Monday morning one-liners

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The Bills would like to see WR Lee Evans in a bigger role next season.

RB Kevin Faulk still sees a place for himself with the Patriots.

Which veteran wide receiver with baggage would be the best fit with the Jets?

Ravens RB Ray Rice says that he’s moved past his playoff fumble.

The Bengals coaching staff is staying busy.

G Pork Chop Womack could return to the Browns next season.

Steelers S Troy Polamalu tops USA Today‘s list of the best safeties.

The lockout came at the wrong time for the Texans defense.

A roundup of how the Colts are staying in shape this offseason.

Re-signing QB Kerry Collins could help the Titans mold Jake Locker into a starter.

The Broncos have reached out to the family of a fan killed in the Joplin tornado.

CB Ty Law’s tenure with the Chiefs speaks to the perils of relying on free agency.

Chargers QB Philip Rivers’s numbers compare very well to Dan Fouts.

Do the Cowboys have an in-house answer to their cornerback issues?

The 1986 Giants had a reunion this weekend.

The Redskins have some decisions to make at nose tackle.

The ranking of Bears KR Devin Hester on the NFL Network’s Top 100 list is fodder for discussion.

Lions DE Cliff Avril made sure he was prepared for the lockout.

Packers LB Erik Walden has been training with a strength coach from Middle Tennessee State University.

Marshall Faulk thinks Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is the best back in the league.

WR Roddy White’s absence from Falcons workouts didn’t really bother QB Matt Ryan.

Is there a chance that the Panthers could hold onto WR Steve Smith?

The NFL draft would have looked very different if Saints QB Drew Brees didn’t get the Bengals to jump offside.

A look back at the Cardinals’ trip down Mexico way.

The Rams are keeping their options open for training camp.

Can 49ers WR Michael Crabtree make it work if Alex Smith is the team’s quarterback?

Getting to know a bit about Seahawks rookie WR Kris Durham.

4 responses to “Monday morning one-liners

  1. “Chargers QB Philip Rivers’s numbers compare very well to Dan Fouts.”
    Well ya, they both put up big numbers in the regular season, and then choked when it mattered.

  2. You know, when I want the really perceptive sports stories, of course I read USA TODAY, so Troy Polamalu must be great.

    In today’s gossip about WR Burress, Plaxico is actually pronounced Plexico and rhymes with Ron Mexico. Sounds like a winner to me.

  3. Speaking of the Cowboys … could this year get any worse for Jerry Jones? The Cowboys implode, killing his dreams for hosting the ‘boys at Jerrah’s World. He screws up his Super Bowl hosting duties. And now Mark Cuban is the one hosting the big citywide championship celebration. I could almost feel sorry for the guy.


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