Plaxico not interested in playing for Tom Coughlin again

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Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has gone from saying there’s no chance that receiver Plaxico Burress will return to the team to saying there’s a chance.  Jacobs can now officially nudge the needle back to “no chance.”

In an interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, about which we’ve already posted a couple of blurbs, Burress rules out playing for Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

Burress described their relationship as “ambivalent,” and he said that he rebelled against Coughlin.  “I’ve missed some meetings,” Burress said.  “I’ve been late.  I’ve been fined.”

Specifically, we’ve heard that Burress was fined upwards of 50 times in 2008 alone for a variety of infractions.

In contrast, Burress spoke glowingly about his relationship with former Steelers coach Bill Cowher.  And that means it could make sense to keep an eye on teams coached by men over whom Cowher has influence, such as the Cardinals and Ken Whisenhunt, and the Bills and Chan Gailey.

It also could make sense to pay even closer attention to the Steelers, given that offensive coordinator Bruce Arians served as Plaxico’s position coach in Pittsburgh.  Given quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s stated desire for tall receivers and Roethlisberger’s close relationship with Arians, an effort to bring Burress back to the ‘Burgh could be in the offing.

Regardless of where he lands, Burress plans to make an impact, promising that the league will be in for a “rude awakening” when he returns.

43 responses to “Plaxico not interested in playing for Tom Coughlin again

  1. Mendicants can’t be choosicants. If Da Jints show him any interest much less money; Plax would quickly find appreciation for Coughlin in his heart.

  2. Pittsburgh makes sense… It would allow Mike Wallace to stick on the outside mostly since he is clearly not developing the inside game that Santonio Holmes was able to in the same amount of time. As much as Coach Tomlin has said Wallace needs to develop into a more well-rounded receiver, he alligator-armed a drag route in the Super Bowl (that turned into a pick) and generally ain’t built for the inside routes yet. And why not play to his strengths anyways, while he still has top-end speed.

    Plax, Steelers Nation welcomes you back with open arms!!!

  3. Michael Vick certainly paved the way (the hard way) for Plaxico’s return. If I were Vick, I would want a cut.

  4. “I’VE missed meetings. I’VE been late”. He admits it was his problems. Yet he is ambivalent towards Tom Coughlin…why? Because Coughlin made him adhere to the rules that applied toward everyone else?

    Maybe he liked Cowher better because he was willing to bend/break rules for Plax. Maybe he is just looking for things to be the “same old things”. Sort of like his attitude.

  5. “I’ve missed some meetings,” Burress said. “I’ve been late. I’ve been fined.”
    Fined for missing meeting and being late???

    Oh, NOW I understand. How dare they fine you, do they know who you are?

  6. Coughlin probably would remind him of the guards while he was in the clink.

  7. Plaxico gets my vote for a roster spot on the lockout All Turd team along with K Britt.

  8. I want to play only for certain teams, with a spineless coach who’ll let me do what I want, when I feel like being there… oh yeah, and don’t insult me with a low, short-term contract offer.
    I have VERY high expectations of you if you want me to play for you and your team, but you can’t have any for me, got it?

  9. Apparently getting released from a 2 year jail sentence, being 34 years old at seasons begin, and never having a season with more than 78 catches allows you to pick and choose where you want to get your second chance at your career and your life.

    Not to mention, it entitles you the ability to undermine your coaches and “rebel.” He should just stay retired so he reaches the Hall that much faster.


  10. He rebelled to the fact Coughlin wanted him to be a responsible adult? Hell, he was in his late 20’s, early 30’s when he played for the Giants, getting paid millions of dollars to play a game.. What the hell was he rebelling against? The fact the coach needed him and the rest of the players to do their jobs, and act like a man instead of a petulant child?

  11. Yeah, he’s clearly changed…. lol Plax was fined by Coughlin for connnnnnnstantly being late to meetings. I interpret him saying he doesn’t want to play for Coughlin as him *really* saying, “I’m still lazy, I’m still going to be late to meetings, and I don’t want to play for a team that’s structured.”

    I really, really hope he ends up in Philly. Mark my words, whatever team he signs for he’ll be in trouble immediately. The only way he can keep out of the spotlight is if he goes to a team like Jax or Carolina.

  12. The Steelers are an organization that doesn’t stand for the BS that Plax has pulled throughout his time in the NFL. While they have a need for a tall receiver, they will not be taking any chances on an (almost) 34 year old WR that has been in prison the past 2 years that comes with heavy baggage. One Pennsylvania team already had a convict on their team, don’t expect Pittsburgh to be the other one.

  13. Even though Burress clearly has a problem playing for Tom Coughlin — Burress is not doing himself any favors trashing Coughlin.

    What good can that do him? Nada.

    What harm can it do? Plenty.

