Reggie Bush shows up for no Saints lockout workouts


After the Saints traded up to pick running back Mark Ingram at the bottom of round one and running back Reggie Bush bid (bade?) farewell to New Orleans on Twitter, speculation mounted that Bush eventually would be leaving the Saints.  But just as it appeared to be a foregone conclusion that Bush would be gone not long after the lockout ends, Bush publicly declared that he hopes to remain with the team indefinitely.

And we definitely aren’t buying it.

Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports via Twitter that Bush showed up for none of the team’s six weeks of lockout workouts.  As in not one.

What’s that, you say?  Bush feared an injury that would have jeopardized his non-guaranteed (before Week One) $11.8 million base salary?  Quarterback Drew Brees could have stayed away for the same reason.  Instead, Brees led the effort.  (Heck, Ingram was there — and he doesn’t even have a contract yet.)

Moreover, Bush could have come to the workouts without fully working out, doing basically the same things at Tulane University that he is doing on his own, while also continuing to demonstrate to his teammates that he intends to continue to be a member of the team.

Bush admits that, given his contract, “me, my agent and the Saints have to collectively come together to talk . . . and just come to a meeting point — a happy medium — because obviously there’s going to have to be some type of pay cut.”  And he can take the high road by claiming he wants to stay with the Saints.  And then he can decline whatever bottom-line offer the Saints make, forcing the Saints to cut him or risk owing the full $11.8 million, if he’s injured during training camp or the preseason.

Either way, if Bush refuses to reduce his pay to the level the Saints are offering, the Saints will cut him before the start of the regular season.  Thus, he can pretend that he wants to stay in New Orleans, while figuring out his next move after the Saints let him go.

Though his failure to show up for the Saints’ lockout workouts doesn’t constitute definitive proof that he wants out, it’s safe to say that, if he truly wanted to be a Saint in 2011, he would have been with his Saints teammates during at least one day of their lockout workouts.

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  1. Is it fair for us to pass judgment on him and call him out on not going to these workouts? If these rookies or free agents participate in the lockouts and tear an ACL, or blow out a knee, or break a bone, then they’ll look like absolute idiots and miss out on (potentially) millions of dollars. If people get injured in these lockout camps (which I’m surprised hasn’t happened yet), then those who didn’t participate will look like geniuses and if anyone (especially on their team) tries to call them out, they can point to others being injured as a case in point.

    I think that these lockout camps are a great idea, I believe that teams that have been active in these workouts will have better seasons compared to teams that haven’t gotten together. Beside the point, football is these guys livelihood. Many (most) of them have nothing else to fall back on. I credit them for having the common sense and looking forward to their future instead of risking a season/career ending injury.

  2. Sorry. Disagree. Drew Brees is in no danger of being cut by the Saints, injury or not. Reggie Bush has nothing to gain by being at the workouts, and much to lose. Wouldn’t be there if I were him either.

  3. If the Saints keep Reggie they will have by far the most potent backfield in the NFL. Even without him, they would be top-notch. The combination of Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram, and Bush would be unstoppable.

  4. I’ve been a huge Reggie fan since his college days here in SoCal, but over the last year or so he’s made it harder and harder to be a fan of his. From what he did to USC football, to his arrogant Twitter statements to not showing up for work, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. I still think he’s one of the most exciting players when he’s on the field and healthy, but I am definitely not as big of a fan of his as I used to be.

  5. I’m a saints fan and I will glad when bush is gone. Not sure who to blame the most payton for drafting him or payton for not moving him to split end or slot receiver. Given the right situation he could be the next Wes welker

  6. “Though his failure to show up for the Saints’ lockout workouts doesn’t constitute definitive proof that he wants out….”

    No, it’s just definitive proof that he’s got a bad attitude.

