Plaxico Burress partners with anti-gun organization


In his first extended public apperance since getting out of prison, Plaxico Burress announced Monday in New York City that he has partnered with the National Urban League and the Brady Center to combat gun violence.

“I want to see every child have a chance to succeed. I have an opportunity to make a difference,” Burress said via the New York Post.

Quickly rehabbing his public image with a partnership like this is a page taken directly out of the Michael Vick playbook. So is the news Monday that Tony Dungy will serve as a mentor to Vick.  Magic Johnson will also mentor Burress, who no longer owns a firearm.

“I’ve been a champion on the field and I want to be a champion in life off the field,” Burress said. He wants to discourage youth from owning firearms.

It’s easy to be cynical here, but Bob Glauber of Newsday believes Burress is a humbled, changed man after his experience in prison.  Dungy said that prison taught Burress plenty.

“You hate to say it was a good experience, but it was a fruitful experience,” Dungy said via the Newark Star-Ledger.

26 responses to “Plaxico Burress partners with anti-gun organization

  1. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The gun didn’t shoot you in the leg Plax, you shot yourself in the leg.

  2. “Plaxico Burress partners with anti-gun organization”

    TRANSLATION: “Plaxico Burress still really loves guns and will have his personal assistant carry it for him from now on- but would also like a new contract- and therefore must appear to have seen the light”

  3. Its amazing to me how all these guys have to kiss up to these so-called “do good” orgainizations. In order to look like good boys again,they must jump up and say “look at me” Im reformed. This is all nothing but self serving on Plaxico’s part …Just like Vick ..its a matter of improving your self image ,so you can play ball for some team…Thats it!.. The youths in this country that own guns fall into two catagories:One..the ghetto gangster,who is not affected by any gun laws anyway…they just dont give a $hit!..Two..the one who has been taught safety first..The proper way to handle and maintain a firearm. This is the guy who suffers from all your bull$hit gun laws..He’s not gonna comit a crime with a gun anyway.

  4. Being a convicted felon, Mr. Burres is no longer eligible to own or possess a firearm. The problem with the reasoning here is that individuals with poor judgement, not their guns, create violence.

  5. What a tool – guy goes and gets into trouble for being irresponsible with a weapon and now joins an anti-second amendment goofs…”I can’t act like a responsible citizen so no one should be able to own a weapon”. Jerk…

  6. Well I’m glad he’ll be working with an anti-gun group. It’s sickening that people are still allowed to have them. The Founders put that right in for the specific situation and time period they were living in, thankfully they were smart enough to understand that life would change and we’d need the ability to edit the document. Too many people die or are injured every year, we need to put an end to this once and for all.

  7. Of course we need to hear what Dungy thinks even though half of us or more don’t care.

  8. Somehow I just feel that if Plax had a 5 year 30 million dollar contract to walk back into he would not really care about partnering with these organizations. Good move to get a new contract Plax!

  9. Yup, I’m sure all of this is genuine and not aimed at maximizing the potential dollar amount of his next contract. At least the good thing is that he might accidentally motivate some kids to stay out of trouble on his way to making his next paycheck.

  10. robsterny, what gun laws are you referring to!!?? We have some of the most liberal gun laws in the world!!! Especially compared to Europe. Coincidentally we also have a significantly higher amount of gun violence and death. But regardless of that, you can own nearly any weapon you want, carry them nearly anywhere you want…even bring them in national parks and even bars in some states. What the hell else do you want???

  11. @ ironhawk… There is nothing neither iron, nor hawklike about you…change your name. Simply answer me this one question… when only the police have guns, what is the state you will be living in?? Answer: A Police state! No thank you! The common man was guaranteed the right so that the state will not dictate draconian terms under which he must live! I love my country but don’t trust my government. Look around you , man and take some responsibility.
    The framers had it right. You have it wrong.

  12. Only a poor workman would blame his tools. I do support the efforts of Mr. Burress’ new allies at the Brady Center and Urban League, as they help make it easier for me to build my global evil empire!

  13. What a complete sell-out!

    When Plax was sentenced I felt it was unjust. His sentence was for political reasons only…shame on the people who did that to him.

    Now he pulls one these stupid PR moves and now I could care less about him.

    I hope he never plays again.

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