    This is Burress’ *last* shot at a big payday. To make it plain as day it’d be impossible to go to work for Tom Coughlin – establishes, even now (after all Burress has been through, and supposedly on his bestest behavior) – that Burress has major issues respecting authority. Wow.

    There is an interview of Burress on ESPN running now – where Burress speaks of how inhumane/inhuman prison was. First, he laments the 17 hours a day of being locked in a cell for 2 years. He also missed the freedom to socialize, come and go and eat as he pleased.

    But then Burress then shot off this red flag: his biggest struggle throughout his entire stint in the joint came from … (drum roll please) … having to buckle to AUTHORITY.

    The hope here is it works out for the guy – he doesn’t seem evil-spirited like say a Lawrence Phillips type of punk. But he has to grasp that his best interests in a rapidly shrinking and fleeting window of time to get paid – requires him to convince prospective employers of his willingness to do whatever it takes to be a team player.

    Where is Drew Rosenhaus to clue this guy in at a time it would do him some good?

  14. gcsuk says: Maybe he liked Cowher better because he was willing to bend/break rules for Plax. Maybe he is just looking for things to be the “same old things”. Sort of like his attitude.

    Plax never got in trouble in Pittsburgh under Cowher, so I don’t know what you mean by “same old things.” Maybe he wants to come back because he realized what he left behind. He’s not the only former Steeler to say something like that (Parker was the most recent).

  15. You just got released from jail and you’ll likely have a job. Be thankful, show some humility, and just shut up and play!

  16. TheRealist says:
    Jun 14, 2011 7:43 AM
    I want him on my team. Only idiots wouldn’t want Plax right now.

    Hasn’t played for 2 years, turning 34. Has a well-documented history of not following team rules. yeah man..teams would have to be idiots to not want him.

  17. he said that he rebelled against Coughlin. “I’ve missed some meetings,” Burress said. “I’ve been late. I’ve been fined.”

    Burress said prison was even harder than he thought it would be, and he said he had particular trouble with the prison staff. “The hardest part for me was just the authority,”

    Gee, could these two things be related???

    Rules (and laws!) just don’t seem to apply to this jacka$$.

    I hate to say this, but I almost wish that Burress HAD shot someone else in that bar instead of himself. If he had killed an innocent person, how many of you clowns would still be saying the sentence was too severe and he’s a good guy?

    Yeah, probably most of you. That’s about the intelligence level of too many PFT posters.

  18. Burress didn’t trash Coughlin. The man is being honest about his own failings and his NFL experiences. He admitted he had a difficult time with the rigidity of Coughlin’s rules and that he was regularly fined for his own screwups. Coughlin has been criticized for being too tough throughout his coaching career. Players said his willingness to lighten up in 2007 is one reason they were able to have such a successful season and ultimately win the Super Bowl. Cowher had a much different coaching style, and Burress preferred it to Coughlin’s. He’s entitled to prefer a relaxed approach to someone more militaristic.

    Burress is older, and one would hope wiser, than when he last played for Coughlin. He has a short window of opportunity to revive his career and wants to prove himself to the league. If his physical skills are intact, I’m sure Tomlin and Arians can work with him. He’d be an asset to the receiving corps.

  19. All this talk about Bums getting anything they want.
    that bum will make more money playing 1/2 of a football game than you will in your whole pathetic, miserable life

  20. pacificamjr says:
    Jun 14, 2011 11:17 AM
    All this talk about Bums getting anything they want.
    that bum will make more money playing 1/2 of a football game than you will in your whole pathetic, miserable life

    I’d rather make money and work my tail off and NOT have spent time in prison you moron

  21. Plaxico would fit in nicely with guys like Roethlisberger, Harrison and Mendenhall. Real class all the way around. I’m certain Art Rooney (Sr.) is rolling over in his grave as the class continues to leave the franchise. The Chief would have never put up with such clowns

  22. that bum will make more money playing 1/2 of a football game than you will in your whole pathetic, miserable life


    No he won’t. Median income for American males (2007) was roughly $45,000. If you count 30 years of earning potential in the average American male, that comes to $1.35 million. Plaxico would have to get a contract that pays him a minimum of $43.2 million per season to match that in a half of a game. It’s much more likely that Plax will get a contract that pays him $2-3 million per season at most, and that’s a high estimate given his age and the fact that he hasn’t played or really even worked out as anything but a yardbird in almost 3 years.

