.

  10. OMG – why do these morons keep talking? The Bears came close, failed, and STILL talk like they were the best team in 2010… they came in 2nd place in the “almost won it all” contest to NY Jets (because Rex talked out of his A$$ 1st).

  11. Ha ha what?

    Your 2011 Superbowl champion GB Packers say differently. And with the talent infusion that we are going to get with returning vets on IR and the Draft from two months ago, I’d say the Packers are still improving. How exactly have the Bears improved? Laughable.

    Lions will take second and claim a Wild Card spot, while the Bear battle with the Vikes for 3rd in the North. Note it.

  12. bs, they will take a stepbackward this year. Enough of the bs talk like lebron and just do it like a mature winner!

  13. @bjorntorock… actually, Cutler’s favorite receiver in DeAngelo Hall. Remember his four picks in the Washington game last year?

  14. 1.) That Great Lakes water will be providing financing for the nation within the next 200 years.

    2.) Congrats to the Bears, I can’t wait to own a,

    “Chicago Bears: Championship-like”, T-shirt.

  15. It’s going to be hard to let the bears remain as our rival if their players keep saying stupid things like this. It’s almost vikes-like…

  16. bjorntorock says:
    Jun 13, 2011 11:31 AM
    He should probaly tell that to Cutler who thinks his number one reciever is Charles Woodson.

    Him and DeAngelo Hall.

  17. IMO Briggs and Urlacher are huge d-bags so I am not surprised they would mouth off. I can see both of them on the Jets someday. 😀

  18. He may be right! They do have a “world championship like” receiver in B.J. Raji.

  19. Briggs statement is not far off. They were in the playoffs so they are a contender that’s for sure.

    Urlacher, however, is delusional.

  20. “Like” a champion? That’s right up there with Suh talking about going 16-0 and he isn’t even on a team that’s gone 500 in 2 decades…

    Keep disrespecting the world champions guys, you do know you have to play them 2 times…

  21. This, coming from the same entitled idiot who crashed his Lamborghini on Lake Shore Drive, then called a friend who came and got him right away, so he could leave the car abandoned, so he could avoid getting a DUI.

    Being a Packer fan in Illinois is so great. Da Bears, LOL.

  22. will be, “Championship like — world championship like”…only without the world championship…like

  23. Had Briggs said this prior to the 1985 season then I would give him huge props

  24. purpleguy says:
    Jun 13, 2011 11:29 AM
    Given the predictions/statements of Suh, Urlacher and Briggs, maybe the Pack should just forfiet the season.


    Would be the answer to your prayers wouldn’t it?

  25. my appoligies guys…the bears receiving core consist of C woodson, tramon williams, sam shields, nick collins, B J raji….with furture chicago touchdown machine morgan burnett coming this year! GO CUTLER!!!!!!

  26. @dryble

    “Championship caliber team that needed help from the refs to beat the Lions last year(in both games).”

    Are Lion fans as a whole really that dumb to think the refs handed them the second game? I’ve seen this a few times in the past month and I’m starting to wonder if it’s not just a couple of random outliers.

    P.S. Lance Briggs’ glasses are very, very, very rose-colored.

  27. Maybe the Bears can play the Jets in the inaugural “World Champion like” Super Bowl

  28. We can name the championship like trophy The Ryan Trophy of Paper champions.

    Jay Cutler is very quaterback like. I hear he plays one on TV sometimes.

    Its a new season all bets are off. I wouldnt bet on any team being as good or as bad as last year. Except perhaps the Jills, they are a sad bunch in deed.

  29. Good thing the CBA is not in place because if it were I would guarantee Briggs would fail a drug test after making a statement like that.

  30. Man, a lot of “Haters” out there…. NFC North, the best devision in football. That is if this bullsh-t ever gets over with…

  31. Here are some odds from

    Odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI
    Green Bay Packers 7/1
    New England Patriots 8/1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 10/1
    San Diego Chargers 12/1
    Indianapolis Colts 14/1
    New Orleans Saints 14/1
    Baltimore Ravens 14/1
    Atlanta Falcons 16/1
    Dallas Cowboys 16/1
    New York Jets 16/1
    Philadelphia Eagles 16/1
    New York Giants 20/1
    Chicago Bears 22/1
    Houston Texans 35/1
    Kansas City Chiefs 35/1
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 35/1
    Minnesota Vikings 35/1

    oh, there’s the Barely’s, just ahead of the Texans & Chiefs… know, Championship – like!

  32. The Bears? Championship like?
    Not with that QB, those WR’s and that O’Line.

  33. chargerdillon says:
    Jun 13, 2011 1:05 PM
    I never really noticed how stupid Lance Briggs was till now.

    Well part of that is on you, because you don’t remember the time he wrapped his sports car around a telephone pole and ditched it.

    Yeah he says and does silly things.

  34. Nearly every person on here is completely idiotic. You obviously have no idea what u are talking about. I respect every team in the NFL. That doesnt mean that I love every team. The bears last year came very close to the super bowl. Even though they did not make it, they showed huge improvement from the previous years. The packers have a good team and so do the bears. Whoever says that the detroit lions have as good a chance of being 16-0 as the bears being world champions are biased and uncomprehendingly stupid. No matter how much crap you give the bears, they will still be a very good team.

    (and by the way, the packers got into the playoffs on a wildcard last year. There a great team but im just saying) 🙂

  35. hulkhagan says:
    Jun 17, 2011 3:07 PM

    (and by the way, the packers got into the playoffs on a wildcard last year. There a great team but im just saying)
    I don’t understand the point of this statement. Does getting in as a wild card somehow undermine their 3 road playoff wins and Super Bowl victory?

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