Freeman: Some believe deal could come “within a matter of days”


Well ,the good news keeps getting better.

Just as I was prepared to write an item predicting that a new labor deal will be announced on June 30, our good friend Mike Freeman of has reported that some of the parties in the negotiations believe an agreement could be reached “within a matter of days.”

Freeman also reports that 80 to 85 percent of the next labor deal has been negotiated, and that the entire process has become very cordial, with smiles, handshakes, and smalltalk.

“It’s going to be very difficult for this to get screwed up,” a source “with intimate knowledge of the discussions” told Freeman.

For now, I’ll stick with the June 30 prediction.  And if that prediction is wrong because the date selected is a week or two too late, then I don’t wanna be right.

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  1. Expect this to be done by the weekend. Demoron and Goodouche are sharing smores and milkshakes all night to get this done. LETS GET TO FREE AGENCY

  2. Thank goodness. I need some free agency news in my life quick. I’m easily amused and even I am growing dizzy by the repetition of these lockout posts.

  3. So if Freeman is accurate and it’s this week that small time Boston paper would be correct.


  4. 1st rule of journalism, make sure the facts in your article, match the same facts later in the article.

    This would be awesome if it happened and it would be a great surprise. Lets not get our hopes up too much though.

  5. so, DeMoron will be settling for the third worst deal in sports history?

    All this could have been avoided if they skipped the shyster theatrics and sat down like men and negotiated like they are now.

    Of course, the DeMoron apologists will find a way to defend him and the waste of time path he chose. MORON!

  6. Man o’ man. It’s like you don’t even want to think about it in case The Fates will hear you and screw it up.

  7. Yea and when I get home there’s a beer on the table and my old lady is standing there half naked.. Everynight… I’ll believe it when I see it..

  8. I’ve been saying July 1st… It will get done by Friday 7/1 & America will celebrate The 4th of July weekend all smiles knowing football will be returning…

  9. Bill Burt of The Eagle Tribune was right. He can take one of those talking heads spots on The NFL Network or ESPN.

  10. Awww, I’m thankful!

    The sooner the vikes live up to “expectations” this year the quicker their fans will stop following football altogether and I won’t have to read their comments.

  11. Thank god! Now we can get back to actual football things-Will Brett stay retired for the millionth time? Who will overpay for Kolb? When will Rexy make his 3rd straight Superbowl prediction? Who is desperate enough to sign Plaxico?

  12. If this does happen, I think there are a lot of people, this site included who owe Bill Burt an apology

  13. @cletusvandam . . . .

    Incorrect. Burt initially reported that the lockout IS over. Not that it will be over. That it IS over. Then, when it became clear it wasn’t over, he tweaked the story to say the lockout was “almost” over, implying strongly that it would end in the immediate future, not a week or more later.

    Burt was wrong. And he’s counting on some folks not being smart enough to see through it.

  14. The most interesting question that needs to be asked and answered is what exactly prompted the principals of both sides to make these reported “major” concessions NOW? Surely, it’s not just the impending economic hit that the League and players are facing, though that is undoubtedly the major cause. Two other causes come to my mind.

    First, there were the prophetic words of Bob Kraft who first suggested, “Get all the lawyers out of the room.” Apparently, that worked.

    And second, perhaps more importantly, the ruling/opinion of Federal Circuit Court Judges Steven Colloton and William Benton on the stay pending the appeal. Think about it. What might have happened if the Eighth Circuit telegraphed that it would affirm Judge Nelson’s order lifting the lockout? Do you think we would be here talking about a new CBA being imminent? The real “heroes” of this labor dispute may well turn out to be Judge Colloton and Judge Benton. But for their belief in the “proper application of federal law regarding injunctions,” we likely would not be anywhere near closer to a new CBA than we are now.

  15. I told you we would have football. I told you there WAS a “Football God.”
    (At least … I think I did)

  16. Don’t worry about who predicted the right day for the lockout to be over.

    I predict I’ll be ready for some football!

