Connecting the dots between Matt Hasselbeck and the Titans

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When spinning the quarterback carousel this offseason, the Tennessee Titans and Matt Hasselbeck have often been connected.

Tennessee is looking for a potential starter to play while Jake Locker gets ready.  And compared to Kerry Collins, Hasselbeck looks like a kid just entering his prime.

John Glennon of the Tennessean points out another connection that goes beyond connecting the dots. Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer said he’s known Hasselbeck since 1986, and is close with the whole Hasselbeck family.

Moving East to play in a new system could sound a little daunting to Hasselbeck, but perhaps the familiarity with Palmer could help push the deal along.

The Titans should have money to spend at the position after getting more than $15 million in salary off the books with the end of Collins and Vince Young’s contracts.

7 responses to “Connecting the dots between Matt Hasselbeck and the Titans

  1. The hunt for a QB keep going on every year it the same thing teams need a QB get one coach him up and keep him that don’t sound to hard, but 5 to 10 team every year don’t seen to be able to get the job done.

  2. Is there also a Mike Reinfeldt (Titans GM) connection?

    Mike Reinfeldt served as the VP of Administration for the Packers when Hasselbeck was drafted by Green Bay…

    Later, Reinfeldt was the Seahawks VP of football operations in 2001 when Hasselbeck was brought to Seattle…

  3. Wherever Hass lands , I hope it’s not Seattle. A new team will eventually blame his ineffectiveness on a new system, but Seattle needs to move beyond that. Perhaps Hass will adjust his attitude and be an adequate mentor in a new system where he does not feel entitled to be the starter – that hasn’t been the case in Seattle. Good luck to Hass in 2011.

  4. Palmer talked about his connection to Hasselbeck in response to a question from a fan on a “fan forum” conference call who specifically asked about Hasselbeck, although I think the fan was trying to draw more of a line between Hasselbeck and Locker having a “Washington” connection. Then Palmer started talking about living in the same town where Hasselbeck played high school ball, etc.

    I don’t know if the Palmer connection is deep enough to matter in Hasslebeck’s mind when he goes looking for a new team, but I guess it can’t hurt. Not sure how Hasselbeck’s back is these days, or how he feels about a true stopgap starter’s job that might not even last an entire season. But will be interesting to see if he talks to the Titans, once free agency opens.

  5. I speak Jive,

    What Soulman 45 is saying is;

    The search for a QB happens every year. The same teams, it seems to me, need a QB. Draft one, teach him the system and hold on to him. It’s really not that difficult. 5 to 10 teams each season seem to be incapable of executing a plan.

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