Joe Montana not seriously hurt in ATV accident

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We told you Monday night Joe Montana wasn’t able to make a scheduled appearance because of an accident.  We’re happy to update you that he didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

Montana told KGO-TV in San Francisco that he was hurt while driving an all terrain vehicle near his home.  He was not seriously hurt, but did require stitches above his eye.

Montana was scheduled to appear in front of the Santa Clara City Council.  He’s hoping to build a hotel, sports bars, and restaurant on some city-owed property.

16 responses to “Joe Montana not seriously hurt in ATV accident

  1. Nate Montana arrested for DUI and 2 weeks later Joe is in ATV accident. Am I sensing a trend?

  2. Bikes, Snowmobiles…ATV’s….dangerous toys. None of my buisness if you want to play risky…go at it boys!

  3. Boy, I wish this lockout would end. I’ve always known there were some ignorant, childish posters here but at least with football on we have some decent, insightful football posts in between the BS.

  4. Actually the stitches were there from Joe’s head exploding when he heard the news about Nate.

  5. “Montana was scheduled to appear in front of the Santa Clara City Council. He’s hoping to build a hotel, sports bars, and restaurant on some city-owed property”……….build it and they will come!…… least here, build it, and it will help get the new stadium built in Santa Clara

  6. I agree, Joe should be able to build his hotel, the economy would soar in Santa Clara, and the new, very much needed stadium for the 49ers would go up fast, and I would be a patron at Joe’s place. And what a great name for Montana’s sports bar, huh?

  7. Vehicle safety always seems to trip up Montana

    I remember him on the Jim Rome Show years back during the winter cautioning people to beware of “Black Guys”

    It was a rather puzzling quasi-racist reference from the HoF QB. Rome began to get calls from outraged listeners.

    Turns out Montana was simply offering a helpful warning to beware of “Black Ice”

    I was much relieved that Montana was not a racist, and continue to drive with caution during the winter to this day.

  8. joecool16280 says:
    Greatest of ALL TIME! If only ESPN was around (like it is today) back when he played.

    ^ so colin cowherd can yap about how “he’s not elite…” ?
    or so People can say how (a qb bust that was drafted same year as Joe) would have been as good as Montana if he were drafted by the 49ers and that Joe Montana would be a nobody if he were drafted by (insert awful team)?

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