  17. “It’s going to be very difficult for this to get screwed up.” I’d feel a lot better if you hadn’t included that quote. These guys seem very capable of executing a difficult screw-up.

  18. The system works.

    People should remember that for all the acrimony in previous labor talks…Upshaw and Rozelle became very close. I would not be shocked if, years from now, Goodell and Smith get together from time to time for dinner, and to talk about these discussion.

    Honestly, this is what I love about America. It may not always be pretty, but everyone has recourse to the law…and everything can, in the end, be worked out. For all the hate I’ve seen on this board, our system of law is still the best in the world.

    God Bless America!

  19. its amazing how a pretty quote can suddenly fill me with such optimism . man , 25 years on this earth and im still as simple as a 10 year old . oh well , im so ready for football !!!

  20. I want replacement players. Throw out parity just one year, give us a bit of variety, give my friggin Panthers a chance of not sucking.

  21. It’s that last 15-20% that worries me. Are the players willing to re-form the union and get disagreements out of the federal courts and away from their pet Judge Doty? And habe both sides actually agreed on how to split the money?

  22. When was Mike Freeman ever a star NFL reporter????

    He’s an inaccurate shock jock whose fame crapped out after everyone found out that he never had a college degree!!!!

    All he’s done since then was write about how Anquan Boldin was a “jackass” after the 2008 NFC title game when we all should’ve known that Todd Haley was a freeloader of great WR talent and a complete idiot. He also prematurely predicted the Jaguars moving to Los Angeles within 2-3 years when there still is no definite stadium plan in place!!!

  23. Keeping these people (namely lawyers) from grandstanding to the press after every meeting is evidently working very well.

    Great news if it proves accurate. Keeping the game essentially intact, and getting NFL football back in business would be welcome indeed.

    And I’ll be glad to bid adieu to the people who argued for restructuring the entire thing and doing away with the draft and all the other coordinated rules and activities which a sports league generally does.

    Mainly because I happen to have really enjoyed NFL Football over the past bunch of years. It’ll be nice to keep it.

  24. Since it seems close can we start talking about how the redskins suck the cowgirls will underachieve and blame the coach and how the giants coach is to mean thats why the team sucks now ?? Oh and how my birds are finally gonna get the 800lb Andy Reid off their backs (not in firing him, just a Gorilla comparison)

  25. i hope this is true. if people can get back to work by the end of the month july will be busy but everything should still be able to go pretty smoothly into the beginning of the season.
    i cannot wait to see what the new CBA is going to look like myself and cant wait to get some free agency news started!
    lets play some football!!

  26. YES!!!!
    (Bang The Drum All Day Begins playing)

    Already got my party wings and party pizza ready, just announce the new CBA deal is signed and we’ll have a complete 2011 NFL season and it is ON!

  27. It ain’t over till it’s over.
    Yogi Berra

    Some of the younger folks here weren’t around during the past NFL labor disputes. There was always a period of optimism when things looked like a deal would get done, then someone, somewhere, threw a wrench into the proceedings. It dragged on, until eventually an agreement was reached.
    I’m hoping the current discussions are as the leaked information portrays them to be. But don’t go nutso if things don’t proceed smoothly. But it seems clear both sides understand the wrath of the fans. Again I remind all of you, the sport is done for the customers, with the owners and players getting paid because we watch the games. The fans are the ultimate voice in this disagreement, contrary to the thought of many.
    “He who controls the money controls the argument”

  28. The 8th Circuit Court is 100% responsible for getting Smith to come to the bargaining table to get what he can before he gets his butt kicked any further when the final verdict came out.
    Smith is just lucky that the owners are not vindictive and are being very reasonable(as they have been from day one !!!),instead of crushing the union into dust to get even with smith’s sleezy tactics of that sham decertification and all the lies he keeps telling his players and the public etc.
    The real lucky ones are the players,who hired the Ambulance chaser and who were following him off the cliff,before the 8th Circuit forced them not to jump.
    Smith’s contract runs out next year and I think the players eyes have been opened and he will not be voted in again.

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