Redskins recruit fan to join practice

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Starting at guard for the Washington Redskins during Thursday’s players-only practice: Quarterback John Beck.

At cornerback: Some random dude in the crowd.

Shemar Woods of the Washington Post notes that London Fletcher asked a small group of fans watching their workout Thursday if they were ready to suit up.  Only one of them, 28-year-old Josh Richards, was prepared for the moment.

Richards put on his cleats and participated in the team’s individual drills.  Richards assisted the players setting up cones, and jumped into an interception drill, dropping only one pass on the first go-around.

He said he played high school football and his favorite team was the Redskins, so the workout was a huge thrill.

“The terminology is crazy,” Richards said. “I told them I would be ready if they needed me.”

41 responses to “Redskins recruit fan to join practice

  1. I’m sure this one will draw plenty of jokes from Skins’ rival fans, but what a cool thing for Fletch to do. This guy continues to earn more admiration all the time.

  2. That’s way cool, even if it’s the Redskins. I’d jump right in too if I was about a third my age 😦

  3. pacificamjr says: Jun 16, 2011 5:31 PM

    i bet this dude goes to nat’s games with his mitt!

    haha, go to a SF Giants’ game. You’ve never seen so many grown men with a mitt. It’s embarrassing.

  4. That’s very classy of the Skins players, to bad I can’t say the same for their owner….doesn’t he charge the fans to watch in Training camp?

  5. Next thing you know, the Eagles will be asking Mark Wahlberg to join the team and Shane Falco will be the QB in Oakland.

  6. Ohhhhhhh boy. The many curiously odd things the lockout has brought us. This just in: The NFL Owners have announced they have ended negotiations and will field teams for the 2011 season from NFL teams respective fan bases, minumum salary is 25k and the signing of an agreement form bearing the NFL provides zero responsibility for injury. UFL and CFL players are ruled eligible as well. The new player on the cover of Madden 2011 is now JaMarcus Russell.

  7. The NFL ball has changed to the Nerf Vortex to provide aid to the lack of athleticism they will be showcasing. Point system is kept by 1’s, first team to 10 wins. *But of course you have to win by 2.

  8. The raiders just signed Usain Bolt in the new supplemental draft. The Eagles have signed Bernard Hopkins. 50 cent has just signed with Drew Rosenhaus and are in constant negotioations with the Jets and Giants. Pit Bull is talking with both the Buccaneers and Dolphins. There is large suspicion that long time Falcon fan, (6 yrs) Justin Beiber is close to a deal to play QB for Atlanta.

  9. Oh man, I’m jealous. I would kill for the opportunity to practice with my favorite team, even if I got burned on every play. Good for him.

  10. That’s awesome, kudos to Fletcher and the ‘Skins players.

    I’m assuming they told him, “you’ll be the first one we call if ten million other people are injured.”

    Still awesome for that guy.

  11. It’s great that some player/s understand and appreciate the fans love of the game. Why can’t everyone else (owners & players) get it and get the deal done.

  12. xviixxiixxvi says: Jun 16, 2011 5:34 PM

    I’m sure this one will draw plenty of jokes from Skins’ rival fans, but what a cool thing for Fletch to do. This guy continues to earn more admiration all the time.

    Not true, as a Cowboys fan i think it was very cool for Fletcher to do it and i applaud him.

    I would give my left nut for just a chance of doing that with the Cowboys.

  13. I can’t wait until the NFLPA* memo to the players surfaces:

    “To those participating in player organized workouts: Any attempt to gain fan loyalty will be appreciated. Suggestions include, but are not limited to:

    -taking extra time to sign autographs after workouts

    -inviting fans to actually participate in said workouts

    -any other action you can take to mask the fact that, just like the owners, you see fans as nothing more than walking talking ATM’s.

    “Please understand that the fan who would actually show up for a player organized workout in the middle of June is exactly the type of fan that shells out for PSL’s, season tickets, over priced merchandise, and NFL Sunday Ticket. In other words, walking talking ATM’s, who must be made to feel as if they matter, no matter how distasteful you might find them.”

  14. that’s really cool! I wish I could have done that with my favorite team the 49ers! Or any team really!

  15. I hate the redskins as much as any self-respecting Dallas fan should but that’s still great.

    I just wonder how many fans will show up with cleats for the next practice.

  16. That’s a great stroy. Wish I’d been there – I could have taken my fat butt out there and laid down on the field to fill in for Albert Haynesworth.

  17. As a Cowboys fan I despise the skins, but this has to be the coolest thing ever done for a fan. Fletcher is a stand up dude.

  18. @ schmitty2

    After practice Dan Synder offered the kid a 5 year 100 million contract


    Go ahead and laugh, but that kid might be a millionaire just because he showed up than wouldn’t you feel stupid? With Danny Boy running the show it’s completely possible.

    And I do remember the Eagles hiring a construction worker a couple of years ago for the playoffs.

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