  23. @Deb
    Father of children, grown man, but let’s make excuses for him…Who spent two years in jail, while a chld was born as he was incarcerated, but since he played for the Steelers, it’s the militaristic attitude of Coughlin…..And poor old Plax could not deal, please, you are the biggest sycophant who ever graced the earth, he’s a POS, and ifhe went to Auburn instead of Michigan St, and played for the Bengals instead of the Steelers, you’d have said it, your game is OLD and tired……..You are as ugly as the comments you think you are better than……..Sad ass troll

  24. @jw731 …

    I have no idea where Burress played college ball, nor is it relevant to the discussion. Nor do I know anything about his personal life or even whether he has children, let alone the circumstances of their births. I didn’t blame Coughlin for anything, nor did I criticize him. I simply noted that he is known for have a militaristic or rigid coaching style and that Cowher was known for being more relaxed. Burress said he was frequently fined for violating Coughlin’s rules. I didn’t make any excuses for that behavior but said that he is older now and perhaps wiser and I expect Tomlin and Arians can handle him. If he violated their rules, I would expect him to be fined as he was with Coughlin.

    Burress was a troublesome player when he was younger, and I had no regrets when he left the Steelers. I believe his prison sentence was egregious for the crime, given that other states can’t find adequate facilities to house dangerous and violent offenders. And I pray he gets an opportunity to right his life because of that miscarriage of justice. It has nothing to do with where he once played. As many of their sane fans can attest, I frequently post positive comments about the Browns, Bengals, and Ravens, and their players.

    The only thing ugly and sad here is your filthy, unwarranted, and completely off-base attack–the second unprovoked personal attack leveled at me by a PFT commenter in the last couple of days. You and some of the other small boys suffer from player-hatred, union-hatred, issues with women posting on football blogs, and a general dislike of me and my views. Those are your problems, not mine. If you aren’t man enough to hang with an adult woman who understands the game and posts her comments just like everyone else, leave. I’m not going anywhere no matter how many tantrums you throw, how many of my posts you twist for your own disturbed purposes, or how much hatred you rant.

  25. @ Deb who insisted about Plax:

    “He’s entitled to prefer a relaxed approach to someone more militaristic.”


    You still don’t get it … yet as usual, you’re exceptionally confident in your views.

    Burress did himself no favors by publicly ruling out a coach by name – declaring for the NFL world to see that this coach was unacceptable for Burress’ personal preferences.

    What good did that do him? Zippo.

    What harm did that do him? Well, it shows he still abhors authority. Not useful for a guy whose stints with two teams ended because of his inability to heed authority.

    It also hurts his leverage (i.e., compromises his marketability, and thus what contract(s) he’ll be able to secure).

    Plax would have been a lot better off pumping sunshine up the backsides of the two teams he played for. Instead, he couldn’t help himself from displaying a tiny hint of the real Plax.

    But good old “Deb” understands e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. If you don’t believe her just ask her? She even claims to have a devoted fan club. She should rally that make believe fan club of hers to vote on some of her rants. She was getting killed like 1-11 on the last one I checked.

    And anyone who calls her out immediately gets tagged as a gender discriminating “little boy” with women issues – small little lads who are unable to cope with a “real woman” like her. This freak is effing awesome, isn’t she!!!!!

    Oh, and of course, there is the tiny wee wee innuendo she regularly deploys, misguidedly believing she’s playing some version of a trump card.

  26. @pauliekid …

    PFT posted a headline that John Randle said Favre was like one of the real housewives. I posted a simple reply that I’d always loved Randle but he’d been out of the league for years and that was a B*I*G stretch for a Favre headline. Like jw731, you started raging at me for no reason, twisting my comment into some kind of disrespect of Hall of Famer John Randle. You ranted that “no one ever asks you to respond to voice your opinion about anything – and here you are time and time again.” I said actually, some people have asked my opinion, has anyone ever asked yours? Now you’ve twisted that into me claiming to have a fan club.

    You kept on ranting hysterically just as you’re doing now and may still be doing so for all I know; I signed off and deleted that link … just as I’m about to do here.

    I’m posting my opinion on the articles just like everyone else. If you don’t like my posts, you are free to skip them and read something else. I haven’t posted anything to warrant these infantile personal attacks. You’ve both simply decided to behave like rude jackasses getting off on bashing a woman just because. I feel sorry for you, but as I said to you before, other than “Bless your heart,” there’s really nothing else I can say. Your delusions about what I think and what I’ve said are your own invention.

  27. There you go again convinced it’s about “woman bashing.” When is the light bulb ever going to flicker on for you?

    And, you presume I “don’t like your posts.” This is a mistake of act. I love your posts. All of them. They are enjoyable reads — just not necessarily for the purposes the author may have intended.

    Finally, puhlease don’t shelve the over-the-top emoticons you’re so well known for – all just because you caught a little ribbing over them.

    Just harmless banter – no need to reshape your posting posture over my words.

  28. Good job on Paulie, Deb.

    At least he chilled, so now you have another admitted fan. You deal a straight hand every time, Deb. And best of all, you’re a consistent Steeler fan that makes no bones about it.

    I’m in agreement with you on Plax in B&G. Of course, that would be contingent on one last chance to see if the tall Limas Sweed from UT has learned how to catch. If the youthful Sweed fulfills his promise, Pittsburgh may not have a slot for Plax.

