NFL, NFLPA* say talks will continue

The NFL and the NFLPA* said this afternoon that their talks will continue. And that’s all they said.

In a joint statement released Wednesday, both sides confirmed that negotiations are ongoing, but they also said they will offer no comments about the substance of the negotiations.

“Discussions between NFL owners and players under the auspices of Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan took place again this week and will continue,” the statement said. “At the request of Judge Boylan, both sides have agreed to maintain the confidentiality of the substance of the talks.”

The NFL also confirmed that the people in attendance from their side were Roger Goodell, Jerry Richardson, Clark Hunt, Robert Kraft, John Mara and Dean Spanos. The NFLPA* confirmed that the people in attendance from their side were Kevin Mawae, Jeff Saturday, Tony Richardson, Domonique Foxworth, Brian Waters and DeMaurice Smith.

13 responses to “NFL, NFLPA* say talks will continue

  1. The NFL and the NFLPA* said this afternoon that their talks will continue.

    Well bang the drums. Sound the horns. What breaking news!!!

    Next breaking story: Both sides trying to reach an agreement in time to save the season.

  2. No lawyers present is great news. Looks like the players are controlling their own destinies now, instead of being lead into a quagmire by Kessler. Good for them. This deal may get done after all.

  3. So is there an update on how the talks went today?

    I won’t be optimistic until they sign the dotted line. I made the mistake of getting optimistic yesterday and of course, the lawyers did everything they could to dismantle the talks.

  4. I noticed that in the beginning Mike Brown was often involved in these talks… I wonder what idiotic thing he said that made Jerry and Roger bitch smack him right out of future negotiations..

  5. I just want football, I don’t care how they get there just get there. We need it done in time to have free agency, preseason games and a full regular season. Give me that and there are no hard feelings. Screw me and I am torked at both Players and Owners, I also will not be to happy with De Smith or his partner in crime Mr. Goodell!!!!

  6. the next leading story will be ” the on-going
    talks between the NFL and NFLPA* have
    produced one agreement….talks have broken
    down and will not take place in the forseeable
    future. sigh

  7. Just keep the lawyers at arms length and they’ll get it worked out. Seems they’re all starting to sense that fan frustration is beginning to morph into fans being just plain old fashioned pissed off.

  8. The NFL and the NFLPA (who don’t even exist but are still speaking for the players,lol ),have announced today that DeMaurice Smith is an Ambulance chasing sleeze (oh wait,he is a trial lawyer,so calling him a sleeze is redundant ).

  9. Every day it’s back and forth, Mike. Today: “Good news, talks to continue!” Tomorrow: “Bad news, talks may break down.” And on, and on. I won’t believe squat until this thing is signed and the players and coaches are on the field together. They are running out of time to keep this fan for the 2011 season. Until these talks started showing a smidgen of promise, I was getting on with my life with a simple bi-weekly check of this site.

    So, I’ll continue with that same approach. If July 4th arrives without an agreement or a consensus that one is coming within a few days, I’m done. I don’t have the time to waste on this league and these players if they cannot get it done with enough time to field a decent product. I think that time is the beginning of July.

    Of course, I’m a Fins fan so the whole point is moot, really.

  10. I hope these millionaires/billionaires realize that just missing training camp can cripple a small town’s economy that relies on them. I know in Flagstaff Az, Cardinals training camp gives them thousands of fans a day for a month. That is money they cannot get back if the lockout doesn’t end before training camp would start. Hotels, restaurants and bars would take the hit, while the players and owners can get all their money as long as they get back in time for pre season games. It is time to hammer out the details, concede on both sides and get the deal done. The people that support you need you to do it.

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