  7. First off, reading the title of this piece makes my head hurt.

    Secondly, I’m sure Reggie’s agent has instructed him to not take part in these practices. The little leverage he has left in constructing a new deal with the Saints, or any other team for that matter, would vanish the second he pulls or tweaks(or breaks) something. A player’s agent should have his clients best interests at heart. A really good agent would NOT allow his clients to have a Twitter account at all for obvious reasons, but that’s another topic all together…

    Thirdly, all this talk that the Saints drafted Ingram to replace Bush is nonsense. Ingram was brought there to replace Pierre Thomas, who was arguably more in Payton’s doghouse last season that Bush. Some question whether Pierre had really hurt his ankle badly, or if he was slow to get back on the field because of the disatisfaction with is contract(around league minimum I think) Whatever the reason, Ingram is basically a suped up 2.0 version of PT and nothing physically like Bush. With the plethora of free agent RBs expected to hit the open market after the lock out ends (I’m an optimistic), the best the Saints can hope for is a 4rd round pick for PT. They should just keep him as insurance.

  8. bye bye to carson
    bye bye to leinart
    bye bye to your bcs title
    bye bye to your heisman
    and now, thankfully bye bye to reggie!

    bye bye USC d-bags, its been fun. maybe you all can get togther and put on trojan costumes for the circle jerk?

  9. goawayeverybody says:
    Jun 16, 2011 9:05 PM
    If the Saints keep Reggie they will have by far the most potent backfield in the NFL. Even without him, they would be top-notch. The combination of Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram, and Bush would be unstoppable.

    duece5 says:

    It’s usually obvious when you start talking about having 4 good running backs, that you lack 1 GREAT one……there is only 1 football, so they can only hand it off (or pass) to ONE of those guys at a time. The Saints backfield is good, but hardly great. I’d rather have ONE exceptional RB, such as Adrian Peterson, versus a stable of good backs.

  10. The teams used to pay the players per diems for these workouts, assume the injury risk, pay for medical staff, trainers, food and the workout arena. Now the players pay all of the costs and assume all of the risks. Why should any player do that?

  11. again dumbass local media guide,If you go back a couple of months when the Saints started there workouts,Drew Brees said any injuried player from last year,was not expected to show up?PT hasnt been there?Chris Ivory hasnt been there?Will Smith hasnt pratice either?Shaun Rogers?I could go on an on..But thats the kind of crap Reggie puts up with from the local media!!! Did want be coach Jeff Duncan report that ?none of those players were there either,an many more? NO…………………….

  12. The workouts essentially are a waste of time, and in Bush’s case any risk of injury during the lockout would be catastrophic.

    The players seem to want to settle and I am not sure the owners are quite there yet.

  13. This is a blatant pro-owner post. Do you think if Bush gets even a hang nail, the Saints won’t cut him at the first chance? So why should he risk $11.8 million dollars for the chance to run around a high school playground (which is where most of these workouts take place)?

    These teams do it all the time cutting players just before their moneys get guaranteed but the minute a player decides to look out for himself, he’s tagged as a malcontent by the media and fans. If I had $11.8 million coming to me, you bet I would not be caught dead running around in what’s no better than morale building exercises!

  14. Reggie Bush played for USC? I thought that the NCAA made it clear that no such program existed or engaged in football games for the years this Mr. Bush allegedly played there. I call shenanigans.

    In any event, Bush’s approach has been dancing around the edges of the issue rather than addressing it head on, sort of the same way he runs the ball. The fact that Bush is due to make $11 million dollars despite being, at best, half of an effective running back coalition is further fuel for the argument in favour of a rookie salary cap.
    The fact that he can outrun or run over the majority of nowhere-near-NFL-talent defenders in games against creampuff schools with USC coaches actively trying to artificially boost his (now retroactively non-existant) stats by running up the scores is, amazingly enough, a relatively mediocre indicator of whether he will be an NFL superstar worthy of receiving tens of millions of dollars before having seen an NFL snap.

    So long, Reggie. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  15. @hey804

    come back? You do know that they just signed Pierre Thomas to a new 4 year deal. They ain’t looking to replace Pierre, they were looking to replace Deuce McAllister with Ingram, and they did.

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