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We’ve done team checklists for the 49ers, Rams, and Cardinals this week. Last up: Last year’s improbable NFC West champions, who may have the most work to do of anyone in the division.

Here’s our to-do list for the Seahawks for when the lockout ends:

1. Find a starting quarterback.

It could be Matt Hasselbeck returning. We have a hunch the Seahawks will look elsewhere.  The team showed interest in Kevin Kolb in 2010 and could do so again.  Carson Palmer would make sense if the Bengals were open to the idea.  Vince Young would make a fun wild card, although that seems unlikely.

With only Charlie Whitehurst on the roster, the Seahawks need to add two players to the position.  One of them would ideally be a candidate to stick around for a while because Whitehurst isn’t a long-term solution.

2. Get numbers on the defensive line.

Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, who we ranked as the team’s top priority, may be difficult to keep. Veteran Raheem Brock is also a free agent.  The Seahawks should be in the mix for a top free agent defensive lineman, like Cullen Jenkins.

This was a big need not addressed during the draft.  There simply aren’t a lot of players to build around on the outside or inside. The Seahawks did a nice job getting a lot of production from a defensive line pu pu platter last year and may have to take the same approach again.

3. Find a potential starting cornerback and possibly a safety.

Cornerback Kelly Jennings is a free agent.  He has plenty of experience, but never excelled and the Seahawks seem tired of him.  At safety, it was a bad sign that Lawyer Milloy was starting for this team last year. Seattle needs to try to add numbers to the position.

4. Take look at Robert Gallery.

The Seahawks drafted James Carpenter and John Moffit to start on the right side of the line.  With Tom Cable in town to coach this group up, grabbing Gallery to play left guard could quickly re-make Seattle’s troubled line into something rather powerful.

5. Cut Stacy Andrews.

Not a hard decision, considering his salary.

6. Try to be patient.

Seattle arguably has the worst roster in a division full of them.  They overachieved last year but can’t fill all these holes in one year.

Coach Pete Carroll and G.M. John Schneider overextended themselves to get Whitehurst last year.  They need to be careful not to overpay in free agency or a trade for a quarterback because it will take time to make this group a Super Bowl contender.

25 responses to “Team checklist: Seattle Seahawks

  1. All very fair assessments…I agree on all accounts.

    It’s teams like the Seahawks that I think already have “wink-and-nod” deals in place with some players out there, otherwise they would have locked up Hass and possibly Mebane before the lockouot. There was definitely time to get both deals done.

    I think this FO has a lot more patience and overall football smarts than the previous regime (looking at you Ruskell), so I’m okay with letting this pan out.

    Last year was absolute magic, and literally all from coaching and the players believing in Carroll’s vision. If you were going to tell me that Mike Williams was their #1 target and Chris Clemons led the team in sacks this time last year, I’d laugh my ass off.

    Carroll and Schneider seem to have their eyes on the ball, which is the key here. GO HAWKS!

  2. Funny that nobody even bothers to read this article. People read the title, and simultaneously decide they would rather pick the gum from the bottom of their shoe and try to get that little chunk of ear wax that’s been bugging them all day.

  3. Its funny how people not from Seattle think it rains here all the time. Its really not that bad.

  4. Hopefully Carroll learned how to draft. He killed New England in between Super Bowl squads. Except Kevin Faulk. He got lucky, Faulk did much better with Belichick.

  5. @2mannings1cup…

    You mean how the pump the noise into that place? I flew up to see the Cardinals game there last year, first time visiting the place, everyone in town talked about how “loud” it was at Qwest. During pregame intros you could barely hear the PA for the visitors, then the home team came on the field and the speakers just about blew with the announcer screaming into them with the volume jakked.

    12th man my a$$

  6. I still think that the Hawks are holding out for Matt Barkley in 2012. As a USC fan, I know how much of an obsession Pete has with Barkley.

  7. fthrvic WOW how many times have we heard that lie. This has been investigated how many times and proven to be false, but teams keep whinning about it. The place was designed to mbe loud, and the fans make it that way.

    As far as rebuilding the team after Ruskell ruined it, PC is doing the right way. OL then a QB next year. Not sure how they will do this year, looking forward to a couple years down the road.

    As far as the rain, it rains here everyday, if you come the one day it doesn’t you are lucky, so don’t move here.

  8. august1969 says: Jun 16, 2011 9:15 PM

    Hopefully Carroll learned how to draft. He killed New England in between Super Bowl squads. Except Kevin Faulk. He got lucky, Faulk did much better with Belichick.


    It’s been reported from Carroll and Kraft that Pete had virtually no power over personnel in NE, one of the only things he complained about there.

    Carroll brought in a GM named Schneider from Green Bay in Seattle and made it clear he is making the majority of player acquisition decisions.

    maybe you should complain about the color of the uniforms or something?

  9. cup0pizza says: Jun 16, 2011 11:07 PM

    Irrelevant franchise. Garbage team in the most pathetic division in any sport beat the World Champs in the playoffs.


  10. Number one priority for every NFC West team except The Rams is QB but Bradford’s don’t just come along every year so you have to be patient sometimes. I was screaming for a new QB for the last few years and thank God they didn’t listen to me or they wouldn’t have Sam and none of the QBs they could have taken are even close.

  11. To all the haters out there, don’t hate on the messenger. As a general rule, I never really buy into the whole pumping noise in through the PA argument. I was just surprised to hear the Seahawks do it when I was there.

    Since most of you jobless posers can’t afford to go to the games in person (let alone visit a division rival on their turf), I’d thought I’d enlighten you.

  12. @fthrvic

    Wait, you’re a Cards fan?


    Only ass-hats still whine that we pump noise at Qwest…”But, but, they pump noise!!! That has to be why we lost, right?”

    Every time I go to a game, I can’t hear the person next to me. How can you explain that?

    Cardinals fans should be the LAST to diss ANY franchise other than their own. NEXT!

  13. @cup0pizza

    Really? You logged on, went to the bottom and wasted 5 minutes of your day for that brilliant comment?

    Irrelevant teams don’t do the following in the past 7 years:
    * 5 division championships
    * Super Bowl appearance
    * Win every playoff game played at home

    I’d love to hear how relevant your team is.

  14. Don’t complain about it, its people like me that keep your team on the tv in your local market.

  15. The Seahawks have sold out 68 consecutive home games.

    Cardinals 2010: 5-11
    31st in passing yards
    32nd in rushing yards
    23rd against the pass
    30th against the run
    1-5 vs. NFC West
    7 game losing streak
    Lost to the 2-14 Panthers

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