Kurt Warner thinks Marc Bulger may not want to be a starter

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In a recent Thursday interview with KTAR radio’s Doug and Wolf show, former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner talked about the man who once upon a time replaced Warner as the starting quarterback in St. Louis.  Specifically, Warner addressed whether he thinks Marc Bulger, a backup in Baltimore last season, still wants to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Though Warner was careful to say that it’s not a “huge knock” to not want to be a starter, Warner explained that, in his view, “football [isn’t] everything” to Bulger.

“For too many guys, it’s all about winning and losing, it’s all about starting, it’s all about how much money you can make,” Warner said.  “And that’s not Marc Bulger.”

Warner pointed out that Bulger “got beat up pretty good” as the starter in St. Louis, and that it wouldn’t surprise Warner to learn that Bulger is “happy” as a backup, and that “he can just enjoy life and not have to worry about the pressure of being an NFL starter and everything that goes with it.”  Again, Warner was careful not to phrase his assessment as criticism, and Warner said he thinks that Bulger would want to start again if he finds the right situation.

In other words, it sounds like Warner thinks Bulger happily has entered the clipboard phase of his career.  Unlike Warner, who was continuing to push for consideration to be the starter in Arizona, even when the belief was that he’d be serving merely as the understudy to Matt Leinart.

And that’s really the most significant aspect of Warner’s comments.  In analyzing Bulger’s attitude toward the game, Warner possibly has revealed that he wasn’t able to be fully happy unless he was the guy with the ball in his hands.

18 responses to “Kurt Warner thinks Marc Bulger may not want to be a starter

  1. man warner sure can cause problems with the things he says. but knowing him he’s not trying to be a jerk, he’s just speaking what he really believes. i think its refreshing.

  2. Its already been reported in Baltimore that its believed that if the Ravens want to keep Bulger than Bulger is going to stay

  3. Translation: Bulger has already made a boatload of money and he doesn’t care anymore.

  4. You’re welcome to back up Cutler in Chicago. You already know Martz’ system backward and forward, so it would be easy.

  5. What can one say except Kurt Warner continues to open his mouth and prove what a jerk he is.

  6. Wow… just throw him under the bus, Warner. But at least he had the guts to remain in the league, despite the physical beating he has taken. And, oh BTW, Warner also made a deal for TWO years, and admitted that within weeks of signing the contract, started thinking about retiring.

    Maybe Warner can get Bulger a job with Dancing With The Stars. But, as Warner knows, it can really hurt your ego when you lose.

  7. I always thought Warner was a phony during his St. Louis days….. But grew to like him with the Cards and even more so as an announcer…..

    He speaks his mind and is usually right on….Props to Kurt for being consistent on telling it like it is……

  8. I think Warner hit the nail on the head. I heard that the ball rarely touched the ground when he practiced in Baltimore. I’m sure if he told the coaches that he wanted to start, he probably would have. Joe Flacco is talented but he is not a Franchise QB!!! I’m not saying Bulger is a Franchise QB, but he has sad some success and even made the Pro Bowl before the team declined and the line got him killed!!!

  9. As a Rams fan, I was glad to see Marc go. He’s got skills, and I know he took a beating, but he never seemed to have that competitive fire that guys like Brady, Manning, etc. have. His body language was so bad, it really looked like he didn’t care when he was our starter. Maybe he’s just too nice and doesn’t have that fight in him, but I can’t see him leading a team to a championship.

  10. Warner isn’t the first ex-QB to make these kind of observations about Bulger. Ron Jaworski said something similar about Bulger last year:

    “We walked into that meeting, and it was like, ‘I’m not sure I want to play; I’m not sure I’ll be here next year,'” Jaworski recalled. “I just didn’t see the passion, the enthusiasm you have to play at this level, to work at it week in, week out. Maybe he’ll get it back.”

  11. De Marco Farr ( I think) said that Bulger wasn’t a leader type guy…while Bulger was still in St.Louis I think.
    Recently Belichick was giving a talk somewhere and he said that the one quality all great players have is competitiveness. I am not sure Bulger has that. It’s a shame because IMO he was a skilled player and a very accurate passer.

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