Drew Brees says talks are “getting to crunch time”

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The NFL and the NFLPA* have concluded this week’s round of talks.  Though no deal is imminent — and despite the fact that the talks nearly blew up on Tuesday — progress continues to be made.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees, a member of the union-turned-trade-association’s Executive Committee who hasn’t been involved in recent talks, told the Associated Press that “things are moving in the right direction, which is very positive.”

“It’s what we always hoped for as players because we’re getting to crunch time here,” Brees added.  “I think the gap is being narrowed in a lot of different areas.”

The time required to close the remaining gap remains unknown.  Adam Schefter of ESPN, citing an unnamed source, reported on Wednesday that it would be “borderline insane” to suggest that the deal could be done in two weeks.  Later in the day, Schefter agreed with a tweet from Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe that the deal could be done in three weeks.

In the grand scheme of things, seven days isn’t all that much time to go from “borderline insane” to “done deal.”  Thus, I’m sticking with my guess that the deal will be announced on June 30, the Thursday before the Fourth of July weekend.

Of course, June 30 is only two weeks from today.  I guess that makes me “borderline insane.”  As if anyone needed further confirmation.

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  1. Calling it, July 4th announcement that the NFL season ‘will begin in time for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.’

  2. Hey Drew, It’s been Crunch Time for the last 3 weeks. Since the first time you guys met without lawyers, it’s been crunch time.

    Wake up, stop screwing around, and get this damn deal done because I swear if I have to deal with another “Progress has been made” “Nevermind, No Progress made” fiasco then I’m just going to stop caring all together.

  3. i hope the lockout lasts til November, so we can just focus all our attention on LeBron James and every tweet and thing he says!


    NFL FOOTBALL ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  4. So with them meeting twice a week a deal could be done in three weeks. What if, and I know this is asking a lot, they met say five days a week? Could a deal be struck next week?

  5. I’m tired of Brees, he has stuck his foot in his mouth and said horribly annoying things too many times for me to ever want to like him, turd.

  6. July 15th is the day that the NFL loses a billion dollars because they will lose the pre-season.

    Bet on that being the drop dead date.

  7. Quit stuffing your faces with crabcakes and get the deal done! No time should be wasted sitting on the sidelines. Get in a room together and bang this out!

  8. God every time there is a reason for optimism in this thing something else happens. First it was the lawyers coming back and now there is this now proven idiot running off at the mouth yet again. It all started when he orchestrated the opening blow of arrogance during week one of last year with that dumb 1 finger thing they did. He has progressed into this ultra loud mouth irritating piece of what he once was. Drew go away. You pissed off the owners from day one and every time you open your mouth you piss them off more. We don’t need either side pissed off!

  9. “Hey Drew , stop screwing around and get a deal done.”
    A. I’m sure Drew Brees needs tips from PFT commentor’s on work ethic.

    B. Yeah, all this time it’s been that evil Drew Brees holding back the negotiations. Not all the other players and the NFLPA, not the owners who tried to act like dictators during some of the earlier talks, not the lawyers who are trying to bill as many hours out of this as they can. Just Drew sitting on a throne made of the bones of children and puppy dogs, rubbing his hands together and laughing maniacally. The billionaires and their lawyers played right into his hands, but good thing the heroes of the PFT comments section are too smart for that.

  10. The lockout will end when Dan Rooney gives Goodell the nod to get it done.

    P.S Brees has turned into a major douche. I have so little respect for him after all this.

  11. Problem is that there are always things that become sticking points. Talks stall. Then someone comes up with a clever solution and negotiations progress again. Then another sticking point. July 10th seems like a resonable timeline right now.

  12. it’s ironic that things were going great until the life sucking low life lawyers from both sides got involved in the negotation process? thank goodness both sides smarted up and turned on the lights so the lawyers could scurry back into the dark and under the rocks they crawled out from under!

  13. Considering it’s supposedly “crunch time”, I feel that both sides are still way confused on at least one thing….

    The way it works in this country for the most part is you work five days a week, and take two off.

    WHY then is each week the EXACT opposite in this case???

    Sorry, but I’m unimpressed with the five-day weekend in between each round of meetings.

  14. What? No parting shot at the owners this time again, brees? I find it strange that he’s giving us the most insider info we’ve had yet for this round of negotiations yet he hasn’t actually been a part of the most recent process.

    I also wonder if he wasn’t left on the bench like the lawyers because he seems to be one of the more inflammatory players.

  15. Why remain on the borderline of insane, Mike? Take a walk on the wild side and write something about Tiki Barber’s comeback… or hell, go full lunacy and conjecture on Jamarcus Russell’s NFL future. I mean, once an agreement is reached it’ll be time for real football stories again.

  16. Deal will be done just in time for training camp. That way, players don’t have to do any minicamps, etc, which they all hate anyhow. That was their plan from the beginning, IMAO

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