Front offices will need time to study new rules

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There’s an assumption in some circles that, if/when a new labor deal is reached, the free-agency will open when the clock strikes 12 to start the next day.  The reality, however, is that the teams will need time to read and to understand the new rules that will apply to the acquisition and retention of players.  Teams also will need time to digest the salary cap rules, for the purposes of forming a budget for signing players.

As one source explained it earlier today, the NFL possibly will decide to call a league meeting on an expedited basis for the purposes of explaining the nuances of the new CBA.

Thus, roughly a week could be needed to prepare for the launch of free agency.  Based on our prediction that an agreement in principle will be announced on Thursday, June 30, free agency would then begin at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 8.

With all fourth-year, fifth-year, and sixth-year players having expired contracts likely eligible for unrestricted free agency (except for those restricted by the franchise tag) and with an anticipated requirement that teams spend cash in the amount of 90 percent of the salary cap, there could be record spending and activity once football officially returns.

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  1. I would love if they opened free agency , trades etc. the very next day . It would be like a crazy soap opera with the most prepared teams reaping the rewards .

    Hey PFT , could someone make a list of the top 10 FA’s at every position , under the assumption all 4th , 5th , and 6th year guys will be unrestricted FA’s ?

  2. Thanks for teasing us with all the football action we will get 2-6 weeks from now.

  3. Mike, is there a chance that those teams that did not previously use their franchise tags, will have an opportunity to use them before free agency? Well, I guess there is always a chance anything can happen in this mess, but do you think it will?

  4. How will they ever settle their differences? If the owners want more and the players aren’t willing to take less then how will they ever reach a deal that will make both sides happy? Certainly there must be something that they they can agree upon? What can it be, who is going to make up the difference? Of coarse, the fans. They will find a way to charge more or extend the season so the fans can make up the difference “for the good of the game of coarse”. Someone always looses (unless it’s soccer) and in this case I’m afraid it’s gonna be the fans. All this talk about lawyers being in the way and polls being conducted to see “which side has my support” are just smokescreens to keep the naive from actually thinking logically about the situation. When in the history of mankind has anyone ever turned down billions of dollars? If you said never then you are correct. It will all get drafted out and the new CBA will be released to the media then some bogus attorney “Internet hack” who just so happens to work for one of the networks that broadcast the games will break it down for all the fans and explain what the breaking point in the negotiations were. What he won’t break down for you is how much this is going to cost you, the fans. So with all that being cleared up let’s try and get really excited about some crappy free agents that are going to make more money over the coarse of three years then most of us will ever make in our lifetime because we gave them our support or better yet go buy their jersey when they sign with your team and really show your support.

  5. I actually think the NFL will have a 1 week deadline for the sole purpose of negotiating with those potential RFA. Something will be written in to give teams an opportunity to negotiate without outside interference. I actually dont think a deal gets done without it.

  6. Ok great!

    July 8th it is.

    That’s a Friday so that’s good.

    Can’t wait until July 8th!

    When that day rolls around I’m eating a cake and getting rocked on some hard ‘Licker’…

  7. 💡 Let’s all hope the new CBA contains a morals clause banning Bad Newz Vick from the league! 8)

  8. No wonder they kicked the lawyers out. I didn’t even finish that post it was so confusing.and mumbo-jumboful.
    Just like alot of my posts.

  9. freedomispopular says:
    Jun 17, 2011 5:04 AM
    Our own Congress doesn’t take the time to read the bills they pass. Don’t see how this is any different

    Congress doesn’t spend their own money. That is how this is different.

  10. Wouldnt it be cool if free agency lasted just one day though?

    It only takes like 30 min on the video game.

  11. So do you think the agents are going to need time too? If they slot the top of the draft, then that will be easier, but will still be interesting to see if the other draft picks get in quickly, or if the agents fail to adapt.

  12. To Uglycassinova:

    Well written piece, for the most part. But I would suggest that you learn to spell some basic words. Such as……”coarse” has entirely different meaning than the word you meant to use… “course”. Since you misspelled/misused this word 3 consecutive times, I can safely assume it wasn’t merely a typo.

    You’re definitely right about one thing…..I can’t understand why anyone would buy an overpriced jersey of ANY player…..especially since its just adding to the billions that these jerks are already making.

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