Rosenhaus expects Pryor to be a first round pick


Agent Drew Rosehaus and Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor didn’t try to explain the circumstances that led to Pryor leaving Ohio State at Tuesday’s press conference.

Instead, Pryor apologized “with all his heart” to Jim Tressel and Ohio State, saying he regretted what happened.  He wants to eventually graduate from OSU, but tried to focus on the future — in the NFL.

Pryor took the occasion to announce his entry into the NFL’s supplemental draft, as expected.  (This assumes there will even be a supplemental draft on time, which remains uncertain.)  Pryor made a statement without reading from notes, but did not take questions.  Rosenhaus didn’t take questions either.

Offering “no excuses” for Pryor’s past, Rosenhaus vouched repeatedly for Pryor’s character and talent.  The agent says he was “very moved” by how highly Tressel spoke of Pryor.   Tressel and Pryor reportedly speak 4-5 times a day.

“I expect [Pryor] to be a first-round pick,” Rosenhaus said. “Middle rounds for this guy?”

Early estimates indicate that middle rounds might be generous.  Pryor could fall to the sixth or seventh round. Then again, we remember some draft “experts” saying Cam Newton might be a second-round pick as late as January.

We would tell you more about the press conference, but ESPN cut away from it within minutes. It wasn’t on ESPNNews either.

Instead, the network chose to provide analysis on a news conference that wasn’t even over before transition into its running series: Coors Light Cold Hard Annoying Catchphrases.

60 responses to “Rosenhaus expects Pryor to be a first round pick

  1. Not a chance someone is going to give up a 1st in the supplimental for Pryor. Rosenhaus is constantly trying to create a market and it’s incredibly transparent. Pryor was an afterthought and would be lucky to get a 4th rounder in the supplimental….the problem is supply and demand, most people identified there answer at QB in the draft and the teams that didn’t probably want a veteran. Your screwed T Pryor, you may need to dig up some more sh$t to sell.

  2. First or second round. He is flat out a better prospect and person than Newton.

  3. Of coarse he does! That would mean more $$$ for him. Truth of the matter is Pryor is a good athlete but will not be a QB at the next level. I think he can succeed at doing something but is a team willing to give up anything higher than a 5th to find out?

  4. That’s kind of funny. That you are upset a TV network didn’t provide enough time for you to get enough material for your website.

  5. Would you expect his agent to say any less?
    Dude is pitching for a piece of that coin.

  6. This should be linked in with similar stories “Rosenhaus expects peace in the Middle East” and “Rosenhaus expects that LeBron James will Get A Clue”.

  7. he’s a 3rd or 4th rounder. Excellent wildcat prospect. Compare his college highlights to brady’s… he can make all the same throws!

  8. Rosenhaus is doing what he is paid to do, create a market for his client and make them both more money. I don’t think anyone will take Pryor in the 1st round but I wouldn’t be shocked to see him go in the 2nd or 3rd round, despite all the negative talk.

    The guy is 6’6, 240 and has a lot of raw talent, unfortunately for how good a football coach Tressel is he never developed those raw skills into a finished product. Give Pryor a good QB coach and a team willing to be patient with him and he could be a good NFL QB. A team like the Colts with an aging veteran firmly in place would be a great place for Pryor to develop without the pressure of playing any time soon.

  9. C’mon folks….. That’s Rosenhaus’ job: to be Pryor’s unapologetic cheerleader and advocate, period. He represents no other interest except Pryor’s.

    Big deal. That’s exactly what attorneys do, that’s exactly what any of you whom you pay to be your advocate would demand.

    So what if what he says is fanciful? What’s he supposed to say? ‘Well, you’re all right: my client is a turd and we expect him to be no higher than a fifth round pick… if that’?

  10. all the talk will focus on a 4th rd pick, but teams who want him will turn a bid of a 3rd rd pick! I could see the Redskins giving up a 3rd!

  11. “Rosenhaus expects Pryor to be a first round pick”


    Maybe in the CFL or UFL bot not the NFL

    And if by some insane reason he does go in the first round then I know whoever picks him needs to be fired on the spot and never allowed around a pro sports team again.

