John Beck is proactive, part two

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In the never-ending quest to fulfill your desire for all things John Beck, we can tell you that the lockout’s biggest star added to his resume on Thursday.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Beck took snaps at guard at the team’s player-only practice on Thursday when he wasn’t taking snaps behind center.  With rookie Maurice Hurt not there, there was a hole at guard that Beck decided to fill.

This news comes in the same week that Beck tried his hand at tape coordinator and highlights expert.  Lorenzo Alexander has nothing on Beck when it comes to versatility.

8 responses to “John Beck is proactive, part two

  1. He might have a better shot in the NFL at guard because he is a terrible QB!!! This guy could barely handle a snap let alone complete a pass. Wow, Cam Cameron was clueless in one terrible Draft!!!

  2. Can someone please fill me in on why this guy is so terrible. I mean he is and has been on a NFL roster. Is there that much tape out there to determine he is a bust or has he just not had a chance?

  3. ummmmm ok, so then he can play gaurd, the skins suck so bad it will be an improvement, case closed

  4. Beck didn’t get much of a chance on a really bad Dophins team as a rookie. He can’t be worse than Rex Grossman. I think he deserves a shot if the Skins want to give it to him.

  5. Every QB we have had since….Theisman I guess has been a complete tool. None of them were leaders. They were shy, quiet guys who could not lead a team. Kudos to Beck for stepping up. I love that he is proactive and I love his confidence in himself and his team. Its about time we had a QB who REALLY cares about winning and working hard. Who knows, maybe this guy is what the skins have needed since we have been wrong on every single QB since the 80’s (excluding one good season from Rypen and one half season from Doug Williams)

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