Ochocinco talks up Terrelle Pryor

It’s fitting, we suppose, that one of the highest-profile former college football players in Ohio has found a supporter in one of the highest-profile soon-to-be-former pro football players in Ohio.

Then again, geography has little to do with Chad Ochocinco’s public praise (via Twitter) of Terrelle Pryor.  The fact that Robin has found a new Batman surely has a lot to do with the fact that they have a common Alfred.

Access to agent Drew Rosenhaus constitutes access to his clients, including Ochocinco, who already has worked out with Pryor and who likes what he sees.

Unbelievable arm strength n superb timing with it just being our first day,” Ochocinco said.  “The media said [Pryor] isn’t NFL type QB, after running routes n seeing great timing n arm strength I beg to differ. . . .

“With the right coaching after what I saw today with my own eyes he can be a great QB.”

And so the process for which Rosenhaus was hired already has begun, in earnest.  Given a widespread presumption that Pryor won’t be a quarterback but a receiver at the next level, Rosenhaus is doing everything he can to turn that around, and quickly.

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  1. Any team hoping to meet up with Terrelle in the third round of the supplemental will be disappointed. He has a Pryor engagement.

  2. By “widespread” you mean “spread by McShay and Kiper.” Come on Mike, you can do better than that. The main reason why I come to this site is that you’re one of the few people industry willing to challenge commonly held beliefs and think for yourself. You failed to do that this time.

    Saying a fast quarterback should switch positions is just a lazy excuse to not actually evaluate his strengths and weaknesses as a passer. In the pre-draft hype last year, I saw at various times articles on ESPN suggesting Tim Tebow should switch to strong safety, linebacker, tight end, halfback, and fullback. But, he ended up at quarterback, where he played rather well for a rookie.

    Instead of blindly parroting what other media members say, examine Pryor’s game tape for yourself. He struggles with accuracy and velocity on throws outside the numbers, but is very good at hitting his receivers in stride in the middle of the field. His footwork is a little bit awkward, and his pocket presence is a little better than decent. He’s got flaws, but he’s also got potential. He’s worth a fifth-or-sixth-rounder in the supplemental draft, and would probably be best served playing in the UFL or CFL for a year or two to fine-tune his mechanics. But to suggest he should try to learn a completely different position, at the NFL level especially, is just asinine.

  3. Guess that means we’ll see the both of them as teammates in Oakland when the season starts…..

  4. First of all if that’s a pic of Pryor and Ocho, Pryor is NOT 6-6 or 6-5 tall as advertised since Ocho is listed at 6-1. Also, who would listen to Ocho? He’s a loudmouth who’s opinion really shouldn’t matter. They share the same agent. What does one expect Ocho to say? And last time I checked arm strength wasn’t the most important thing. See Patrick Ramsey. He could throw a ball through a brick wall but he couldn’t hit said wall. That was the problem. Things like intelligence, leadership, good decision making and accountability are what’s needed in a quarterback. Last I checked Terrelle wasn’t high on most of those. Repeating anything that ocho says about his agents new client just seems a waste of time.

  5. Its refreshing to hear Chad Johnson/Ochocinco heaping praise on someone else, as opposed to upon himself, for a change….

  6. Why would anybody want this guy to be the figurehead/leader of their team?

    He lacks the most important part of being a QB….A FREAKIN BRAIN IN HIS HEAD.

    You’re talking about a spoiled punk who’s played on one of the most talented teams, treated like a god, and broke every rule imagineable, and rather than facing the consequences he’s cashing out and going to the pro’s. How do you expect this man to lead a professional football team when he still wont own up for all the incredibly dumb decisions he made through college. What happens when he gets criticized as the leader of a team, when clearly he can’t handle the own mess he created in college.

