Matt Hasselbeck wants to be a Seahawk, but ready for anything


After 10 seasons with the Seahawks, Matt Hasselbeck seems poised to leave whenever the lockout ends. But he would prefer to stay.

Hasselbeck said today that he’s hoping for the best but preparing for the worst regarding whether the Seahawks brass is going to send him packing and make Charlie Whitehurst the starter for 2011.

“I definitely am hopeful to be back here, but at the same time, I understand that with a new GM, with a new regime, they sometimes want to go in a different direction,” Hasselbeck said, via Mike Sando of “That could happen, too. I am prepared for whatever. Right now, I am just trying to get strong, really improve in some areas on the field and make a big leap this year physically and be ready to play at a high level — play hopefully the best football of my career.”

Hasselbeck noted that he and new Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell worked together in Green Bay in 2000 and said he’d like to work with him again.

“I have been with Darrell in Green Bay,” Hasselbeck said. “I really like him as a coach. I love the offense he is installing here. If I was in charge of the offense, it is the offense that I would install. That learning curve would be good.”

Ultimately, Hasselbeck seems to know that with a team that wants to get younger, a guy who’s turning 36 in September has tough odds to stick around.

“Either way, it’s going to be a pretty new coaching staff,” Hasselbeck said. “There is a lot of change here in Seattle in terms of the roster. They like to change the roster as much as they can, probably in an effort to get younger.”

The Cardinals, Titans, Dolphins and Vikings are among the teams that have been named as potential landing spots if the Seahawks decide to dump Hasselbeck.

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  1. Matt Hasselbeck healthy with an improved O line running the Bevell offense (with which he is intimately familiar) seems to me as a recipe for big success!! Now is not the time to move on. Super bowl experienced QBs are not on every corner. Keep him clean and he is as good as anyone out there.

  2. I think Hasselbeck would be a good fit here in Cincinnati. His father is from the area so he enjoys and respects the city as a whole. On top of that he’s a perfect stop gap to give Dalton a year or two to sit and watch. He knows the west coast offense so he would catch on to Jay Gruden’s offense relatively quick. I’d like to see Matt in stripes for a year or two. Good fit for Cincinnati.

  3. As a life long Hawk fan, I won’t forgive them if they let him retire somewhere else.

    It’d be one thing if they had his successor waiting under his wing, but they don’t have that. He gives them the best chance to win in what is sitll a winnable division.

  4. Matt will stay in Seattle. Whitehurst certainly isn’t ready to take the reigns and of all the veteran QBs available this year, Hasselbeck make the most sense in Seattle. Like Claymus1 said, just keep the Hasselbeck from getting pummeled by opposing defenses and he will stay healthy, when he’s healthy he plays well. Also, and this is a must, if we do keep Hasslebeck, we have GOT to find a way to score in the first quarter. Matt plays better football when they score early. Just an observation.

  5. wow. Seattle is going to ride that boner from beating the saints all off-season huh? They were/are terrible. they made the playoffs with a losing record from worst division. Hasselbeck is just being loyal to the territory he wants to retire in, fair enough.

  6. re-808raiderinparadise At least the Seahawks made the playoffs, cant remember the last time the Raiders were there. Dont worry, they will be playing in LA in a couple years.

  7. Well he might not play the best ball of his career, but it’s almost impossible to be worse than the last 3-4 seasons. And ya can’t just blame that on the offensive line.

    Pretty sad to see Fader fans talking smack to anyone, much less the Seahawks. We ended their playoff dreams in 84, back when they were still relevant. Been a long long downward spiral ever since. Whatever. We just stole the only decent coach they’ve had in the last 10-20 years. It’s really gotta suck to see every decent coach leave and win somewhere else. Raiders are so pathetic that I feel like I’m kicking a retard every time I talk smack to their fans. It’s too easy, and really just piling on. That’s gotta be the worst run sports team in all of professional sports.

  8. Ambivalent on this one..Charlie starting=Andrew that would be very good.

    Matt had a few decent games last year, doesn’t have much of an arm, but definitely is the leader on the team. A young team needs veteran leadership.

    BUT, Charlie starting=Andrew Luck

  9. He’s saying all the right things in order to be paid the highest $$$. Knowing Pete, they will make a play for Kolb, Hasselbeck, and Palmer in THAT order. They will sign Tavaris Jackson to compete with Whiehurst for the 2nd QB spot.

  10. If I remember he was a student of Cam Cameron? If so I see him being the new big name back-up QB in Baltimore next season

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