    Someone, get an intervention organized!!!Drew put down that pipe!!!!!

  12. Pryor is already working out with Ochocinco and some other NFL receivers. Rosenhaus will set up a workout and Terrelle will look great. As long as they don’t hire that moron Whitfield Jr.

  13. 4th round tops…this kid needs to be in Canada or the UFL – limited talent (certainly not a QB – neck up)….

  14. I have serious doubts that Pryor is worth a first round pick. I could see him being more like a Brad Smith than an elite QB.

  15. After reading this maybe in the new CBA the NFL should include drug testing for agents because Rosenhaus must be high on something to make a statement like that.

  16. I like him as a prospect, but would be very suprsed if he is a 1st round pick unless he goes to play in the UFL this year, looks great, and then enters the regular 2012 draft.

    In the supplemental I would not be shocked if he was a 2nd rounder though. Pat White got drafted in Rd 2. Pryor has plenty of upside, and his troubles are not NFL issues.

  17. He’s a 4th or 5th rounder just because he has the potential to play the receiver position. But inevitably, they’ll be a team that can’t resist the temptation to take a flyer on him at a higher round, or a GM looking to be hero——-happens every year. Suckers………..

  18. As long as you’re going to lie, Drew, why not just say two 1st round picks?

    And 72 virgins?

    Shoot for the moon, agent man!

  19. Rosenhaus: I expect him to be a 1st round pick!!!!
    Reporter: Where did you get that idea from
    Rosenhaus: NEXT QUESTION!!!

  20. A 1st round pick for this guy? A player whose best position in the NFL is not even known at this point?

    Sorry, Denver already took Tebow 2 years ago.

  21. So let’s get this straight:

    Last week it came to light that a CFL team gave away their rights to Pryor to another CFL team for literally NOTHING.

    This week supposedly Pryor’s agent is convinced an NFL team will spend a 1st rd pick on Pryor in the supplemental draft. Not just any supplmental draft, but one during a whacked out offseason with one of the most QB heavy drafts in recent memory.

    Any chance we can get drug testing for agents in the next CBA?

  22. pacificamjr says:
    Jun 14, 2011 2:44 PM
    he’s a 3rd or 4th rounder. Excellent wildcat prospect

    How can you talk about wildcat? The Dolphins barely ran that last season, that fad is over.

    The experts saying Newton should be a 2nd rounder were right, but due to the large need for QBs, and no real clear cut, hands down #1 he wound up going earlier than he should have along with some of the other QBs taken in the 1st.

    I also don’t think many teams would want to give up a draft pick on a guy that will take a few seasons to figure out if, or what position he will wind up playing. That seems a little bit much of a project, and unfortunetly for Ohio State project QBs are about the only kind of QBs they churn out there.

  23. The guy is an athletic freak with a very high ceiling (a la cam newton), but he hasn’t improved year-to-year enough to convince any GM he’s ready to lead an NFL team. This year was his chance to show he could take the next step and really use his athleticism to dominate games consistently and he’s pissed that chance away. We’ve seen it from time to time, but coming into college most people thought he’d be a Heisman winner by now. I’d guess someone will take a chance on him at 4th or 5th round value. At that level it can be a steal, and if it doesn’t work out it’s not a huge loss (every year there are plenty of 4th and 5th rounders that never make the field).

  24. Who says there’s no real news on this site since the lockout? We just found out that Drew Rosenhaus posts here under the name “hobartbaker”!

  25. I’m sure there is a team out there that wishes they could have wasted a first round pick on a great athlete with great ability but no skill at any position… hey, they must just get their chance.

  26. Don’t like the coverage? Hire a camera crew, send them out to these events, and then give your opinion. Oh wait that would make you guys real reporters.

  27. I gotta say if I am carolina right now I am feelin stupid. Pryor seems to me to be a more NFL version of Newton. Pryor throws the ball better. Reads defesnses better. PRyor has played in a more pro style (though not really pro style) than Newton. IMO neither guy should have been drafted before the 5th round. I think both guys are projects at best. But i think if you were looking for a tall mobil QB with a big arm coming out this year, IMO Pryor is the better NFL QB.

