Haynesworth not happy with Haslett’s comments


Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, when not shooting a middle finger at the computer screen in response to reports of private lockout workouts, is posting thorough and detailed and multi-faceted story regarding free agency and the Eagles.  (Rosenthal is writing something about it.  After he gets back from chasing the ice cream truck around Manhattan on his tricycle.)

Buried in Silver’s article is news of Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth’s reaction to recent radio remarks from defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.  Per Silver, Haynesworth is “very, very [angry]” about the comments.  Haynesworth disputes the accuracy of the observations, and he is even more committed to not playing for the Redskins.

Appearing last week on 101 ESPN radio in St. Louis, Haslett criticized Haynesworth for refusing to listen to the team’s coaches.   “He can do almost anything he wants. He doesn’t want to do anything.  To me that’s the issue,” Haslett said. “He’s one of those guys you walk in a meeting and you tell him, ‘Put down the phone.’  The next day you have to tell him to put down the phone.  The next day, you tell him to put down the phone.

“You tell him, ‘Don’t read the newspaper in meetings.’  The next day you have to tell him the same thing.  It doesn’t stick; it’s an every-day thing.”

Silver mentions Haynesworth in an Eagles article because his former position coach in Tennessee, Jim Washburn, is now the defensive line coach in Philly.  Per Silver, Washburn is hoping for a reunion.

The Redskins, not surprisingly, are holding out hope that Haynesworth will decide to stay with the team, and to accept his role in the 3-4 defense.  Or maybe they’re simply trying to muster some/any trade leverage.

“When we left him he was suspended, so obviously it didn’t finish in a party at the end of the season,” Redskins G.M. Bruce Allen told Silver.  “Last [offseason], we had several dialogues with his representative outlining and trying to project how the season would go and what different roles he might play.  Obviously, it didn’t work out, for him or for us.  We’ll have that same dialogue once we have a new CBA.

“Albert has been quite frank with me this entire time.  I’m sure he will be once again.  I’ve never had a problem with him being honest with me.”

Haynesworth apparently has a problem with a perceived lack of honesty from Haslett, but in all honesty there’s no way the Redskins are going to give Haynesworth away — especially if he’ll land elsewhere in the division and have a chance to wreak the kind of havoc twice per year on the Redskins that he never has wreaked on their behalf.

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  1. So Haynesworth wants to take the Skins money, not play for us..but for a divisional rival. Like he has some sort of revenge motive against the skins….this guy is atrocious.

  2. So what’s gonna be in the CBA to prevent an a hole like Haynesworth from just quitting on the team? It must be nice to not do your job and get paid very well.

  3. Of all the fat, lazy, selfish slobs in the sports world, this guy must be the fattest, laziest, most selfish and slobbiest of them all. What a gutless fraud, signing for all that money then refusing to render services. There needs to be some mechanism where teams can sue or recoup money from players like this.

  4. “and he is even more committed to not playing for the Redskins”

    So he is pretty much in the same mindset as he was when they first signed him

  5. Then take your lost & release the guy, as much as AL davis loved Russell he still release him no point & keeping a guy that does not want to be there!!!

  6. enough is enough with this Haynesworth

    I am sick of reading his name

    from now on I suggest PFT only refer to this dude as: FAT ALBERT

  7. “but in all honesty there’s no way the Redskins are going to give Haynesworth away”

    Are you serious? Do you really think a team is going to trade anything for him and inherit the existing contract? The lockout has made you slow. The Redskins will be releasing him soon after the lockout ends.

  8. this guy is such a bum. unfortunatley i have no shame when it comes to signing duded that get to the qb. my eagles need to sign this bum

  9. especially if he’ll land elsewhere in the division and have a chance to wreak the kind of havoc twice per year on the Redskins that he never has wreaked on their behalf.


    He will wreak havoc on the Redskins Salary everyweek! and still wont play up to par.

  10. I’m going to name Haynesworth the Snookie of the NFL because all I hear is “WAHHHHHHHHHH” whenever he speaks. Bigass baby.

  11. Well Albert, all you have to do is get your rear in gear and go play. It’s hard to say they’re wrong about you when you’re sitting on the bench whining because you don’t want to follow instructions.

  12. Why would you guys make fun of Albert’s weight? He looks just fine to me.


    Andre Smith

  13. Per Silver, Haynesworth is “very, very [angry]” about the comments. Haynesworth disputes the accuracy of the observations, and he is even more committed to not playing for the Redskins.

    Yea, of course he’s angry because the truth hurts!!!
    We wouldn’t want you to follow the rules Al!!!

  14. Sorry AH but nobody believes you over Haslett. Your credibility is long gone if you ever had any to start with. P.S. please stop assaulting people. P.P.S. – its cool that you can read.

  15. Well guess what fat boy, Haslett is very very angry also. Only he has every reason to be. You are a turd and everybody knows it. Ship him to Oakland, actually that is to good for him. Send him to the Arena League.

    I only wish I could get into a road rage incident with him and steal some money like he did. Goodbye. Tell mushmouth I said whats up.

  16. Mr. Haynesworth and Mr. Britt will serve a wonderfully evil purpose as my henchmen. They have all of the attributes that I require in new recruits. The NFL’s loss is my gain.

  17. Haynesworth should just go enjoy his 100 mil. Stick a fork in him or let the Eagles have him. Skins, Pokes and G-Men will run all over him twice, each.
    Perception is reality Al.

