Coughlin wishes Plaxico well


Plaxico Burress has made it clear that he’s not interested in playing for Tom Coughlin again. For Coughlin’s part, he says he has no hard feelings toward Burress.

“As I’ve said many times, I’ll stay with the same line: I hope he gets some normalcy in his life and has a chance to spend some time with his family and that he gets to know his kids once again,” Coughlin told the New York Post. “His wife has done a tremendous job of holding that family together for the last two years. She deserves some help.”

Regarding Burress’s description of his relationship with Coughlin as “ambivalent,” Coughlin said it doesn’t affect him.

“I don’t pay any attention to it,” Coughlin said last night at Yankee Stadium. “It is what it is. Maybe he’s sending me along a badge of honor. How do I know?”

Burress is about as likely to send Coughlin a badge of honor as Coughlin is to send Burress a contract offer.

8 responses to “Coughlin wishes Plaxico well

  1. I wouldn’t want Burress on the Giants even if he played for the veteran minimum. You’ve been replaced, Plax, and his name is Hakeem Nicks. And he’s going to be much, much better than you ever were.

  2. Coughlin’s comments sound like backhanded compliments. “His wife has done a tremendous job of holding that family together for the last 2 years”…that just sounds like a knock on Burress. Because unless Couglin has a personal relationship with Plaxico’s family, how does he (Couglin) know who is holding up the family…much less whether or not she’s doing a tremendous job? It sounds like a compliment but it’s a serious knock on Plax.

  3. To the guy above what did plax do to you? as far as giants go he was a big part in getting them a ring.

  4. too bad. i was hoping to get some more mileage out of my #17 Gmen jersey. fans will continue to berate me when i wear it to games.

  5. It’s such a shame dude… I loved Plaxico in a Giants uniform. But WR is one of our deepest, strongest positions and big blue did a good job recovering from that gun shot wound.

  6. I have an idea, how bout we act like maybe he has been in freakin jail for 2 years getting treated like someones girlfriend (which we know happened) before thinking he will be a good NFL reciever again.

    If someone wants to invite him to try out it would be a good start

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