Andrew Whitworth: Bengals have moved on from Carson Palmer


After five years of blocking for Carson Palmer, Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth says he’s done.

Whitworth told that he takes Palmer at his word when he says he’ll retire rather than return to Cincinnati, and that the team is perfectly fine going forward without the man who has been the franchise quarterback for almost a decade.

“[Palmer is] the kind of guy when he says something he means it,” Whitworth said. “I feel like people are taking him seriously and we’re prepared. He made a decision he feels is best for him and his family and we’ve moved on.”

Although Bengals owner Mike Brown continues to say he won’t trade Palmer, Cincinnati’s players and coaches seem content to see him leave. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has said Andy Dalton is ready to be an opening-day starter, and Bengals players including Adam Jones, Tank Johnson and Carson’s brother Jordan Palmer are all talking like they’re OK with Palmer becoming a former teammate.

So everyone in Cincinnati seems to think it’s time to move on from Palmer to Dalton. At least, everyone except the owner.

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  1. I’ll believe all this when you guys post a headline that says “Carson Palmer has filed his retirement papers”… I would think that Carson is getting the itch right about now… When a CBA is reached that itch will get worse.. I’m hoping he does retire.. He just has to prove that he’s really prepared to make that move…

  2. In some ways I sort of get why Brown won’t deal him. In his mind he might think that it will set a bad president and open the door for other player across the league to threaten to retire in the desire to leave. But on the other hand he’s acting a fool to not get anything for him. I’m sure he could get a 2nd rounder at least. Foolish.

  3. Whats the point of this article. Palmer moves
    on, so what. Get the next idiot in there and go
    play…. at some point.

  4. Palmer had the tools and had the receivers but could not get it all put together to win. Always was frustrated he could beat the Steelers, add all this up along with a owner that is is put in a corner with his threats, say good bye Bengals.

  5. Brown’s bull-headed stubborness makes me wonder he is a distant relative of a very recent 49er HC. Talk about your “my way period” syndrome.

  6. When this story first broke in January and all of the details came after, I was all about trading Palmer. I’m a big believer in “no one man is bigger than the team” and “if you don’t want to be here, then there’s the door”. However, I think it might be prudent for the Bengals to hang onto Palmer for only ONE more season (2011). Here’s why:
    1.) Because of the lockout, the Bengals will most likely get nothing for Palmer that will help them this year. A draft pick will be for next offseason and unless they another QB for him, the value won’t be there with another player.
    2.) Beacuse of the lockout, there have been no minicamps, etc, for rookie Andy Dalton to get any work in and/or get immersed in the playbooks, get timing down with WR’s and TE’s, etc. I’d be surprised if they feel that he’s truly ready to be a starting QB from Day 1.
    3.) Though his value would diminish by hanging onto him for 2011, they could still trade him in 2012 and get something that same offseason for him. This, of course, would only be true if Palmer didn’t end up retiring.

    Palmer gives them the best chance to win next season. With the new offensive system they’re implementing, some new help (AJ Green, Clint Boling), and getting rid of Ocho, I could see Palmer giving them one more year. However, as an avid Bengals fan, I’ve soured on Palmer–a player I really respected at one point and part of me just wants him gone so this PR nightmare is done.

  7. This is a tough situation for both parties. If either budges in any direction, they look foolish. I don’t see a plausible sitution in which both sides win. I would have to blame this and Palmer, in the light that he is the one who chose to go public and force Brown’s hand.

  8. Mike Brown is a bad owner. But I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong in not trading Palmer. It’s not like teams would be lining up to offer a high draft pick for a below average, overpaid QB.

    There is something to be said for not allowing the inmates to run the asylum.

  9. Could Palmer retire for 2011, then come back in 2012 to play for someone else (if anyone would give him a shot) or would the Bengals still have the rights to him?


  11. He cant be traded now anyways, keep the poker face. And then trade after hesitating to increase interest, possibility of someone overpaying

  12. Carson is still their best chance. The bengals could have a good record with Carson going into week 6 vs Indy.

    with one of the others guys, and without him, they will not have a good record after 5 weeks, and the season will be over.

  13. The Bengals would need a proven NFL caliber QB signed and delivered before a move could be made on Palmer. He is pretty good.

  14. As much as it absolutely kills me (former season ticket holder who has stopped supporting the team until Mikey relinquishes GM duties and finally hires a few scouts without the same last name) I gotta agree with MB here. Noone in Cincy is dumb enough to believe that the two factors I laid out above will be happening anytime soon. That being said if he lets his franchise QB, who decided to take a WHOLE LOT of the owners money in a SECOND contract with the balance of the signing bonus being paid LAST YEAR walk.. Then what keeps the other 53 from jumping ship too. He may be a WORTHLESS football mind, but the guy understands how to run a business… Even if he traded Carson, there’s a VERY good chance that he gets NOTHING in return from the draft picks.. Face it, it’s OFFICIALLY time to call Carson the BUST he is. #1 pick overall without even 1 playoff victory.. ANY expert will tell you that he was given all the weapons he could have asked for. ZERO leadership ability tho..

