Aaron Rodgers starts a record label

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The lockout is providing NFL players plenty of time to pursue other interests.  For Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, those other interests include starting a record label.

Rodgers has launched Suspended Sunrise Recordings, and the company is working with a band known as The Make, which has its roots in Rodgers’ hometown of Chico, California.

“This is the first step in the process,” Rodgers told KRCRTV.com.  “My business partner and I have been working for a couple of years trying to put this whole thing together.  We’re excited about starting the process, to see what happens with this band.  Obviously football is my first priority, music is my passion after that.”

Or maybe Rodgers is just looking for a tax write-off.

If he isn’t, there’s a good chance that he nevertheless has found one.

35 responses to “Aaron Rodgers starts a record label

  1. Hopefully his record label signs Chris Johnson, Eddie Royal, and Dexter McCluster. BTW there’s lots of other ways to record losses on your income report that don’t involve actually losing money.

  2. Ouch! At least give the band a listen before deciding the thing will go bust. 🙂 Starting a record label isn’t an easy career path, but Rodgers gets points for choosing something interesting. Bands have become successful from YouTube launches; it can’t hurt to have a celebrity QB as a backer. But wish the band were called “Chico, California.” Love that.

  3. Cause if you liked it then you should have put a belt on it
    If you liked it then you should have put a belt on it
    Don’t be mad once you see that *he* got it
    If you liked it then you should have put a belt on it

    Oh oh oh.. oh oh oh

  4. Another NFL player leased a studio for 10G a month to try to be a producer.He could’ve leased my studio for much less. I researched Chico bands, many websites covering at least 100 bands from Chico, and “The Make” is invisible.No-one has ever heard of them. It’s great Aaron loves music, would like to see him support real musicians.I believe he is just hangin’ with a garage band of friends. A few beers, air guitar, etc. PROVE ME WRONG AARON. Post some tunes, dude.

  5. hopefully all the super bowl winners start pursuing other intrests while josh freeman continues to lead on the field and make the bucs even better

  6. Whoa, found them in a 2009 article on Rodgers.That’s when he signed “The Make”.The name sounds like a 80’s new wave band, but it’s Christian music. Please. Will they be like “Faith plus One”?LOL. Moneypit .

  7. greggo1545 says: Jun 14, 2011 12:59 AM

    Is it just me or does Aaron Rodgers look like Ryan from the Office?


    Ha, true. I always thought Jake Gyllenhal would play him in a movie though.

  8. Little Earthquake says: Jun 14, 2011 9:12 AM

    greggo1545 says: Jun 14, 2011 12:59 AM

    Is it just me or does Aaron Rodgers look like Ryan from the Office?


    Ha, true. I always thought Jake Gyllenhal would play him in a movie though.
    He looks just like Jake Gyllenhaal. And I have a great idea for a movie… It’s called Brokeback Packers. It’s set back in the crazy summer of 2008, when Brett Favre ( played by the late Heath Ledger) is struggling with his identity. Although, it’s not whether or not he should retire, it’s his secret love affair with Aaron Rodgers (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) The most famous scene in the movie will be a locker room setting where Aaron Rodgers receives a text from Favre, with a photo and the words “I just can’t quit you.” I think it will win an Oscar or two.

  9. And to quell all of the gay rumors once and for all Aaron decided on the most masuline name for his record label…Suspended Sunshine…which only came after his business partner shunned Aarons first suggestion of ‘Openly Rainbow Records’.
    What??? Was that below the “Belt”?

  10. I am sure its a Christian Rock label. Well for one people who buy that garbage buy anything and like Cartman on Southpark said, they have a built in audience.

  11. He hopes to sign William Shatner next………As he sings a song written by Will in the parking lot of Lambeau…….”Chedder on the Keilbasa”..TMZ has forwarded me a few lines from this exclusive tune…..ready?????
    Chedder on the keilbasa…….can you feel it
    Clogging the arteries….Deal with it….
    Jerry Kramer not in the Hall of Fame…
    I’ve never felt so much shame…
    No receiver like Donald Driver…
    Even if he looks Like Maria Schriver….
    We all fell in love with the Makowski named Don.
    Even though he was puttin us on…
    We Drafted Tony Mandrich…
    When his arms looked like a ham sandwich….
    Reggie White found God here…
    With lots of Money and some beer….
    And although we all avoid Brett, likes he a cancer..
    For 15 years he was the answer…
    It’s shame Johnny Cash is dead…..he would have nailed this

  12. AR & Sunshine Band?

    The Pink Flamingo’s?

    So many good names to chose from, when you’re a gay musician.

    Right, “Erin”?

  13. Dude. If it is christian rock I have officially lost what respect I had been building for Rodgers. Picking on Christians shame on you Rodgers. Anyone can take advantage of Christians it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  14. Oh wow, the same old worn out schtick from the loser caste of the NFL… So, I bet all you viking fans just can’t understand why Tracy Morgan has to apologize…

    I think it’s also funny that here in Minnesota they can’t pass a budget, can’t finance a stadium for their “beloved” vikings, but gosh darn – they can pass an amendment against gays.

    Now I wonder what hairy knuckle dragging demographic these politicians feel they have to appeal to because they obviously fear losing this demos support?

    Couldn’t be the typical viking fan that’s about as cultured as a turd in a toilet?

  15. Yes, owning a record label sounds like a winning business model right now, Aaron…

  16. Verse two now available in I tunes….
    Johnny Jolly, he of the drank….
    Was just the victim of some skank….
    Paul Horning never bet…..
    He’s just a quirky vet…
    Max McGee never ever drank…
    He got home late, it was a prank…
    Clay Matthews has never juiced…
    He grew so big cause of abuse…
    There is only one Thompson is named Ted……
    If only his wife would sleep in his bed…..
    Marky Murphy……the owners bitch…
    Forgets when he played, and had the itch….
    It’s only here in Green Bay……
    Where every idiot believes what ya say………

  17. Come to the Packer threads…

    Where fans of other franchises show the comedic prowess of Michael Richards on a 3 day bender.

    It’s be alright if these guys were funny, but they’re just dopey and pathetic. Oh, and a bit creepy… I know I’m describing the fans of a franchise… Which ones were they again?

  18. “when Brett Favre ( played by the late Heath Ledger)”

    ^ always thought of Dennis Quaid as Brett Favre (freaking Any Given Sunday) and Aaron Rodgers as Jake G(word) guy.

    By the way, The Guy has hooked up with Erin Andrews/That Model Chick/Lowerback Tattoo Woman/That other chick and people are throwing gay jokes at him?(after he starts a christian rock label)

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