Jerry Glanville is leery of Terrelle Pryor

Last week, coach Marty Schottenheimer of the Virginia Destroyers said that he’s not interested in former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor.  This week, coach Jerry Glanville of the Hartford Colonials expressed concern regarding Pryor.

“If a player’s ability helps the product on the field, I’m all for it,” Glanville told Paul Doyle of the Hartford Courant.  “But you’re taking a guy — anybody and I’m not saying any guy in particular — and his reputation actually hinders the product on the field, then I don’t care about his reputation or his name.  Because to me, this league is all about the product.  That’s what we’re selling.

“Our league is an unselfish league.  You can’t be a selfish person to play in the UFL.  In the NFL, there are selfish people.  From what he did and from what happened to him in college . . . I don’t know him and you never know until you meet a guy, he might be the greatest kid you’ve ever met.  But if he’s selfish, there’s no room for him in this league.”

That said, Pryor doesn’t seem to be thinking about the UFL, regardless of whether he should.  His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is touting Pryor as a first-round pick in the supplemental draft, which means that Pryor wants to play only in the NFL.

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  1. The sad part is if he didn’t break the rules, he would’ve had a good year with Osu and if his passing skills improved he would’ve been a first rounder. Now it’s the hard road for Pryor. But let me warn you now, if he develops from a late round talent to a high round talent throwing the ball, this guy will be a monster.

  2. So is every other intelligent person in the NFL front offices…this guy will go undrafted and be in jail within a year…mark my words…if he couldn’t run fast and jump high he would already be there…just saying….

  3. When Pryor played at OSU, I always thought, good college QB but I don’t see him being an NFL QB. I wasn’t even aware at the time of all his off the field baggage.

    We have an owner who likes to play Father Flanagan and is an OSU fan, but thankfully he already drafted his QB.

    My bottom line is this. Report your earnings from memorabilia and pay your taxes. Do the right thing. You do that and you’ll regain a lot of respect. Second chances are easily given to those who are worthy. Hiding behind a lawyer, an agent and relying on OchoCinco as a pitchman? Not so much.

  4. Drew Rosenhaus probably was the worse thing to happen to prior. He will inflate Pryor’s ego…instead of setting him straight like a good agent does. Pryor’s Career is no over before it started

  5. I have to agree with jerry on this one. But then again, he is the man who traded brett favre.

  6. Does anyone really care what either of these two have to say these days? This kid wants to play in the NFL. He will get a chance to play in the NFL too!

  7. Jerry would be “just a good old boy”, except he wasn’t very good. Maybe it would “take a plane crash” to get Pryor into a UFL game.

    One day Elvis show up for that ticket, Jerry. Then everyone you know be wearing black.

  8. As much as I was upset that Pryor didn’t choose UofM for his college ball…..I can now look back and say… Ann Arbor “Dodged” a bullet!

    Sad state of affairs for a Proud Buckeye Nation.

    GO BLUE!

  9. Terrelle Pryor is the biggest non-story going.

    He shot-puts the ball like a girl.

    He’s in accurate.

    And he obviously has character flaws.

    Never gonna make it in the NFL, or UFL for that matter.

  10. Isn’t this the same guy who had Brett ” Mississippi” Farve riding the bench in ATL

  11. The ‘Man In Black’ is back so lets see what he can do, besides talk. Er, Ah, Hmm, has he EVER won a chamionship in ANY division, high school, college, pros, etc?

  12. If I remember correctly, this is the same head coach who once said Brett Favre would never make it as a quarterback in the National Football League. Shows you his judgement of talent……….

  13. So, teams will continuously take chances on guys with legal issues but won’t because a player might think highly of himself or took some advantages as a high profile college athlete? We can all say we know he isn’t the first and won’t be the last high profile athlete to do the same.

    Also, I believe if Pryor WAS interested in joining the UFL, Marty and Glanville would be saying different things. But its easy to turn down someone who isn’t interested in you.

  14. jerry glanville has been leery of knowing anything about winning football his whole career. his last gig was coaching PORTLAND STATE to a losing record, and blaming everyone for not giving him the tools to succeed. how does one go from a “up and coming genius” in the nfl to coaching portland state anyway? and then getting fired from that? he’s the same guy that thought favre would never make it. he’s the same guy… geez, don’t even get me started….many a coach had less and did more than this tool of failure…

  15. jerry glanville sure knows talent.. He traded away one of the BEST qb’s to ever play the game…Not saying this guy is a Brett Favre but who knows yet..

  16. His choice of agent and Ochocinco as his spokesperson pretty much show that he still doesn’t get it. Should have kept his head low and took a lower gig to get comfortable in a league a step above college.

    Take what you can get idiot. If you are good, the NFL will take note and come knocking.

    So tired of watching turds with so much talent throw it all into the toilet over greed and self importance.

    Maurice Clarette part 2. Hey Terrelle maybe since you and LeBron are buds he can write you some PR material while you are at it with the continuous terrible decisions.

  17. @brownsfn

    What laws has he broken so far? Just curious why because he took advantage of being a high profile athlete why he is now destined for jail?

  18. Somewhere Drew Rosenhaus is smiling. Getting a negative review from Jerry Glanville just boosted Pryor’s stock as a potential NFL QB.

  19. He’s a much less talented, much more immature version of Vince Young.

    Seriously, what the hell is there to like about the kid?

    I wouldn’t spend a 7th round pick on Pryor.

    I think he’s going to find out really quick in the Supplemental Draft that many teams feel the same way when he ends up getting picked up with a 5th rounder at best.

  20. Crash Davis’ line from the “Bull Durham” movie applies to Pryor… “Million dollar arm but a ten cent brain!”

  21. Just a tip…

    Terrelle Pryor is not interested in Jerry Glanville either…likewise for Schottenheimer and the United Football League.

  22. I’m just like Prior in that I want to play in the NFL and I think I’m a 1st rounder too.

    I think we will both have the same results though.

  23. Pryor’s quality (or lack thereof, depending on one’s side in the argument) aside, Schottenheimer likes to pay a brand of football that conflicts heavily with the way Pryor plays QB. He wants a QB who will hand off the ball all day, make some successful, low-risk PA passes, and protect the ball very well, because that’s just Martyball quarterbacking.

  24. I have no idea if Pryor will make it in the NFL or not, but, didn’t Glanville trade AWAY both Brett Favre and Deion Sanders when he was HC of the Falcons – probably the Offensive and Defensive players of the decade of the 90’s … soooooooooooooo, maybe Jerry isn’t one to be making personnel decisions !

  25. MichaelEdits says:

    And there are at least 15 NFL teams he could make better.


    As a head coach? No. And if anyone thought that were true, he’d have a job in the NFL.

    He didn’t have significant success as a head coach when he was in the league and is most known for his entertaining personality and for passing on one of the greatest QBs in history. Today’s NFL game is much more complex than the one he coached. Not a chance.

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