Ahman Green takes aim at Texans G.M. Rick Smith


The Ahman Green era in Houston is long forgotten, so this post would probably have made more sense to write in 2008.

But Florio has one test for whether something is postworthy:  Is the story interesting?  And I definitely found an exchange between Green and Texans G.M. Rick Smith as described by Green quite interesting.

“Rick Smith called me into his office . . . and he didn’t know how to start the conversation so he just went right out and said it: ‘Ahman are you faking your injury?’  And I kind of took a step back. . . .  It was like a wow. This was probably the biggest eye-opening thing I ever experienced in my professional career,” Green told Sean Pendergast on 1560 The Game in Houston Thursday.

“It took me everything in my power not to do something that I would have regretted,” Green said.

Immediately after that, Green asked to be let out of Houston.  They kept him for another season.  We haven’t previously heard a negative word about Smith,  but Green mentioned that the incident wasn’t necessarily unique.

“I had run into former players that played for the Texans before I got there that gave me a warning. Be careful. Be leery of that person or leery of that person. And ironically one of the people I was warned about was Rick Smith,” Green said. “Have him on alert. Be ready for a curveball coming at you.”

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  1. if i was a professional athlete, i think i would rather be asked if my mother was a prostitute.

  2. Before you say something like that it better be obvious or it better be to someone who acts like Donovan McNabb. Ahman has always given me the impression of a humble hard worker, and it has since been confirmed by his acceptance of a 3rd-string RB role for the Packers recently, and two stints in the CFL for next to nothing at a point in his career when he could be content sitting on his butt and watching TV. I’ve always been on the fence about Rick Smith, he seemed to be an average GM from what I could tell from his drafts and what he does in Free Agency (granted GMs need at least 5 years before you can start judging them), but this is ridiculous. What an ass hat!

  3. And another thing… It’s not the norm for a 30+ to be healthy. If he is acting injured it’s probably true, if he is running around like his legs are fresh THAT’S when I would be worried.

    Rick Smith gave a 30 year old RB a 4 year contract at 6 mil per year. How dumb is that?

    How to be a GM
    Step #1:The youngest position on your team should be your running backs.

  4. If it weren’t for “Santa Claus” Rick Smith, Ahman would have never left Green Bay.

    Ted Thompson would not overpay.

    End of story.

  5. Why even ask such a stupid question?

    Like hes gonna say yeah im faking it. Wow is all I can say about that.

  6. Being a Texans fan (yeah, I’m the one), I can say that we desperately needed a RB at the time and Ahman Green still seemed to have something left in the tank. Rick Smith had to be in disbelief that his skills didn’t just erode, they dropped off the face of a cliff. 1,059 rushing yds in his previous 14 games with the Packers to 554 yds in 14 games over 2 years with the Texans ? I think he was allergic to contact … and the first down marker. And averaging about 3.8 yds a carry and 2.9 yds a reception while missing half the games, it’s a legitimate question !

    Now, of course, it’s the 1 position on the team where we have quality depth.

    Ahman, welcome to the real world where employees get asked WTF is wrong when they’re continually out and/or not producing like they did with their previous employer.

  7. I can see how Ahman Green would take this offensively, but at the same time, it’s not a completely unwarranted question. I doubt he was faking his injury, but it’s still something that you can wonder about.

  8. From a business standpoint, I see nothing wrong with this question. Smith is getting strait to the point and asking an honest question. If Green gets defensive, he’s either 1) acting unprofessional; and/or 2) maybe there’s some truth to Smith’s comments. Plus, I seem to remember an article where Green admitted injuries weren’t his only issue in Houston. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4586440
    Smith obviously sensed that and wanted to know the reasons behind it, albiet in an insensetive way, but, aren’t girls the only ones who get their feelings hurt by insensitive questions? What’s the problem with answering “No I’m not and here’s the proof?”

  9. Rosenthal… it’s the lockout.. and a current GM is reported to be completely tactless jerk by a household name, almost, star running back. Interested??? We’re dying here!! Keep it coming.

  10. This is hard for me. I went to high school and college with Ahman. He of course dominated high school then went to NU. He shared a freshman season with Lawrence Phillips and after that dominated. He sat behind Ricky Waters and then moved on to be a star for Green Bay. I guess what I’m getting at is this guy has been a wonderful teammate all his career. He has stuck around too long but to hear that anyone would question his toughness…man that hurts.

  11. Heck, the entire Houston fan base thought he was faking it. You’d read all the articles on his strict workout and stretching regimen and then he’d get a carry, fall down, and be on the sidelines for six games. Then he’d do it all over again.

    I don’t fault Rick for asking because we all wondered…….

  12. If you haven’t heard anything bad about Rick Smith, you haven’t been listening. This guy has been awful for the franchise, has a terrible draft record, and has been accused by multiple former players of mistreatment. How he hasn’t been fired yet is the real mystery. If you need know anything else about this guys incompetence, consider this: he signed a broken down running back to a ridiculous, laughable (and believe me, other people in the NFL literally laughed out loud at it) multi-million dollar contract with guaranteed money. That running back – Ahman Green.

  13. Dang… last time I read about someone in a FO/coaching capacity questioning a player’s injury it was Martz with Kyle Turley in St Louis.

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