Cedric Benson working out with Bengals, wants to return to team


The Bengals have made it clear that bringing back Cedric Benson is a top priority. While Benson believes he deserves a big deal, it sounds like the feeling is mutual.

Benson has been a surprise participant at Cincinnati’s player-only workouts, according to Joe Reedy of Cincinnati Enquirer.  He’s seen the team’s new offensive playbook and says he likes that Jay Gruden’s scheme has more downhill runs in it.

Even though he’s unsigned, Benson is sounding like a guy that plans to be back as a centerpiece in an otherwise changing offense.

“I’ve been very passive the last three years almost because I’ve had to,” Benson said. “I’m not saying I’m a totally different person or I’d be crazy vocal or anything like that. I would be a little bit more expressive. I work hard and am passionate about it. I want the guys I’m playing with to be the same way.”

12 responses to “Cedric Benson working out with Bengals, wants to return to team

  1. “Benson’s broken tackles per touch is 8.6%, which is rather low when considering that only two running backs posted a lower broken tackle percentage of running backs that recorded 20 or more broken tackles” – CincyJungle

    He doesn’t deserve a big contract. He’s a good running back nothing more nothing less.

  2. The Bears gave you a big contract and you acted like you had won the lottery and retired.

    Still a turd.

  3. Benson has been a class act since joining Cincy & appears to be on the verge of a leadersip role. Big fan

  4. yea go ahead and give him a big contract cincy and the see what how he plays. bears fans saw what he did after he got his when they signed him to his rookie contract and it was not pretty. complete bust with them and was more responsible for the bears losing the super bowl than grossman.sorry but if he does not fumble when they stupidly took out thomas jones for him then the momentum does not swing to the colts and the bears do not have to depend on grossman to bail them out.

  5. With offensive starters that will likely feature a rookie QB, rookie WR, a third year WR & a second year TE, Benson knows he’s got the Bengals backed into a corner.

    Unfortunately, without a passing game teams will load up against the run making it tough sledding for Ced.

  6. Too bad Mike Brown will try to lowball him. To get real money he’ll have to go somewhere else. Cheapest franchise in history.

  7. Sick of the sore-loser Bears fans. They made a big mistake in letting Benson go, pretty sure Benson’s charges were all dropped and the team apparently had some players that shunned him.
    How many years does he have to be a class act to prove the Bears wrong? How many 1,000 yard seasons will it take?
    I will take all the Ced Bensons you want to throw our way Chicago. Thank you very much!

  8. I think he deserves a longer, but not huge money deal. It’s not always about the broken tackles or yards per carry. He is an above average runner who is coming into his own mentally and maturity wise…. like it a lot.
    And a side note…. when people call Cincy cheap, they obviously haven’t looked into spending figures. The Bengals are always at the cap max. They are not cheap with their money, just sometimes misdirected….

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