    “Paper or Plastic?” That’s what he should be practicing

  7. I am in no way an Ohio State fan or a supporter of Pryor, but I have to agree that learning a new position at the NFL level is not a great idea…how do you think “the experts” would have evaluated someone like Randall Cunningham if he were to come out of college today? He certainly wasn’t one of the all time greats but had some skills throwing the ball….he wouldn’t have made it as a receiver…..

  8. Ocho at least had a cheap contract in Cincy. Heck, Pryor made more than him last year!

    Did you hear the one about LeBron getting a championship ring? Turns out, he should have stayed in Cleveland – and just bought one off TP!

  9. Hey, it worked out well for Matt Jones – I’m sure it’ll work for Pryor… (scoffs)

  10. this is drew with his hand up chads backside…………..
    “BaaaaaHAHaHAHAHa , yes get daddy more $ dance ocho dance BaaaaHAHaHAHa…….. …. …..

    ocho to drew ” when cincy releases me , your still gonna get me that big payday like you promised , right drew ? ”

    Drew responds , ” NEXT QUESTION !! “

  11. Drew said he will be taken in the 1st round by someone, is Al dumb enough to take this clown in rnd 1? He is also sorry his Coach lost the job he loved. Well if he would have held any of his players responsible he would not be in this situation. Pryor and his selfishness, took down a college team, will he be the next Russell/Young clone?

  12. How can u compare Pryor to a fat oversized Russell? Let’s look at the facts fellas

    40 yard dash

    Pryor: 4.33

    Russell: 4.90


    Pryor: 6″6 233

    Russell: 6″6 310 (estimated)

    Now im not saying Pryor is smarter but quit comparing him to a fat oversized turd who has no athleticism whatsoever

  13. In terms of being a bust, and picking him in rnd 1 will hurt the team. Has nothing to do with physical size.

  14. First, TP has been advised since he was 10, big stage big stage. He had no intentionn of going to Mich or anywhere other than OSU because they had the best chance for the big stage.
    Second, he had no intention of ever doing the CFL, only the NFL and big stage.
    Third, he picked Drew becuase Drew manages the big stage players, no one else was ever in the running.

    Now, he needs to go to a big stage arena: NY, Texas, Calf. No other arena will fit so he won’t sign with just anyone, he will hold out if necessary to play on a team super bowl bound. My guess, Dallas. Good bye Tony.

    Ochocinco is also a Rosenhaus client so he was orchestrated to build up TP to get him mo money of course.

  15. 6-6? When you have Ochocinco and Rosenhaus talking you up, you’re 11′ tall. At least.

  16. Interesting comments:

    1) Brees slipped to round 2 over his height and arm strength. Round 2 is not exactly a place people with major questions go. Its a minor slide really. I see no true relation with Pryor there.

    2) Cunningham for his time was much, much more athletic than Pryor. Pryor plays more fast than quick.

    3) The reason Pryor is looked at as TE or WR is two fold- He is huge for that speed. And his accuracy and decision making are in question. Guys like Vince Young, and JaMarcus Russell who so far seem like recent busts did Pryor no favors. I personally feel Locker will be in this boat as well.

    4) I would bet Pryor runs around a 4.5 if we could get an official time.

    5) Pryor won’t go in round 1. Sorry Drew.

  17. 🙂 Great to have OchoCinco in your corner. That’s the type of character that I would want endorsing me. Another OSU great Mo Clarett. At least he acknowledges that he did wrong…. TP doesn’t see anything wrong and left college so he didn’t have to lie or get caught lying to the NCAA..

  18. @thekingdave

    you used the term “man card.” you should write commercials… I think using the word “man” and man-related things in a deep voice is an untapped market.

  19. This guy has more red flags than a putt-putt course. And it really is “widespread” that scouts and GMs don’t believe this kid is going to be an NFL QB. He pushes the ball instead of throwing it. He has terrible footwork. His completion percentage is misleading because he often leaves receivers reaching, stretching, and adjusting for balls. He’s late with throws and he’s not good at play recognition. I wouldn’t touch this kid with someone else’s draft pick.

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