Munchak flies to Pennsylvania to support uncle facing corruption charges


The lockout has given players and coaches plenty of time to do plenty of other things.  For Titans coach Mike Munchak, the lack of offseason workouts has allowed him to return home in order to support a family member facing serious federal criminal charges.

Munchak flew from Nashville to Pennsylvania on Tuesday to attend on Wednesday the trial of his uncle, Lackawanna County Commissioner A.J. Munchak.  He was indicted last year, along with fellow Lackawanna County Commissioner Robert C. Cordaro, on federal corruption charges arising from the alleged misuse of campaign contributions and other allegations, including mail fraud, wire fraud, bribery, theft, extortion, racketeering, filing a false tax return, tax evasion, and money laundering.

We’ve always had a very close relationship,” Mike Munchak, a Pro Football Hall of Famer and first-year NFL head coach, told the Scranton Times-Tribune.  “And he’s been a part of my life in every phase of it, so I wanted to take this opportunity to come in and support him.”

A.J. Munchak testified in his own defense on Wednesday.

“I think people will see his honesty and integrity,” Mike Munchak said of his uncle.  “His family’s here; we support him.  I know it’s a tough deal when you have to wait to say what really happened, so I think he’s coming across really well.  I’m happy for him, I’m happy with the way he’s handled himself through all this.  We all know in the end it will come out the way it should. . . .

“I was very proud how he sat there and told the truth and told what he’s been through.  And I think in the end, it’ll be pretty obvious he didn’t do anything wrong.”

A.J. Munchak is Mike Munchak’s godfather.  Based on the indictment, the prosecutors essentially believe that A.J. Munchak is The Godfather.  Whether the charges stick remains to be seen.

9 responses to “Munchak flies to Pennsylvania to support uncle facing corruption charges

  1. Lackawanna and Luzerne counties are the most corrupt counties in Pennsylvania. Just do a Google news search on either for a good laugh. Senators, judges, congressmen, mayors, school superintendents, it goes on and on.. Glad I got out of that wasteland.

  2. Best of luck to the Munchak family, I hope AJ gets cleared on all charges…

    If I’m a Titans player and I got a coach like Mike Munchak, I feel comfortable to go into battles on Sundays knowing my coach has my back…

    its a loyalty brotherhood family thing all up in 1

  3. Mr. Munchak can understand Cardero being under investigation, but not so much himself.

    “I mean whoever heard of Ukranian Mobsters?”.

  4. I wonder how many responses this would get if it was a players supporting a relative in the same situation. The anti-player crowd would be all over a post like that with their hateful borderline racist comments.

  5. These kind of fereal charges just don’t happen on their own. Federal procutors rarely if ever lose cases. It is because they are not wannabe local DAs trying to make name for themselves. They do their homework and generally will not procedute uless there is overwhelming evidense and strong grand jury recommendation. So with all due respect to his presumption of innocence before he is convicted, all I can say is that when there is a enough smoke to get a federal grand jury and procecutor involved, there is probably a lot of fire.

  6. The level of corruption in this area is totally exaggerated. Judges selling children to their buddies who run for profit slammers isn’t as bad as it sounds.

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