Catching up on our team checklist series

The lockout will end eventually. Really.

When it does, teams are going to have to act fast to sign, release, and trade players to get ready for the 2011 season.  It will be the craziest free agent period of all time, with an unprecedented amount of activity in a short amount of time.  (Not to mention a record number of players likely to available.)

To help sort out all the madness before it starts, we’ve been creating a to do list of priorities for each team. (Oh, and because we need some content.)

Now we’ve compiled all the completed checklists thus far in one handy place, so head on over when you’ve got some time to kill.  It’s not like much else is going on at the moment.

2 responses to “Catching up on our team checklist series

  1. Good job patting yourself on the back for something that’s not finished yet. You’re not even halfway done yet. I understand meting checklists out to fill content as the lockout continues, but the listing order–especially when mostly teams with LONG checklists are left–is indicative of favoritism and deplorable. Nice ‘journalism’. You’ve covered the ‘easy’ checklists and look like you don’t want to research teams that you don’t know about or aren’t interested in. Most teams are remaining mum about internal news, so we have to come here for news. Now maybe the PFT writing staff can go write another verbose, boring article about how the lockout is still a lockout. Thanks for the update.

    Hurry up and finish before you congratulate your site.

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