  28. Just when I thought i couldn’t think less of Pryor as a football player and person he saddles up next to Drew.

  29. And when I was TP’s age, I expected to be a millionaire playboy. Oh well.

  30. This is Matt Jones all over again. Too much risk to use a first round pick. If he says he’s willing to change position, then I might risk a 4th round pick on him. But you don’t use first round picks on players who are making a position change.

  31. If no one has taken this guy by the 5th, Andy Reid will. Hell, he could take him in the 4th.

  32. If Pryor had McCoy’s heart, willingness to work and accruacy he would be a sure first round pick.

  33. A 3rd or 4th at best and that is being kind no team will give up a 1st round pick.

    1 given that he had to leave school over character issues, 2 no one is even sure how good a QB he will be, 3 no one will be able to do the proper vedding process on him, 4 because they just don’t have to and they all know it!

  34. I loved the comment where he said he “wants to eventually graduate from OSU”. That one made me chuckle.

  35. mightymightylafootball says: Shoot for the moon, agent man!

    I’m pretty sure saying you want a first round pick for an undrafted free agent is the definition of “shooting for the moon”.

  36. Who recommended this press conference, LeBron James and Maverick Carter (sorry to mention the NBA).

    Drew, no one uses 1st rounders in the Supplemental Draft anymore!! Just go ask Bernie Kosar and Rob Moore’s original teams!!!

    I’ve only read one draft analyst calling Pryor a 3rd Round pick. Everyone else says he’s a 4th round pick or lower or not even an NFL quarterback.

    Good luck on “draft day”!!!!

  37. I haven’t seen anyone say it so I Will state the obvious. There is a fair chance he could go in the 1st round of the supplemental draft. AL DAVIS still owns the Raiders and is probably licking his chops at Pryor’s speed. Sorry Raider fans, but you’re owner is crazy, and is the only one I could see being dumb enough to take this guy in the first. Maybe Drew(hobart) already talked to old Al.

  38. The Raiders would be a great place for him…but anybody breaking out the “al Davis is crazy enough to take him in round 1 bs” hasnt been watching the last 2 raider drafts. If Al didnt trade into round 1 to draft a QB(kapernick) in April what makes you think he is going to take Pryor in round 1?

    Also, The raider have drafted a QB in round 1 only 4 times in their history…..and been burned. Al will wait another 15 years before he tries that again…….and yes he will still be alive.

  39. The last team to use a first round pick on a supplemental draft pick was the Giants back in 1992.

    They used it on QB Dave Brown and with the exception of one prominent draft analyst Terrelle Pryor is rated as worse than a 3rd round pick. How will a team literally gamble a first round pick on him??? There are people who feel that he’s not even a quarterback!!!

    Drew, you can spindoctor things as often as you want; but stop being a jackass!!!

  40. Everytime I read an article about this kid, I have to laugh as to how much power we have given to our media.

    So while this kid drives around OSU every year with a new car and even when him and his four friends got in trouble for selling their items for tattoo and other items, ESPN nor any of these elite sports media folks saw it fitting to investigate or even question any further. Nope.., they rather spend an entire college football season and then some chasing down a kid and accusing his college of paying for him to be there without proof. Imagine, receiving $180,000 for going to Auburn and the only sign of wealth was a scooter Cam used to get around campus with that was too sizes to small for him, while Pryor drove around OSU in a different car every year.

    And to think all that level of accusation against Cam and Auburn because his father did what many of us would have done if we knew we would/could get away with it; say yes to someone offering him money to have his kid attend their Alma-mater. And to think that these same sports media folks, who simply took Mr. Tressel at his word when he said he didn’t know what Pryor and the other athletes were doing spent endless days ridiculing Cam on his claim of not knowing what his father was doing….Go figure.

    One wonders how the sports media would have treated Pryor had he left school early and enter this past draft. Something tells me the sports media would have given him a free pass because of the school he attended and the fact that they already had all their “hate” energy directed at Cam Newton.

    Maybe Pryor should have left OSU early knowing what is now being exposed. But sadly, it’s usually folks like Pryor and Tressell who feel they would never get in trouble because they are made to feel invincible, both by the sports media and followers, so they believe they are.

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