Falcons cornerback is the subject of a restraining order, investigation

Getty Images

The fact that NFL players have plenty of time on their hands right now means that they’ve got an enhanced ability to attend to their interpersonal relationships.

Which may not always be a good thing.

Falcons cornerback Christopher Owens is under investigation for entering his ex-girlfriend’s apartment on Sunday night and “trashing the place,” according to TMZ.com.  His ex-girlfiend, LaTia Terry, and their nine-month son wasn’t home at the time.

Owens allegedly placed jewelry and clothing and other belongings in a pile and poured bleach on it — which at least is far safer than putting her shoes in the tub and lighting them on fire.  Owens also allegedly bashed holes in the walls, destroyed electronics equipment, and broke their baby’s crib.

Per TMZ.com, Owens and Terry had a heated argument regarding custody arrangements the night before the alleged incident.

Terry has obtained a restraining order against Owens, a third-round pick in 2009.  No arrest has been made, yet.