Jim Harbaugh not worried about any rift between Crabtree and Alex Smith


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh isn’t publicly worried about his wide receiver Michael Crabtree’s reputation for being a diva.  He also doesn’t show much concern for the reported strain between Crabtree and quarterback Alex Smith.

“Just some of the things lately kind of goes back to the analogy I gave a little bit ago, when you’re kids and working it out and sometimes you get into some tussles and shirts get ripped and noses get bloodied, but that’s part of figuring it out. I know he’s a good guy,” Harbaugh said during a recent radio appearance on KNBR, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.

Harbaugh repeatedly called Crabtree a “good guy” that is about the team being successful.  At a time when Crabtree’s attitude has received a lot of attention, there is still a question about how talented the guy is.

Can Crabtree be a top-five caliber NFL receiver? Or will he just be a “good” starter.  After a disappointing second season, it’s still hard to tell.

Having Crabtree healthy and engaged during a full training camp would certainly help.

10 responses to “Jim Harbaugh not worried about any rift between Crabtree and Alex Smith

  1. Actually……what Harbaugh is worried about is a simple, not very well known fact……yes, a FACT……..the fact is that Crabtree is actually just a Number 2 reciever playing a Number 1……and Morgan, is a Number 3 reciever playing a Number 2……….hopefully when all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed for the new NFL deal, we can grab a Number 1 reciever in free agency!

  2. vahawker says: Jun 16, 2011 10:11 AM

    until he has someone who can play QB, we will never know if Crabtree is good or not

    Top receivers like Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald have produced without good QBs throwing them the ball. So we can probably rule Crabtree out of being on that level of play.

  3. Of course he’s not worried about a rift between an awful QB (no offense Alex – you’re a saint as a man, just not NFL QB material) and a receiver who had no business being drafted here.

    Besides. It’s a media generated “rift” to begin with.

  4. Why should Harbaugh worry about the relationship between Alex Smith and Crabtree,since Alex will only be the QB for as long as it takes Harbaugh to get his REAL QB up to speed (Kaepernick !!! ).
    Kaepernick should be Crabtree’s best friend after he takes over,since he can actually pass on time and on target,instead of throwing late and too high or behind receivers all the time like Alex Smith.
    Even though he is VERY smart and a hard worker etc,it will probably take the entire year before Kap is ready,since he didn’t play in a pro style in college,so the real Jim Harbaugh era will probably not start until 2012,unless Alex is sooo bad that they feel they need to rush Kap into the battle.

  5. Crabtree looks very inconsistent to me, regardless of who the QB is. Some moments he can dazzle (could be said of any WR actually) and the next moment it’s “what was that?????”
    I would really, really love for us to grab a “legitmate” Number One. They’re out there.

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