    It would depend on Plax’ long term humility. He has time to prove his maturity level and I wish him well with his Urban League relationship. He can become a valuable asset to the league if he shows the capacity to mentor young players that could fall into the same lifestyle that led to his demise.

    I’m actually believing that Sweed may suffer stomach problems, no guts, in the big boy’s league.

  29. @george3246 …

    Thank you, I appreciate the kind words though paulie was heaping sarcasm in saying he enjoys my posts “just not for the purposes the author may have intended.” He meant he enjoys ridiculing me. He just spent two days screaming all kinds of bizarre lunacy at me on another thread. I’ve heard Thorazine is a good drug for schizophrenia 😉 (Oh, and paulie, I wouldn’t change my writing style for anyone, but the time for emoticons is when you are enjoying yourself. I wasn’t. Bet you hear that a lot 🙂 )

    Sorry, george, couldn’t resist. Back to football … I read the entire interview with Plaxico and he was simply talking about the difference between Coughlin’s management style and Cowher’s. He said Cowher always had an open door and you could talk to him about anything, but he couldn’t communicate with Coughlin, so he was unhappy there. I’ve been in similar situations with bosses; most people have. I really don’t expect the Steelers to take him on, though I think he’d work well with Tomlin and Arians.

    Love what you said about him helping young players. Wish the league and the NCAA would put some “Scared Straight” programs in place with pros who’ve really screwed up.

    The problem with Sweed is that we won’t know if he’s conquered his issues until he’s put to the test in a game … and then it will be too late to go for Burress. You think he has a gut problem. I’ve always thought it was a head problem–that he’s psyching himself out. It’s really too bad because he’s a terrific route runner.

    Thanks again for the post 🙂

  30. Oh … and to the peanut gallery: I generally use terms like boys, guys, and fellas and mean nothing by them except that most of you are male. But when I say, “little boy,” etc., or suggest a problem with someone’s manhood, that comes after a guy has been condescending, snotty, or downright vicious to me. Sorry if you can’t handle that, but grownup men don’t have a problem with a woman voicing her opinion on football. When guys behave like boys who are pissed that a girl has invaded their treehouse, they should expect to be called on it.

  31. @ Deb:

    You take yourself too seriously. Way too seriously.

    And your ability to take in information and deduce and distinguish what is real and what is imaginary (and only real in your world) is legendary.

    This makes you a “tool.”

    Tools serve a number of useful purposes in society. One of them is to unwittingly bring humor and joy to others.

    You get all wound up over nothin’ and then try to pretend to everyone that you’re not wound up (when it’s soooo obvious you are). Add in that you try to talk tough and make pee wee league efforts to denigrate – and you have quite a beautiful mix.

    Quite simply, that dynamic is entertaining to myself and others.

    And we ALLLLLL know you pleaded with that sole solitary figure to come in here and “have your back” with that last post. You did. Didn’t ya?

    Be honest Deb. I thought you deleted this link, but you were not being truthful with the group …. now were you?

  32. I deleted the link. But I’m linked to Steelers articles, so it was too easy to pop back in. Guess you’re like the bacteria under the microscope for me … something beyond my comprehension and I think if I keep looking it will make sense.

    I love football and have since I was a kid. So I come here and comment on the game. I’m honest in my posts and don’t try to be something or someone I’m not. I don’t go on rival threads and post nasty things about other teams or players or stuff that’s mean-spirited.

    But through the course of being on the site, I’ve been called a c*nt, wh*re, b*tch, been told I should be raped, been called a liar, been told repeatedly that I don’t belong on a football site, have no right to comment, that no one asked my opinion, the I’m a freak, that I belong on my back or in the kitchen, that I’m dumb as a bag of rocks, that I’m ugly, fat, unlovable, and a freak, that I think I’m better, smarter, and know more than everyone else. I’ve had guys scream at me over the most innocuous posts–as you did over the Randle post.

    And I’ve picked up all kinds of stalkers like you who follow me from thread to thread ranting at me over nothing and posting hateful diatribes, trying to sound like they’re Sherlock Holmes and have discovered the key to what makes me tick and are determined to “out” me for my little games and demonstrate their intellectual superiority. Oh, and like you, they always make sure to indicate that they speak for “everyone” and “everyone” is watching and listening and paying attention to the show they’re putting on … when in truth the people posting here don’t care about me or your big Columbo moment of exposing me for whatever it is you think I am or think or feel.

    Most people here communicate with me rationally and don’t seem to have anymore issue with me than anyone else. So every time I pick up someone chasing me from thread to thread spewing hatred like you, I wonder what makes guys like you go off the rails.

    But as I’ve said umpteen times now … I can’t help you. All I can say is “bless your heart.”

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