  18. Too bad there is no way to put him on a list, not pay him and still retain his “rights” preventing another team from signing him. If there was ever an example of a situation where collusion would be acceptable, this is it. This TURD should never have the privilege of suiting up in an NFL uniform again.

  19. hawtkarl says:Jun 15, 2011 5:24 PM

    Haynesworth, TO, OchoCinco should be locked out of the NFL. Reality TV needs them much much more.

    Not fair comparison! TO may have been a prima donna, but he always played hard. Fat Albert NEVER played hard.

  20. but honestly i don’t blame Haynesworth. the Redskins coaches are some of the worst in the league. you devise your plays and formations based on the talent you have not on what a stubborn old man wants to do. Hayneworth is better in the 4-3 so play a 4-3. the coaches can’t figure out what to do with their talent on either side of the ball. I’m just glad I’m not a Redskins fan.

  21. Your butt is wide, well mine is too
    Just watch your mouth or I’ll sit on you
    The word is out, better treat me right
    ‘Cause I’m the king of cellulite
    Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right

  22. The rest of the unemployed world is equally angry at that useless turd who essentially stole $100 mil, by refusing to play even when his fat butt was on the field….boo hoo, it is my humble opinion that he is a large rotting, stinky, piece of garbage. Should be in jail for fraud and misappropriation of funds.

  23. Nothing seems to make Albert happy, whether it be getting up off the turf to continue a play, other peoples driving etiquette, 100 million $ contracts or white girls for waitresses.

  24. Dear Albert, please keep your lazy butt in D.C. You are more help to the Eagles as a Redskin. Plus, we don’t need you wreaking havoc on the Philly highways.

  25. Just another fine example of the dysfunction that is the Washington Redskins. They bring in a guy who does not fit their scheme, give him a huge salary with a ton of guaranteed bonuses without performance incentives, try to force him to play a different position, and then complain when he rebels. He may have prior character issues, but they should have been addresses by the front office before he was even paid.

    The Skins brought this ugly problem upon themselves and are now doing an even worse job of getting rid of it. They aren’t going to just cut him and let him go to any team he wants, they would instead prefer to chave some sort of control via a trade. I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but after his $21 million payday last year, his contract really isn’t all that generous. That makes him easier to trade, but then they go ahead and say things like this that would potentially damage his market value so they’ll get even less for him. If the Eagles do get him, I hope he causes all sorts of chaos for Beck and Torain in the backfield. We all know Snyder won’t learn anything from this. He’ll probably go out and sign Asomugha to a $25 mil per year contract to play tight end…

  26. This dude is absurd. He lives in a town center in va near the practice facility. I have buddies who go out to happy hours all the time there and see him riding around in a Segway. Doesn’t even wanna walk to the bars! Yeah he’s real motivated.

  27. The funny thing is that there are any teams that actually want this guy. Some people never learn. None of these teams will ever win a championship.

  28. Hey raven, we’re glad your not too.
    Maybe he can come up 95 and start telling your coaches what to do. The call them “coach” for a reason.
    This whole thing goes way beyond the wrong scheme. It is about integrity, character, honor….it’s about not being a “thief”.
    He will be 400lbs and broke in 10 years. That’s what happens to weak men who lack integrity.
    Give back the money Al, you are a semi-legal thief.

  29. My zippers bust, my buckles break
    I’m too much man for you to take
    The pavement cracks when I fall down
    I’ve got more chins than Chinatown

  30. Just another fine example of the dysfunction that is the Washington Redskins. That’s funny!

    Fat boy fit the scheme when they signed him.
    And if he didn’t like the scheme then why sign with the Redskins. If the Redskins played a 3-4 the year they signed him, he still would have signed, cause he was chasing that paper!

    When Shanahan came in and changed to a 3-4 scheme. Yes, he’s forced to play a different position.

    Fat Albert, stay out of Jackson’s. I see you there all the time. If you put the same effort on the football field, as you do throwing them cold ones back. You would be one hell of a football player.

    I hope the Skins ship your punk ZZZ to Buffalo for a 7th rd pick in 2020. You still would have to play in a 3-4.

  31. Sorry fat boy…….the truth hurts….even when you’re fat and rich.

    A great way for you to have proven the Redskins and Haslett wrong would have been to go out and have a pro bowl season……..ohhhh….haha, I keed I keed!

  32. I would never defend Haslett since he has a reputation for problems in his locker rooms, but Haynesworth has done nothing to prove that he can be a team player.

    He is in for a big surprise next time he is a free agent.

  33. Hey Fat Albert, your upset at Haz? Why don’t you man up and take a swing at him, then when you get your butt kicked, you can go cry Mama mama!

  34. I wish someone could explain to me why Washington gave him that huge contract with so much in guaranteed money.

    I remember before he hit FA thinking, he’s not going to get as much as he thinks and then the details of the contract coming and it was maybe THE most surprising thing I’ve witnessed in the NFL.

    He wasn’t that great. He didn’t have the pedigree of say a Reggie White. DT isn’t that important of a position and Washington had a top 5 defense at the time.

    How was this guy going to make things better? He was known to have a bad attitude. Stomped on a players head. Had injuries… So why that contract?

  35. As much as i cant stand this tuboflard. Ive been seeing our polititians doing this for years.

  36. Haslet is not an easy coach to work with. That is not a defense for Fat Albert. Just let me throw this out to you all. What if he comes in here (phila.) and plays like he is capable of for Washburn? Seems Wash. is the only coach he puts out for. When he does…LOOK OUT!

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