  15. Deb, NO. WHEN Carson retires he will remain the sole property of the Bengals for the remaining balance of the HUGE contract he signed a few years ago..

  16. “So everyone in Cincinnati seems to think it’s time to move on from Palmer to Dalton. At least, everyone except the owner.”

    That’s only b/c the owner is a complete retard

  17. If I were Brown I would tell Palmer to refund $20 million if he wants traded. If he agrees, great trade him. If not, tell him to go home and eat a dick.

  18. I’ve posted this a few times and no one else seems to think of this: even if Brown was willing to trade Palmer who would take him?

    Palmer is due to make $11 million this year. The price goes up year by year until 2014 when he’s schedule to make $14.5 million. Who in their right mind would pay that much money for a has-been QB? All you people saying Brown should trade him should realize that Palmer probably couldn’t be traded even if there was no lockout.

    Palmer has already said that he won’t take a paycut, so that’s out of the question as well.

    As far as I’m concerned, Palmer has retired. So long, Palmer. It was nice to have you for the two or three years you were good.

  19. Yeah, but your owner never will!!!

    Bengals, just go 0-16, blame it on T.O., and then Mike Brown will let Carson out of his contract!!!

  20. ROFL … geez, guys, it was a simple question. Sorry it rattles your cages that you can’t answer a simple question.

  21. I say let Palmer go,trade,retire what ever. Move the next guy in and get the Bengals get it’s 6-10 record and build from there.

  22. melikefootball says:
    Jun 14, 2011 6:44 PM
    Palmer had the tools and had the receivers but could not get it all put together to win. Always was frustrated he could beat the Steelers, add all this up along with a owner that is is put in a corner with his threats, say good bye Bengals.

    He couldn’t beat the Steelers in 05 because they were too busy beating his ACL….

  23. You people are freaking dumb…

    NFL Lock out = no trades…

    I repeat
    NFL lock out = no trades…

    So Im pretty sure even if Brown wanted to trade him… Its not going to happen right now…

    Oh PS I havent read about any trades I wounder why???

    Oh yeah…

    NFL lock out = NO “FREAKING trades”

  24. An Owner like Brown is gonna make FA’s and draftees’ not want to play for his Team. How are you gonna hold a guy hostage and make him retire?

  25. “pettergriffen says:
    Jun 14, 2011 6:25 PM
    dumbest owner in sports… trying to make a point and hes the only one who looks stupid..”

    Petergriffen is clearly the one who misses the point.

  26. Joecool says: “In his mind he might think that it will set a bad president…”

    LOL. I’m usually not grammar police, but it’s precedent, not president. I thought you should know.

    And I agree that’s why MB is not going to trade CP9.

  27. Everyone is forgetting the huge reason why Palmer could never get it done in Cincy: Offensive Coordinator, Bob Bratkowksi. I admit I only saw between 4-5 Bengals games these past few years, but in every game I saw the offensive playcalling was stale and highly predictable. I don’t care if your QB in Carson Palmer or Joe Montana, with predictable playcalling no team will succeed in the NFL.

    BTW I realize Carson has already said through the media that Bratkowksi wasn’t the reason he wanted out, but I don’t buy that. Bratkowski may not have been THE reason, but he had to have been A reason.

  28. Carson Palmer what a confluence of unfulfilled talent. Brown should trade Palmer just for the draft picks. Palmer’s attitude towards compensation might change if he was traded to a team that had chance to make the playoffs. Palmer still has a couple of years left in him.

    But Mike Brown will let him retire and that will be the end of it. Egos are involved so logic goes out the window. I’m not sure that Paul Brown is Mike’s father.

  29. Dalton’s never taken a snap in an organized NFL practice, yet Marvin Lewis has determined he’s ready to be the starter.

    Says all you need to know about Lewis and the Bengals.

  30. Palmer was terrific in college, winning the Heisman while leading a terrific USC team. In the pros not so good. Before his injury he was a good not great pro QB.
    A GREAT QB is the one who scares a defense when he trots on the field with his team behind and less than 2 minutes to go. Palmer never had that – he does NOT have that fire in the belly that separates the good from the great. When he got hurt playing against the Steelers in the playoffs a few years back, that was pretty much it. He has stuck around for the money, which is terrific, but he has reached the point where he realizes that as long as he plays for Cincy he’s going to be playing for a mediocre team and franchise.
    He has stated that he is financially set for life. In other words he doesn’t need the aggravation.

    In other words when he told Cincy ”trade me or I quit” – he meant it.

  31. Palmer turns out to be a never was in the NFL. That injury he tool against the Steelers hid his many flaws. Palmer was a great college QB with not enough skill and drive to be a great pro player. Make him retire Mike!

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