Throwing some water on the “lockout will soon end” talk

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With all signs pointing to the end of the lockout in the near future and more and more accounts suggesting that the future is pretty damn close to now, Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports via Twitter that she’s hearing that talks between the NFL and the NFLPA* are continuing today — and that we should not get “carried away by the hype.”

We’re hearing that what she’s hearing is accurate.  Though we don’t have any firm details (yet) regarding the things that transpired when the lawyers re-entered the process on Tuesday, the Name That Tune-style pegging of the weeks and days remaining in the process represents a level of optimism that is not fully warranted.

Stay tuned for more details, whether from us or elsewhere.  We’ve got a feeling that Liz’s report is the first in a string of nuggets that will serve as a tapping of the brakes for those who envision a Father’s Day filled with the smell of lighter fluid and the thrill of the looming expenditure of free-agency dollars by the local football team.

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  1. Those who had July 15th in the “name the date the lock out ends” pool are looking very good right now.

    I really think that the league knows that missing actual games (especially the 9/11 New York game) would be a disaster (financially and from a PR standpoint).

    Additionally, the league knew with so many teams “starting over” this year with new coaching staffs there was a serious question of whether the league’s competitive balance (and integrity) would survive a October/November start.

  2. So what the “experts” with “inside” information are trying to say is:

    I am not sure but I think that I don’t know.


    The “talks” are an enigma surrounded by a riddle wrapped inside of a mystery.

  3. I hate it when I see a light at the end of the tunnel and it turns out to be a Lawyer in a Miner’s Hat.

  4. I don’t think anyone realistically believes the lockout will end by the weekend, but most believe it will end within a month or so which is right on track at this point.

  5. There seems to always be something with this lockout, always just that one little problem that could mess up a new deal.

  6. Once the two sides – especially the PA – decided that they actually wanted to do a deal (rather than let the courts hand them victory or defeat), then the deal is essentially done. There is going to be one, and there is going to be one within a couple weeks. Once the decision is made to do something, the rest is a formality – granted, a formality requiring a lot of work and negotiation, but it’s a matter of when, not if.

    The only thing that could go wrong is that one side of the other flat out backs out and decides they want to let it ride in court.

    I don’t know why anyone would expect something by father’s day. At the earliest it would be 4th of July, which would be about a month and change after the talks started again. 1st or 2nd week of July seems a realistic point for the sides to get close enough to an agreement in principal that the lockout gets lifted while the details get hammered out. 2-3 weeks of FA followed by a slightly shortened training camp, maybe missing one pre-season game.

  7. Word slipped out that the owners have made more concessions during the “no-so-secret” talks, but there has been on indication whatsoever that D. Smith has made any concessions of any nature.

    These are just talks, not negotiations.

    A deal will not get done until after the 8th circuit rules. If the lockout is upheld, D. Smith will finally negotiate because the players will make him negotiate or fire him. If the lockout is overruled, he clearly will not negotiate because he believes that he will be sitting in the “cat bird’s seat”. And the NFL will have to decide their next move.

    We will know that the “not-so-secret” talks are serious when we hear that D. Smith has actually made concessions. Until then, all of this is empty talk and talk is cheap.

    I just hope that the 8th circuit rules soon so that we can get onto the next phase of this mess.

  8. Not sure of the other teams, but Cowboys camp starts in 6 weeks. The owners have to reserve the facilities, hotels, food, etc. I see either a deal, or the owners lifting the lockout for an uncapped year very soon.

    Why leave Billions on the table?

  9. That must be the PFT glass. As you can see, it will never be “all full” due to the way it’s held and the force of the tap water.

  10. Owners lose money if they miss preseason games. Some players have already missed money – bonuses and free agents. Does either side think that they’re going to make up lost revenue/pay by dragging this out?

  11. It’s a good move by the owners to create some hope right now. It may not work out in the end but the never-ending doom and gloom that fans have been going through is bad for business. Giving fans a slight lift from that at this point is important.

    If our hopes are dashed in the end we’ll go back to doom and gloom but at least we got a break from it in the meantime.

  12. Let’s put this in the simplest context possible…..Yogi Berra’s great proclamation that…….

    “It ain’t over till its over”

    In this case, we’re talking about the lockout, of course.

  13. This is very simple. The moment Kessler and Pash (the lawyers) stepped out of the picture tons of progress was made. Yesterday the lawyers stepped back into the picture and all of a sudden it is “slow down everybody”.

    The lawyers have the opposite incentive of the players and the NFl. They benefit by dragging this out as long as possible and making it as complex as possible. There is a reason why Chester Pitts, who previosuly has never been in the public eye, is making videos against Goodell, etc.. It’s because his agent is Jeffrey Kessler’s son (Andrew Kessler) and they want to create as much derision and diversion as possible. Kessler (and Pash while we are at it) needs to go, it’s as simple as that. Players and the NFL want to make a deal. The lawyers want to make a mess.

  14. I can only speak for myself, but if the NFL cancels as much as 1 preseason game, I’ll be canceling my Directv Sunday NFL ticket. I’ll use the $400 to go see some college football games.

  15. If the lawyers are out that is good but they need to come in to write it up too. the nba drama is over so we only have baseball? uh Forget hockey. Hockey is not really real hockey like it should be. Too many goons and you gotta let the skilled players play. That’s exciting. To to a boxing match if you want blood.

  16. I got an idea… How about you people at PFT don’t write one more article about the lockout and your predictions about its conclusion until it is actually over. Everyday its “progress being made” or “secret talks going well” and then the next day its “don’t get your hopes for playing all of the season” or “NFLPA and NFL still not close to reaching deal” It is SICKENING!! Lets face it you don’t have any idea how close they are to getting this done or when its going to end so please don’t write anything else about it until it is actually over with.

  17. sc500- You’re on Pro Football Talk’s webpage. With the lockout going on there isn’t much else to talk about pertaining to PRO FOOTBALL.

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