Derrick Brooks on the flaws of the lockout workouts

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As plenty of NFL players continue to engage in privately-organized workouts while the lockout continues, a future Hall of Famer thinks that the players are, in some respects, wasting their time.

“You can only conditition a certain way when you’re under the microscope, when you’re under the coach’s watch,” former Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks said on WDAE radio with Steve Duemig, via  “Your body responds differently; your mind responds differently.  You can’t [simulate] that.  You can do the best you can through the player-only workouts going on right now.  And that’s going to have a certain seat at the table.  And I respect . . . each player that’s doing it.

“But you can’t replace the work that’s going to have to get done under the watch of the coach.  You can’t, because your body, everything about you responds differently and the competition level, that picks up.  You’re not necessarily competing out there in player only workouts.  Who are you competing in front of?  Who are you competing for?”

Brooks also fears that, once the microscope returns, players will be more likely to suffer injuries because their bodies aren’t prepared for that kind of intensity.

If nothing else, we now have even more to consider if/when the 2011 season starts, and the teams that engaged in extensive lockout workouts are competing with the teams that did nothing collectively.

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  1. Brooks used to wear sweat pants and long sleeves during training camp practices in mid-July in Orlando because “it helped with his conditioning.” Very few take practices as intensely as he did.

  2. Seems to me a lot of these people talking about lack of conditioning are acting like training camp isn’t going to happen at all.

  3. Probably better than sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen. When camp does open this should be one of the most interesting seasons to watch. Much must be done in a short time.

  4. I think the player workouts are more so about getting on the same page opposed to getting in shape. Players are trying to make sure they are on the same page so when training camp starts players wont be left in the dark, Defense and Offence

  5. a future Hall of Famer thinks that the players are, in some respects, wasting their time.

    When asked for comment, ESPN tool, er, talking head Tedy Bruschi said Brooks would be wasting his time trying to get into Canton, too.

  6. well, most players can probly “turn it off” on a dime.

    and they probly cant “turn it on” on a dime.

    getting hurt real quick will quickly make people forget about having been on the same page.

  7. Brooks
    TCKL 895
    SCK 13.5
    FF 11
    INT 25
    GMS 219 (8th all time consecutive starts – highest LB)
    PB 11 (6x all pro)
    SB 1
    Dplayer of year 1

    I think he will be fine to get in myopinionisrighterthanyours … good luck Teddy ha.

  8. coop, I KNOW he’ll be fine. People obviously missed my reference to Tedy as a tool.

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